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Pagan worship  195h -- See also: Hinduism

Pantheism  54ea

Parables  225b

                Parable of the Ten Virgins 172a

Paradigm -- See: Perspective

Paradise -- See: Heaven

*Paradox  53a -- See also: Snowball effect

                Bondage to freedom (licentiousness)  162kb

                Gain by losing  192a

                God blinds their eyes  169g

                God gives up on you  217c

                Have a religion to avoid hell  166d

                Jesus saved from death by submitting to the cross 210a

                Laziness runs hard from God  202e

                Limitations of God -- See: Limitations

                Kingdom of God is opposite of the world  73a

                Poor are rich/rich are poor  23ef

                Persecuting righteousness  242d

                Pursuit of happiness creates anxiety 24d

                Relax as God kills you  116l

                Rest in His yoke  116k

                Running from walking in faith  202i

                Seeking happiness creates anxiety  24d

                Speaking the truth without knowing it  17i

                Step on people to reach the bottom  169j

                To him who has shall more be given  222i

                Weakness of God -- See: Weak

                Working the grace of God  113n

Parenting  3l,72lm,73i -- See also: Divorce

Partake  229h -- See also: Participate

                Do not partake of the world  165d

                Many partakers but one loaf of bread  131j

                Partake in the Spiritual/natural realm  206ce

                Partake of Jesus' sacrifice  136f

                Partake of the Holy Spirit  125d

                Partake of the resurrection/anointing  58l

Partiality, No  51f -- See also: Prestige

                No Partiality with God's generosity  35d

Participate -- See also: Drink

                Partaking that requires our/no Participation  230bc

                Participating in the Spirit/Natural realm  206de

Partition -- See: Wall

Party spirit  159j

Passivity -- See: Peace

Passion -- See: Emotion

Passover -- See also: Communion,

                Jesus is the lamb of God  209j

                Preparing the sacrifice  8l

Past -- See: Time

Pastor -- See: Shepherd

Patience  126h -- See also: Waiting

                Enduring people  99e

                God endures the lost  58d

                God has limited patience  64c

                Patience to receive something better  192g

Patriarchs  151b -- See also: Abraham

Pattern -- See: Molded

Paul the apostle -- See also: Prophets, Commentary

                Accusing Paul without formal charges  18c

                God warns/promises Paul  58l

                Paul had a shepherd's heart  240c

                Paul is our example of a servant  11i

                Paul ministered publicly  143d

                Paul the author  61c

                Testimony of Paul's life  193e

Peace  125j -- See also: Rest

                Counterfeit peace  159i

                Having a peaceful attitude  96j

Penance -- See: Masochism

Pentecost  35f

People -- See: Christians, Ministry

Perception -- See also: Sense

                Viewing God's work as sin  186b

                Distorted perception of others  182i

                Imaginary perception of self  181g

                True perception of wealth  249b

Perfect  43f -- See also: Conform

                A perfect God of an imperfect covenant  55b

                Inherent quality/maturing process  61d

                Jesus is a perfect reflection of the Father  253d

                Jesus is without sin  41b

                Love perfects Unity  129e

                Perfect faith  123b

                Perfected through suffering  252c

                Perfecting our worthiness from God  71e

                Tried and true  102j

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Perfume -- See: Anointing

Period -- See: Time

Perish -- See: Destruction, Death

Permanent -- See also: Eternal

                Calling is etched into our spirit  91j

Permission -- See: Allow

Persecution 241g -- See also: Word/Persecuting the word of God

                Because they did not keep the law  90g

                Cannot control God's response to sin  218c

                Die to self through persecution  189h

                Hardship of persecution  165h

                Persecuting Jesus  242f

                                Condemning Christ  18a

                                Frustrating Jesus  198i

                                Hate Christ without a cause  185b

                                Kill Jesus  25g,163h,241h

                                Jesus was a martyr  189i

                                Persecuting the body of Christ  18ca

                                Mocking Jesus  243b

                                Rejecting Christ  154ab,157b,199d

                Persecuting the church  243f

                                See also: Presence/Only the church can enjoy the presence of God

                                Against Christ if you don't receive Him  200l

                                Attacking the church  153j

                                Condemning God's people  18bj

                                Delivered from our enemies  29a

                                Hating the church without a cause  185c

                                Is entertaining to demons  164b

                                Mocking the church  243c

                                Persecuted for doing God's will  16h

                                Persecuting the prophets  61g

                                Rejecting the church  157c

                                Satan persecutes the church through the world  65g

                                Spirit speaks through us in times of persecution  110c

                                Used by Satan to destroy church  163i

                                Using religion to persecute the church  175e

                                World hates the church  164j

                Persecution to the death  25b

                Unpopular gospel  58c

Perseverance  99j

                See also: Word/Committed to the word of God

                God tests your perseverance  5k

                Hope based on perseverance  121i

                Seek the glory of God through perseverance  233j

                Striving to please Him  14d

Personal -- See: Selfish, Relationship

Perspective  93m -- See also: Receive/Mind that is unable to receive

                Angels sent to change our perspective  15f

                God views time in eternity  215d

                God's perspective on the poor  23i

                Missing the point  223e

                World's perspective on wealth  166i

                World's perspective Vs God's perspective  57b

Persuade -- See also: Selfless

                Compel them to come in  149c

                Persuade men that Jesus is Christ  6k

Perversion -- See: Immorality, Mind/Twisted thinking

Pharisees, Jesus rebukes the  178j

Philosophy  178d -- See also: Presence/Cannot allow unbelief in His presence

                Philosophy of evolution  212c

Physical -- See also: Spiritual/Natural then the spiritual 

                List of circumstances  250m

                Physical adultery  134j

                Physical affection with Spiritual motives  123k

                Physical needs  100m

                Physical return of Christ  126k

                Physically subject to the natural realm  134d

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Pilgrim -- See: Led by the Spirit 

Place (s) -- See: Location, Position

Plan -- See also: Process

                God reflects on His plan  94l

                Kill Jesus by the plan of God  241i

                Making plans  250m

                Perceiving wicked plans  68k

Plant -- See: Sow

Please -- See also: Practice

                Striving to please Him  14b,102b

                Things that please God  247i

                Trying to please God by good works  174d

Pleasure -- See also: Position/Abusing your position

                Spending His grace on your pleasures  184e

                Worshipping the idol of pleasure  195g

Pledge -- See: Seal

Point of view -- See: Perspective

Poison -- See: Leaven

Poor -- See also: Possessions

                Give to the poor  34m,124a

                Poor in spirit  56m

                Rich/church oppressing the poor  61d

                Tending to the needs of the poor  23g

Popularity  143f -- See also: Broad way

                Natural advantage of the public eye  148e

                Natural disadvantage of popularity  240de

Possible, all things are possible with God  213b

Position -- See also: Role

                Abusing your position  184g

                                Self ordained in position of authority  198df

                                Stepping out of position  203f

                Delegate Authority in your position  72d

                God gives gentiles Israel's place  211b

                Jesus' position with the Father  66d

                Position of a humble servant  77h

                                See also: Humility

                                Bold in the position God has given you  123b

                                Church holds position of a prophet  152h

                                Endure the position of a servant  99g

                                Position of helpers is anointed  14o

                Respect positions of authority  73c

                Poor position to mock God  19b

                Putting God in a no-win situation  200k

Positive Attitude  95a

Possession (s) -- See also: Sell, Inheritance

                Demon possession 145e

                Give to Him who has  222i

                Jesus Owns you  213d

                Parables about a land owner  225d

                Submitting your assets to Christ  234h

Possible, All things are possible with God  213b

Poverty  23d -- See also: Absent

                Delivered from spiritual poverty  29f

                Free from the fear of poverty  120i

                Poor are rich/rich are poor  56m,57a

                Solution to poverty  123b

                We are rich through His poverty  57g

Power of God  111e,131n

                See also: Prayer/God answers prayer, Blood of Jesus

                Accessing the power of God  77g

                                See also: Access

                                Filled with the power of God  132g

                                Garments of power  113d

                                Jesus obtained power through subjection to the Father  253j

                                More authority the more responsibility  72g

                                Partaking of the power of God  230c

                                Power of Prayer  82j

                                Preaching by the power of God  149h

                                Pursue the healing power of God  145e

                                Undeserved power  60h

                                Violent men take it by force  46a

                                Words are powerful by the Spirit  85c

                God forgives us through His power  120h

                God is all powerful  213a

                                Cleansing power of God  103a

                                Demonstration of His power  246g

                                Fear the power of God  88i

                                His resurrection power  38c,113k

                                God's judgment on His Son  37a,57g

                                Grace of the power of God  32d

                                Jesus is the power of God  66g

                                Light of the power of God  112bd

                                Power of Jesus' Spirit  254k

                                God uses His power to be destructive  147h

                Motives based on God's power  76c

                Persecuting the power of God  242e

Power of sin  52c,181e


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