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Sabbath -- See: Rest 

Sabotage -- See: Destroy

Sacrifice -- See also: Invest

                Compassion is greater than sacrifice  123f

                Holy sacrifice  189a

                Jesus is our sacrifice  209h

                Jesus sacrificed His flesh  136d

                Leaving everything behind  93f

                Love takes sacrifice  113n

                Preach even if it hurts  148j

                Preparing the sacrifice  8l

                Sacrifice for the ministry  44l

                Sacrifice of praise  82j

                Sacrifice your life for Jesus  67h

                Servants expend themselves  14b

                Unholy sacrifice  173e

Sad -- See: Sorrow

Safety, wilderness of  105l

Saints -- See: Christian

Salt of the earth  70k -- See also: Preserve

                God protects the world through the Church  28e

                Parables about salt  226a

Salutations  12j

*Salvation  31d,205a

                See also: Works of God/God working in you

                Common salvation  135m

                Conditions to salvation  206h

                Confidence in your salvation  122e

                Endurance invites the salvation of God  98k

                Evangelism  147h

                evidence of salvation  155k

                Gate is small  92g

                Goats are unsaved church attendants  203a

                Introduced to salvation/The kingdom of God  58l

                Leave room for the salvation of God  124h

                Man is a spectator of his own salvation  218j

                Preach the gospel of salvation  149fa

                Righteous Saved with Difficulty  209c

                Salvation of the world  129j,146i

                Salvation through Christ  114j

                                See also: Savior

                                Confessing the salvation of Christ  150c

                                Name of Jesus is salvation of God  67g

                                Salvation of Jesus' Spirit  254j

                                Saved by grace through faith  41f

                                Saved by the blood from the wrath of God  54j

                Salvation is from the Jews  210h

                Salvation Verses  207f

                Saved by grace through faith  205kb

                Traits of those who make it to heaven  224i

                Verses for evangelism 207j (See also: Grace  31d)

                You can be saved without ever hearing about Jesus  208bb

Sanctification (Set apart) 14g,191e -- See also: Separate

                Heirs through sanctification  36j

                Spirit sanctifies you by the word  111a

                Spirit delivers you from the desire to sin  103f,118l

                                Deny the flesh to walk in the Spirit  187h

                                Dying to self by the Spirit  116m

                                Judging the flesh by the Spirit  69i

                                Prayer overcomes temptation  160i

                                Taking your sinful nature by force  190b

Sarcasm  63d -- See also: Paradox

                Being sarcastic/cleaver  59d

                Being sarcastic/rebuking the church  60a

                This is what I used to think  53j

Sat -- See: Complete

Satan -- See also: Spirit, Commentary

                Accuser of the brethren  9a

                Satan's Attitude IS the world's direction  160d

                Death is Satan's nature  26g

                Deep things of Satan  55f

                Devils among the saints  172a

                Doctrines of demons  177g

                Dragon  55h,61f

                Entertaining demons  70d,163j

                Evil motives are inherent with Satan  76g

                God helps satan  64j,185g

                Hear God or listen to the devil  168k

                Judgment of Satan  38aB

                                See also: Sin/Jesus judges sin

                                Authority over demons  71c

                                Bondage of Satan is broken  119j

                                Demise of Satan in absence of sin  41a

                                Demon possession, Deliverance  145e

                                Fall of Satan  46e,50g

                                Free from Satanic influence  119b

                                God protects us from Satan  28j

                                Jesus defeated Satan  39h

                                Spiritual warfare  45j,68b

                                Submit to God and resist devil  57k

                                Under God's eternal judgment  48d

                                Word judges the devil  40j

                I thought Satan liked darkness  53j

                Led by the Spirit to be led by Satan  105m

                Prince of the power of the air  164f

                Satan Brings unity  65f

                satan Glorifies God  65i

                Satan rules the world  164b

                                See also: Servant/Slave of the devil

                                Blinded by Satan's thoughts  169b

                                Carnal mind agrees with Satan  166j

                                Carried away by Satan  162a

                                Led by the devil  160d

                                Manifestations of Satan  164b,245j

                                Man's flesh is related to the devil  16a

                                Motivated by demons  19c

Navigation Bar        Satan is a murderer  25f

                                People sin in the likeness of Satan  55d

                                Satan controls your mind if you don't  79b

                                Satanic influence  183b

                                Slave of the devil  162c

                                Unregenerate man is the son of Satan  16aa

                                Used by satan  163e

                                *Works of the devil  158a

                                World is of the devil  154f

                Satan uses the element of surprise  216b

                Worshipping the devil  196b

Satisfy -- See: Appetite

Saved -- See: Salvation


                God and savior  61e

                Jesus is our savior  173a,210c

                Prophesy about Jesus as the savior  141d

                Rejecting Christ as the Messiah  199j

                Waiting for a savior  61a

Scapegoat -- See: God judges the sin of the world through Christ  37a

Science -- See also: Unbelief

                Scientific mind cannot know God  212ce

Scoffing at the wicked/false doctrine  63lm

Scrap, Throw away people  47b

Scripture -- See: Word of God/Scripture

Seal -- See also: Standing

                Seal of apostleship  54n

                Spirit as a pledge  132c

                We have His seal  71k

Second coming of Jesus Christ -- See also: Day

                Authority of His second coming  66l

                Be faithful until the second coming of Christ  84c

                Dispensation of the last days  214g

                Have patience for the return of Christ 126k

                His spiritual/physical second coming  61a

                 Invite the return of Christ  84c

                Last days (Endtime prophecy)  49g

                                Judgment prophesied to fall in the last days  61g

                                Prophesy about the last days  142a

                                Rapture  236l

                                Sequence of endtime events

                                Sequence of Revelation  50c

                Manifestation of Jesus' second coming  245e

                Miss the second coming of Christ  224a

                Prepare for the second coming of Christ  42a

                Revelation of Jesus' return  108ha

                Second coming/end time revival  60cf

                Second coming of Christ is the inverse of His ascension  58b

Secret -- See also: Covering

                God knows your secrets  212i

                God rewards what we do in secret  227a

                Secrets of the heart are disclosed  105d

Secularism  166h -- See also: World/Worldliness

                Having a worldly attitude  97c

Security -- See also: Anxiety

                Eternal security?  206j

                Greed tries to satisfy appetite for security  21l

                Seeking authority for security  76b

Seduction -- See: Carried away

Seeds -- See also: Sow 

                Kingdom grows like crops  229e

                Parables about seeds  225h

                Seeds are like money/good works  60h

                Sow the seeds of goodness  127d

Seek -- See also: Answer, Appetite

                Do not seek wealth  249bc

                Do not seek your own righteousness  3a

                God hides for us to seek Him  221ab

                God's grace seeks man  32a

                Love does not seek its own  124f

                Not mature enough to seek God  196e

                Passing judgment without seeking truth  17h

                Seek and not find  58g

                Seek glory of God/man -- See: Glory

                Seek God with your conscience  208bb

                Seek unity  129j

                Seeking happiness creates anxiety  24d

                Seeking signs  20f

                Sin will find you out  153d

                Sought commendably  143f

                Tempted to seek your addictions  160k

                Vain attempt to pursue God  171b

Select -- See: Predestination

Self -- See also: Identity

                Imaginary perception of self  181g

                Negative attitude of self   97a

                Positive attitude of self  96g

                Self-afflictions  190d

                Self-confidence  122d

                Self-control  149c -- See also: Die to self

                Self-deception  181g

                Self-destructive  46i, 214c

                                See also: Masochism 

                Self-ordained  198d

                Self-perception  69l

                Self-righteousness -- See: Righteousness

Selfish -- See also: Covet, Vain

                Abortion is result of selfish lifestyle  135e

                Carnal mind cares only for itself  167b

                Dogs exalt themselves  222k

                Personal gain (Exploiting others)

                                Distorting Scripture for personal gain  177c

                                Getting what you want  175h

                                Leading people for sordid gain  180a,198g

                                Man's wisdom is fixed on personal advantage  166e

                                Take advantage of the circumstances  62i

                Selfish ambition  200f

                                Hidden motives based on power  76b

                                Incubator of the spirit of error  183e

                                Love does not seek its own  124f

                Selfish greed/pride  22bj

Selfless -- See also: Word/Confidence in the word, Trust

                Serve selflessly  13h

                Selfless toward one another  131h

Sell -- See also: Value

                Assess your property before selling it  232e

                Sold out  234f,236h


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