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Earnest -- See: Devotion

Earth -- See also: Elements

                Bound to the earth  167d

                Destroy the earth trying to preserve it  55h

                Earthly riches are the glory of man  170d

                Heaven is better than earth  224i

                Our bodies are from the earth  134c

                Salt of the earth  70k

Easy-Believism -- See: Faith/Faith and works/Faith without works is dead

Economy -- See: Money

Edify  139h -- See also: Encourage, Fruit

                Know the word to edify one another  80j

                Our motive is for your edification  236d

                Tending to needs of the poor  23g

Effect -- See: Result

Effeminate -- See: Immorality 

Efficient -- See: Wisdom

Effort -- See also: Intensity

                Our effort is for your sake  235k

                Vain effort  170j

Ego -- See: Pride

Elderly -- See also: Example, Knowledge/Knowing God

                Reputation  142c

                Words of wisdom  89c

Elect -- See: Predestination

Element (s) -- See also: Emotions

                Elements -- See: Creation

                Elementary principles of the world  164g

                Jesus is Lord over the elements  66b

                Satan uses the element of surprise  216b

                Three elements of prayer  82a

Elijah was like John the Baptist  59a

                See also: Mary

Elusive -- See also: Hide

                Elusive kingdom of God  221a

                God hides unbelief in darkness  184d

                Seek the elusive kingdom  233f

Embrace  232f -- See also: Glory/Seeking the glory of God

                Embrace your first love  78e

Emotions -- See also: Flesh

                Carnal mind is motivated by our emotions  167f

                Emotional relationship with God  208k

                Express your feelings toward Him  156c

                Passion without principles  176i

                Sarcasm is a result of our emotions  63h

                Spiritual affection  123b

Employ -- See: Operate

Employer -- See: Workforce

Empty -- See also: Knowledge/Deaf from a lack of understanding

                Jesus emptied Himself  37h

                Empty mouth speaks wisest words  89e

                Emptiness is where God isn't  171d

Encouragement  139a -- See also: Spiritual fellowship, Friend

                Attitude that encourages unity  95g

                Encourage one another  131i

                Encourage the Strong/weak  187bc

                 Exhortation/Admonishment  138f

                Parables about nurturing  225i

                Support the body  13g,130d

End times -- See: Second coming of Christ

Endurance  97i -- See also: Patience

                Endure to the end  84ca, 98k, 207cb

                Enduring the word of God  57j,99a

                Enduring circumstances  188gi

                Escape through the rapture/endurance  59d

                God cannot tolerate sin  64a

                God rewards endurance  227c

                                See also: Reward

                                God protects us through endurance  28g

                                Receiving the blessing through endurance  34j

                                Righteous saved with endurance  209e

                God tests your endurance  5j

                Hope based on endurance  121j

                You will know them by their endurance  156e

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Enemy -- See also: Truth/Enemies of the truth

                Enemies of God  16b,17a,24g  

                                See also: Glory/Glorify God

                                DELIVERED FROM OUR ENEMIES  29a

                                Enemies are against Christ if they are not with him  200k

                                God Bears witness against world  153c

                                Fighting against God  160g

                                God crushes stumbling blocks  28i

                                God gives up on you  217c

                                God Judges the world  47a

                                God's enemies are Destroyed  48k,183i

                                Jews are enemies of God  58e

                                Man exercises his will against God  195a

                                Persecuting God  242b

                                Rebelling against God  181a

                                 Running from God  201h

                                Stealing from God  25j

                                Throwing God away  199d

                                Unfaithful to God  197i

                                World is at enmity with God  57d,164g

                enemy Of discernment  70d

                Judging your enemies  48k,57h

                                See also: Hell

                                Church deceives her enemies  63b

                                Church defeats her enemies  60d

                                Delivered from our enemies  29a

                Love your enemies  34n,124g

                Responding to your enemies  61g

                                See also: Product

                                Making enemies by telling the truth  57f

                                Run to God from your enemies  194d

Enforce -- See: Authority

Enough -- See: Sufficient

Enrich -- See: Wealth

Entangle -- See: Trap

Enter -- See also: Open

                Be diligent to enter His rest  55b

                Enter His hiding place  116e

                Enter the Spirit realm  105f

                Entrance exam  140e

                Hindrance from entering heaven  240i

                Unable to enter because of unbelief  60c

Entertaining demons  70d,163j

Entice -- See: Temptation

Entropy -- See: Destroy

Envy -- See: Jealousy

Epilepsy  146b

Epoch -- See: Dispensation

Equality -- See also: Mutual

                Equality in heaven  225b

                Faith and love in equal measure  125ba

                Honor the least among you  58f

                Jesus is equal with God  252aJ

                Jesus is equal with Holy Spirit  254g

                Strong shall help the weak  72j

Era -- See: Dispensation

Error -- See also: World/Spirit of the world

                Balance between truth and error  108a

                Judging between truth and error  68h

                spirit Of error  68h,70f,183a

                                Immoral spirit  145j

                                Jezebel spirit  60f,61g,135h

                                Spirit of murder  157k,245ll

                                Spirit of unbelief  19m

                                Party spirit  159i

                Truth offends error  201c

Escape -- See also: Evade

                Escape through the rapture/endurance  59d

                Trying to escape from God's judgment  179c

Essence -- See: Substance

Establish -- See also: Foundation

                Religious establishment, Gospel offends institutions of men  201e    

Eternal (Eternity) -- See also: Indestructible

                eternal Judgment  47i

                Eternal kingdom of God  243f

                Eternal life -- See also: Life

                                Eternity is more important than this life  248l

                                Jesus is the source of eternal life  244d

                                Live this life to lose eternal life  55l

                                Natural/Eternal life  59e

                                Promise of eternal life  205e

                                Salvation is eternal life  207k

                                Unworthy of eternal life  179j

                Eternal Purpose  91b

                Eternal rewards  226f

                eternal Security?  206j

                                God gives up on you  217c

                Focus on eternity  118j

                God views time in eternity  215d

                Hell is an eternal purifying process  104e

                Infinite and eternal wealth of God  249f

                Reaping the harvest in eternity  218j

                Son is infinite and eternal like the Father  253b

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Evade -- See also: Escape

                Cannot evade power/Spirit  111fg

                Dodging the issue  175e

                Wolves bypass the cross  180b

Evaluate -- See also: Imagine

                Evaluate circumstances by a carnal mind 17c

                Responding to a carnal evaluation   17g

Evangelism  147h -- See also: Preach

                Authority to evangelize the world  71a

                Bearing the fruit of evangelism  129a

                Evangelicals and Baptists  Commentary

                Evangelism during the tribulation  50j

                Fulfill your ministry of evangelism  44k

                Jesusí Works Bear Witness of Himself  144i

                Know the word to evangelize the world  80k

                Lure in your prey  62f

                Preaching freedom in bondage  53g

                Prophecy about evangelism  142c

                Proselyte  198e

                Spirit of evangelism  111b

                Verses for evangelism 207j (See also: Grace 31d)

                Yoke of evangelism  6c

                You can be saved without ever hearing about Jesus 208bb

Events -- See: Circumstances

Evict the Holy Spirit  185i

Evidence -- See also: Prayer/Conditions to answered prayer

                Condemnation based on evidence  161i

                Creation is evidence of God  151h

                Deny the evidence of God  16k

                evidence of Salvation  155k

                Evidence of your fruit  128l

                Evidently soon  214i

                God's works are evidence of our beliefs  86e

                Heart tells which light is in you  74k

                Jesus' proven identity  185d

                Lacking evidence  18b,42d

                                Having no grounds for your hate  185b

                Proof of apostleship  152a

                Proving that Jesus is the Christ  146h

Evil -- See also: Faith/Sin deteriorates your faith, Commentary

                Condoning evil brings a curse  27c

                Don't let your good be viewed as evil  54l

                Man's nature is instinctively evil  16a

                                See also: Genders

                                Evil conscience  155c

                                Evil Motives  76d,198f

                                Evil women  3j

                                Follow evil along the broad way  94a

                                Hierarchy of evil  164e

                                Making evil plans  251c

                                Paying back evil for evil  18b

                                Speak truth with evil motive  179h,182j

                Sovereignty balances good from evil  108e

                Turn from your evil ways  193a

                                See also: Freedom

                                Abstain from sin  105e

                                Avoid the appearance of evil  1c

                                Hate evil  25b,194d

                                Innocent of all evil  42f

                                Overcome evil with good  57b,127o

                                Returning kindness for evil  127c

                Wrongly discern good and evil  18g,166h

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Evolution  212c -- See also: Philosophy

                Deny the evidence of God  16k

Exact -- See: Perfect

Exaggerate the truth to make a point  63e

Exalt -- See also: Worship, Greed

                Dogs exalt themselves  222k

                Exalt God through humility  77m

                Exalt Jesus  58f

                He who exalts himself will be humbled  56j

                Humble yourself to be exalted  56bC,57c

                Jesus' exalted position with the Father  117gb

                Refuse to exalt yourself  77de

Example (Mentor)  11i -- See also: Standard

                Abraham is our example  41fa

                Be an example  86l

                Be generous like your Father  34k

                Creation exemplifies sovereignty  212a

                Example of good works  128d

                Follow me as I follow Christ  43f,93b

                Helpers set a standard for the church  14h

                Israel was judged as an example for us  49a

                Jesus is our example  2c,12m

                                Jesus is our standard  11e

                                Jesus walked a narrow way  91m

                                Follow Jesus  93e

                                Pattern your marriage after Christ  3e

Exception, Jesus ministered to gentiles by exception  210hb

Excess (Exceed) -- See also: Extreme

                Groaning too deep for words  95b

                Price is too high  232c

                Good sense never exceeds wisdom  89b

Excuse (s) -- See also: False

                excuse For rejecting Christ  200f

                Man's wisdom excuses sin nature  166a

                No excuse  154a,181d

Execute/Exercise -- See: Operate


Exorcism  145e

Expectations  121b -- See also: Hope

                In bondage to men's expectations of you  163a

                Disciples' expectation of the kingdom  215iab

                God's expectation of us  208bb

Expend -- See: Sacrifice, Cost

Experience -- See also: Facts, Knowledge

                Doubt is based on passed experience  20j

                Lacking experience with God  176b

                Vain experience  171b

Exploit -- See: Selfish/Personal Gain

Expose -- See also: Disclose

                Darkness exposes itself  55d

                God exposes darkness  212h

                Hypocrisy in the church is exposed  6l

                Living for Jesus exposes sin  153j

                Reputation exposed to slander  142f

Express -- See: Communicate

Extension -- See: Body of Christ

External -- See: Outward

Extract -- See: Leaven

Extremes  176i -- See also: Sarcasm

                Extreme commitment  59c

                Going to extremes  63d,234h

                No limits  129l

                Zeal goes to extremes  101e

Eyes -- See also: Vision

                God blinds their eyes  169g

                Jesus gives sight to the blind  245d

                Lust of the eyes  22i

                eyes Of your Spirit  117f

                Pride can blind your eyes  23b


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