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Habits -- See: Addictions

Hall of helpers  15b

Hand (s) -- See also: Key

                Construction of the temple

                                Made with HANDS  137a

                                MADE without HANDS  139j

                Fear the sovereign hand of God  88h

                Healed by His touch  144jk

                Laying on of hands  115f; See also: Seal

                Suffering under the hand of God  95l

                We are tools in the hand of God  213dh

Happy -- See also: Joy

                happy In the Holy Spirit  125b

                Pursuit of happiness creates anxiety  24d

Hardened -- See: Heart

Hardship  165g -- See also: Oppression

                Enduring hardship  99g,152a

                Fear of Hardship  24a

                Purified through hardship  103l

Harvest -- See also: Seeds

                Fear of losing the harvest  24a

                Harvest of righteousness  127e

                Reaping the harvest  218c

                Reaping the harvest at the end of the age  Commentary

                Harvesting the word of God  76o

Haste -- See: Suddenly

Hate  25a -- See also: Jealousy

                hate Evil  194d

                Hating God because of poverty  24g

                Hating your brother  158h

                Love/hate relationships  55f

                No grounds for your hate  185a

                World hates God  154e,164i

                World hates what God loves  57e

Head -- See also: Home

                Head of church is indestructible  243i

                Jesus is the foundation  137a

                Jesus is head of His body  231f

                Prophesy about Jesus as the head  141b

Heal  144i -- See also: Health

                Beast's fatal wound was healed  60f

                Grace of God's healing power  32d,246h

                Healed without delay  216a

                Prophesy about Jesus as the healer  141e

                Seeking Jesus to be healed  143g

                You are forgiven/healed  59be

Health -- See also: Conditions

                God is interested in our spiritual health  247b

                Promoting the health of the church  13c

Hearing Ear  106a -- See also: Attention

                Attention to hearing the word  146k

                Hearing the Spirit  110h

                Listening to the word of God  79g

                Unable to endure the word  57j,60d

                World listens to itself  168e

                You can be saved without ever hearing about Jesus 208bb

Heart  74a -- See also: Internal

                Body manifests your heart  134c

                Desires of your heart  76h

                Do not let your heart be hardened  74k

                                See also: Unforgiveness

                                Deaf from a hardened heart  168j

                                Divorce because of a hardened heart  3f

                                Hardened by unbelief  20e

                                Hardened heart will twist your mind  19i

                                Slowness of heart  221f

                Doer of the word from the heart  86l

                Evading the heart of the matter  175g

                God knows your heart  212g

                God works in the garden of your heart  228k

                Growing inwardly  188d

                Heart of a fool  186f

                Helpers have the heart of their trainer  14j

                Holy Spirit is in the heart of man  132k

                If your heart is not with Him, your deeds are against Him  201c

                Law prepares your heart to receive Christ  90c

                List of traits of the heart  250j

                Parables about generosity of heart  225n

                Pastor has a shepherd's heart  240bc

                Perceiving a wicked heart  68j

                Product of the heart  84d

                Protect your heart from greed  100i

                Pure in heart  104e

                Works that God put in your heart  116a

                Zeal will consume my heart/body  59e

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Heaven  224a -- See also: Kingdom of God, New Creation

                Absent from the body is to be present with the lord  57f

                Church in heaven  237g

                Gain heaven to lose the world  192i

                God makes us worthy of heaven  71d

                God qualifies you for heaven  30k

                God's temple in heaven  61g

                Heaven's Clothes  113a

                Hindrance from entering heaven  240i

                                See also: Hinder

                                Earning your ticket to heaven  166c

                                Miss heaven  223i

                                Deeds can keep you from heaven  90k

                                Gate is small  92g

                                Pride closes the windows of heaven  23a

                                Words can keep you from heaven  85a

                Increase, there shall be no end to His increase  243l

                Jesus is Lord of heaven 66d

                New Jerusalem (Zion)    Commentary

                                New creation  238d

                                The new heaven and the new earth  50m

                                The true tabernacle  246d

                                The Kingdom of God is from another realm  221i

                Prerequisite to going to heaven  127j

                Resurrection  38b

                Revelation from heaven, unwilling to obey  185k

                Rewards in heaven  226a

                Satan falls from heaven  46h

                Sent from heaven  68e

                You can go to heaven without ever hearing about Jesus  208bb

Heir -- See: Inheritance

Hell  47a -- See also: Jesus Christ/Judgment

                Death is hell  26b

                Disobedience condemns you to hell  21d

                Have a religion to avoid hell  166d

                Hell bound  156j

                Hell is eternal purifying process  104e

                Preaching on hell  208e

                Prison of the bottomless pit  47h

                Warning about hell  51b

                When God gives up on you  217g

Help -- See also: Neighbor

                God helps Satan  64j,185g

                Help your weaker brother/neighbor  235de

                ministry of Helps  14c,67m,123g

Heresy -- See: False Doctrine

Herod (king Herod) is a type of Satan  61f

Hesitate -- See: Double minded

Hibernation -- See: Death

Hide (Hidden) -- See also: Secret

                Doing good hides your shame  127k

                Hiding behind your own imagination  184a

                Hide from God  182d

                God hides unbelief in darkness  184d

                Hiding place  116e,139j,222a

                Kingdom HIDDEN from the world  221a

                Masking your identity  159a,181i

                Nothing hidden  212f

                Hiding under a cloud of guilt  153c

                World hides in the church  179c

Hierarchy -- See also: Levels

                hierarchy Of authority  72g

                Hierarchy of evil  164e

Hinder -- See also: Persecution

                Hindering the kingdom  46d,240c

                Evil conscience hinders faith  155c

Hinduism  177g -- See also: Ignorance

                False judgment -- See: Judgment/Unrighteous Judgment

                Ignorant of the meaning of Godís works  175k

                Manís wisdom contradicts itself  166g

                Presumptuous speculation  18e

History -- See: Commentary
Holocaust -- See:

Holy  133a -- See also: Predestination

                Blind to the holiness of God  169b

                Do not give holy to dogs  222b

                Garments of holiness  113g

                Holy conduct  92l

                Holy of holies  139j,224l

                holy Sacrifice  189a

                Reject opportunity to be holy  145i

                Unholy sacrifice  173e

                What God cleanses becomes holy  103b

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Holy Spirit  132a, 133c -- See also: Impart, Spirit

                Adopted by the Holy Spirit  36l

                Believer's ascension in the Spirit  237i

                Blasphemy -- See: Blasphemy

                Carried away by the Holy Spirit  162c

                Church bears witness of Holy Spirit  144f

                Demons know the Holy Spirit  146d

                Eyes of your spirit  117f,118c

                Fight in the Holy Spirit  80c

                Filled with the Spirit -- See: Filled

                Fruit of the spirit  123b

                Frustrating the Holy Spirit  199c

                God favors you by His Spirit  30g

                Happy in the holy spirit (joy)  125b

                Holy Spirit bears witness of believer  155g

                Holy Spirit belongs to us  34c

                Holy Spirit delivers you from the desire to sin  103f,118l

                Holy Spirit grieves over flesh/sin  70de

                Holy Spirit is the source of eternal life  244f

                Holy Spirit is like water  103e

                Jesus delegates the Holy Spirit  68d

                                See also: Jesus Christ

                                Bestowing the Holy Spirit  115h

                                Gift of the Holy Spirit  35ei

                                Holy Spirit is our comforter  228d

                                Indestructible kingdom within  243g

                                Partake of the Holy Spirit  125d,230d

                                Promise of the Holy Spirit  205c

                                Receiving from the Holy Spirit  192e

                                 Spirit In God's people (Indwelling Holy Spirit)  132a

                Law of the Spirit  118j

                                See also: Law

                                Bridge between law and Spirit  154i

                                Spirit over the law  249a

                                Transferred from law to Spirit  237m

                Less flesh more spirit  56f

                Let the Holy Spirit vindicate you  62j

                Obeying the Holy Spirit  87ia,114a,190i

                                See also: Lifestyle

                                Compelled by the Spirit  216b

                                Conditions to living in the Spirit  206a

                                Dying to self by the Holy Spirit  78im,116m

                                Demonstration of the Holy Spirit  66i,246f

                                Judging the flesh by the Spirit  69i

                                Led by the spirit  105f,161h

                                Manifesting the Holy Spirit  156g,246a

                                Speak the word by the Holy Spirit  123a

                                Submitting to the Holy Spirit  6h

                Realm of Spirit  8d,244h

                Relationship: Father & Son  254a

                                See also: Jesus Christ

                                Relationship with God by the Holy Spirit  208h

                                Spirit bears witness of Jesus  144i

                                Spirit honors the Son through the Father  253e

                                Spirit of His Son  35b

                                Spirit witnesses the Father  153c

                                Worship God who is Spirit  252e

                Seek the glory of His Spirit  234c

                Sensitive to the Holy Spirit  70b

                spirit And the word  109g,255fg

                                See also: Ignorance

                                God favors you by the Holy Spirit  30e

                                Revelation of the Holy Spirit  109a

                                Spirit of truth  107g,111c

                                spirit Without the word  176c

                                Wisdom of the Spirit  89h

                                Word is spirit  255a

                                Word judges by the Holy Spirit  40i

                                Words are powerful by the Holy Spirit  85c

                Spirit of His grace  32c

                Spirit versus the flesh  187g

Home -- See also: Ministry/Minister to the saints

                At home in the body  57f,60g

                Body is home of sinful nature  134g

                Citizens of heaven  237j

                God doesn't let dogs in His house  222h

                God open His home to us  36f

                Hospitality: Temporary home  235g -- See also: Fellowship/Spiritual fellowship

Homosexuality -- See: Immorality

Honest -- See: Genuine

Honor -- See also: Integrity

                Father will Honor you  32e

                Honor is the reward for doing good  127l

                Less honor seemed, more honor deemed  58f

                Unwilling to honor God  184jk

Hope  121b -- See also: Presumption

                Hope of His purpose  232i

                Joy is the result of hope  125j

                World has no hope  165d

Hospitality (Host) -- See: Home

Hostile -- See: Warning

House -- See: Temple

Household -- See: Family

How -- See: Method

Humanism -- See: Carnality/Secularism  166h

Humanity -- See also: Limitations

                Human Condition without Christ  25k

                Human state of demonic control  145e

                Jesus' humanity  35a,37b

Humility  77c -- See also: Jesus/Humbled

                Attitude of humility  96h

                Church humbles herself  60d

                Enduring humiliation  99j

                He who exalts himself will be humbled  56j

                The Humble are exalted 56b,57cd

                Jesus is smaller than any man  13a

Hunger -- See: Desire

Hypocrisy  178d -- See also: Contradict, Speak/Contradict

                Communion with the world  172c

                Contradicting your own standards  53h

                Expose hypocrisy  6l

                Extract the leaven of hypocrisy  191c

                Hypocrites among the just  172e

                Walking in hypocrisy 153i

                Warning against hypocrisy 51e

                Witness against hypocrisy 154i


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