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Die -- See: Death

*Die to self  187a -- See also: Fasting

                Abstain from sin  96b,105e

                                See also: Earth

                                Die to self through God's vision  61e

                                Die to the sinful nature  134h

                                Put away the flesh  114e

                                Subjecting your flesh  45j

                Bearing fruit by dying to self  129e

                Building confidence as you die to self  122d

                Church dies to self  60d

                Dying to self ministers to God  6g

                Enduring the death of your flesh  99b

                                See also: Endurance

                                Die to self for Jesus' sake  190dc

                                Jesus emptied Himself  37h

                                Making no provisions for the  21l,62k

                                Protect kingdom from your  59a

                                Relax as God kills you  116l

                                Spirit grieves over the flesh  70d

                Father will honor you if you die to self  32e

                Not mature enough to die to self  196c

                Purified through dying to self  104b

                                See also: Faith/Purified through faith

                                Discard all assets but Christ  234i

                                For the resurrection/anointing  58l

                                Seek God's life by dying to self  56g

                                Spirit renews as flesh decays  56f,78i

                                We died with Him  254c

                Prepare to die to self  8j

                Reason we don't die to self  170b

                Receiving the crown of life by dying to self  57j

                Rest in His yoke by dying to self  116k

Difficulties -- See: Adversity

Diligent  100c -- See also: Effort

                Be diligent to enter His rest  55b

                Lazy among the prudent  172g

                Maturity is hard work  137f

                Working God's grace through diligence  115k

Dimension -- See: Realm

Direction (Attitude) -- See also: Instruction

                attitude determines direction  160d

                Devotion without direction  176e

                Direction of our prayers  82a

                Effort lacking direction  170l

                Focus on the direction He is leading you  118i

                God gives us direction  106m

                Guide you into all truth  68f

                Rebel against God's direction  197c

                Turning in the wrong direction  170a

                Yield to God's right to direct you  194i

Disagreements -- See: Strife

Disbelieve -- See: Unbelief

Discard -- See also: Destroy

                Discard every asset except Christ  234i

                Do not discard defective people  135k

                Fools discard Jesus  186d

                Glory of men discard others  170a

                Throwing God away  199d

Discernment  68h -- See also: Evaluate

                Blind discernment  53h

                Discerning By the flesh  17k

                Discern the truth  107j

                Enemy of discernment  70d

                Eyes of discernment  118af

                Meditate on judgments of discernment  69e

                Word of knowledge  110a

                Wrongly discern good and evil  18g,166h

Disciples  4l -- See also: Discipline, Jesus Twelve Disciples

                Authority to cast out demons  146h

                Disciples feed people through Christ  246e

                Disciples follow Jesus  93g

                Disciples ministered publicly  143c

                Disciples who follow God are popular  144a

                Discipleship tested  5e

                Jesus rebuked His disciples  178j

                Urging the disciples to continue  139c

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Discipline  4l -- See also: Rebuke

                Discipline of exhortation  138k

                Discipline your children  3n

                Disciplined by the devil as a son  163k

                Dying to self takes discipline  188a

                Gentle in correcting one another  128g

                Love cherishes discipline  124g

                Maturity comes through discipline  137h

                Punish disobedience  54n

Disclose (s) -- See also: Expose

                Church discloses mystery of Christ  231a

                Father discloses His word by the Spirit  255fg

                Secrets of his heart are disclosed  105d

Discouragement -- See: Weary 

Discriminate -- See: Discernment, Prejudice

Dishonor -- See: Shame

Disobedience  20j -- See also: Immaturity

                Church is disobedient to God  55g

                Church rebuked for disobedience  178g

                Correlation between disobedience and Unbelief 40ab

                Disobedience is displeasing to God  157c

                Fear consequences of disobedience  88g

                God hides behind disobedience  221j

                Jesus judges the world's disobedience  40bh

                Judged for disobedience  45h

                Our disobedience is against Christ  201b

                Disobedient to the will of God  16d

                Disobedient to the word of God  57j

                God's mercy through Jews' disobedience  58e

                Manifest darkness through disobedience  134b

                Rejecting Christ through disobedience  200e

                Running from God through disobedience  202j

                Unable to enter because of disobedience  60c

Dispensation -- See also: Suddenly

                Dispensation of God's revelations  214d

                Jews lead the world into revival at the end of the age  50d

                Prophesy about the dispensation  142a

Display -- See: Manifest

Dispose -- See: Discard

Distinction (s) -- See also: Oppression

                Make people seek acceptance  223c

                Making distinctions between each other  17l

                No distinction between male and female  136c

                No distinction between saved and unsaved  51g

Distinguish -- See: Discernment

Distort -- See also: False doctrine

                Distort the Facts  17j

                Distort Scripture  177a

                Distorted perception of others  182i

                Distorted perception of self  181h

Distraction (s)  241g -- See also: Lost

                Distracted from a fruitful life  197g

                Too busy to learn anything  198b

Disunity -- See: Strife

Divine -- See also: Trinity

                Divine appointments  105h, 220d

                Divine nature belongs to us  70j,34dd

                Divine works of God  147d

                God hides His divinity from man's corruption  221g

Division -- See also: Strife

                divide And conquer  158a

                Jesus brings division  65c

Divorce  3e -- See also: Family

Doctrine -- See also: Protecting the gospel, Experience

                Doctrines of demons  177g

                God's mercy opposes man's theology  31g

                Revelation of the true doctrines  110j

Dodging the issue  175e

Doers of the word  86g

Dogs, Do not give Holiness to  222b

Don't look back -- See:  Mind 

Door (s) -- See also: Enter, Commentary

                Doorway  140a

                God opens His home to us  36f

                Open door  55g

                Pride closes the doors of heaven  23a

                Walking out the door  207a

Double minded -- See: Mind

Doubt  20f -- See also: Evolution

Dragon -- See: Satan

Dreams -- See: Visions

Drift -- See: Withdraw

Drink -- See also: Ministry/Partake of Jesus' ministry

                Drink in the Spirit  132j

                Drink the cup of the Lord  59c

Drunk -- See: Addiction

Duties -- See: Responsibility

Dwell -- See: Abide in Jesus


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