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Download Jean's Bible Study

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Downloading Jean's Bible Study will enable you to use the website on a desktop or laptop computer without needing an Internet connection.  


Offering this free download is a precaution against the future. If the forces of this world determine that Jean's Bible Study should not exist on "their Internet", copies of it will persist throughout the world. 


Updates of this website's offline version will be offered four times a year instead of six starting in 2024.


If you have an HTML editor, such as FrontPage, you can edit the downloaded version of this website, adding your personal notes and commentary.


There is nothing to install, just download and unzip. Of course, as consistent with the policy of this website, using this software is totally free.   


1. Download the compressed file: to a known location on your computer  


2. Extract the files: Right-click on the file and look for an option to extract the files (7-Zip)


3. Double-click the JeansBibleStudy folder that resulted from the extraction, then double-click the Index.html file to run the website offline.


Download: Jean's Bible Study   24.8 MB  offered 06/01/2024


Next available update: 09/01/2024