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Magic -- See: Witchcraft

Maintain a good reputation  1d,62g

Majority -- See also: Popularity

                Most people will miss heaven  92h

                Stir up the crowd  179d

                The multitude follows Jesus 93l

Man -- See also: Men

                AVOID OFFENDING man  1a

                Blameless before men  42b

                Conscience is the balance between God and man  108f

                Doctrines of the precepts of men  177d

                                See also: Misinterpret

                                Deeds that are initiated by men  173j

                                God hides from the ignorance of man  221ac

                                man withers when he is in control  197d

                Follow Christ through men  93g

                God warns man about sin  51a

                God's weakness is stronger than men  64g

                Jesus has authority over man  66k

                                See also: Mind/Mind of Christ

                                God Judged man through Christ  38b

                                Man can't control his own destiny  216j,219b

                                Man is a spectator of his own salvation  218j

                Jesus was a man  37d

                Man is above the angels

                                Jesus at the right hand of the father, and We are with Him 

                                We have a place on God's throne  70ja

                Man's interests  247j

                man's nature instinctively evil  16a

                                Demise of mankind  172h

                                List of traits  250h

                                Man Exercises his will against God  195a

                                Man hates God  17a

                                Man's role becoming a reprobate  186c

                                 Man's will over God  201i

                                Man's wisdom excuses his sinful nature  166a

                Many people but one man  131ja

                men Delegate authority  72c

                Refuse the glory of men  77c,222f

                Resurrection of man  38h

                Seeking the glory of man -- See: Glory

                Son of man  12n

                Suffering under the hand of men  96a

                Worthiness of men  71c

Manage -- See: Business

Manifest (s) -- See also: Presence of God

                In the natural/spiritual realm  88de

                Literal Manifestations  244h

                                Appearance of Christ  23n

                                Outward appearance of Jesus  171j

                Manifest the kingdom of God  101a,134a

                                Jesus is the manifestation of God's life  254f

                                Jesus is the manifested word of God  255c

                                Manifest the Holy Spirit  156g

Navigation Bar        Manifestation of truth  111i,137f

                                Manifestation of faith  118j

                                Spiritual Manifestations  147f

                Manifestation of the devil  164b

                Manifested unbelief  201a

                Manifesting the inner man  171i

                Materializing the inner man  246hh

                Putting your heart on display  78m

Manipulate  75d -- See also: Opportunity

                Jealously manipulating people  75k

                Making people seek your acceptance  223c

                No one can manipulate God  217ab

                Trying to get out of trouble  175i,200i

Mark of God -- See: Seal

Mark of the beast -- See: Commentary

Marked out for destruction  55e,186j

Marriage  3b -- See also: Parenting

                Content with remaining single  120l

                Fulfill your vows  2a

                Married to God  208i

                Respect the institution of marriage  73h

                Marriage supper of lamb  224e,225k

                Wife, Vessel  61b

Martyr (s)  189d -- See also: Victim

                Love is the martyr between blocks  129g

                Martyrs during the tribulation  50f

                Persecution to the death  242b & ka

Mary  173a -- See also: Moses

Mask -- See: Hide

Masochism  189i -- See also: Numb

                Behavior of the demon possessed  146c

                Cut off your hand to stop sinning  59c

                Penance  173e

                Self destructive  214c

Master -- See: Lord

Materialism -- See also: Greed, Covet 

                The pursuit of happiness creates anxiety 24d

                World's perception of wealth 249h

Materialize -- See: Manifest

Mature  43h,137f -- See also: Molded, Grow

                Be mature and run  54m

                Grow up  62l

Meaning -- See also: Obedience/Obey the word of God

                Ignorant of what God means  175i

                meaning Of your thoughts  74a

                Missing the point  223e

                Revelation of the Bible   109e

                Two implied meanings  58i

                Word and the meaning of God  111e

Means -- See: Method, Needs

Measure -- See: Standard

Mediator -- See also: Intercession, Advocate

                Between natural and spiritual realms  134a

                Jesus is our mediator  83f,173b

Meditate -- See also: Mind/Renew your mind

                Meditate in your prayers  82f

                Meditate on judgments of discernment  69e

Meet -- See: Introduction

Members -- See: Individual

Memes -- See: Commentary

Men  3k -- See also: Nature

                Men of faith  151h

                Rebelling against men of God  181c

Mental ascent -- See: Faith/Faith without works

Mentor -- See: Example

Mercy -- See also: Offering, Grace

                Forgiveness is an act of mercy  120e

                Giving thanks for His mercy  82h

                God's mercy comes from the Jew  58e

                Rest in His mercy  117f

                Result of God's mercy  31d

                Vessels of mercy  91c

Message, Three key messages in evangelism  149a

Messengers -- See: Ministry/Ministry of the saints , Angels

Messiah -- See: Savior

Method (s) -- See also: Plan

                By all means seek God  233l

                How to pray  82d

                Jesus is the way to the Father  114k

                Means of hearing from God  106g

                Methods of healing  144i

                Way to a clear conscience  60c


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