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Goals -- See also: Method

                Seeking the goals of the kingdom  233a

                Using sin to achieve your goals  16f

Goats -- See: Counterfeit

God -- See also: Judgment, Commentary

                Accountable to God  4a,165b

                                See Also: Accountable

                                Focus your attention on God  97d

                                God Wants your heart  74a

                                Hear God or listen to the devil  168k

                                Interacting with God  8c

                                Positive attitude toward God  96b

                                Run to God  193j

                                Seeking the glory of God  87e,233g

                                Serving god  13j

                                Turn From sin to God  192i

                                Valuing God  248g

                                Worship God 

                Accusing God of sin 17e

                Avoid offending God  1a

                                See also: Prevention

                                 Dishonor god  203b

                                Fruitless life offends God  197e

                                get out of His way  124g

                Confidence in God  121k

                Counterfeit God  159h

                Creation is evidence of God  151h

                Curse of God is broken  119k

                Enemy of God -- See: Enemy

                fear Of God  88f,133k 

                        See Also: Righteous Saved with Difficulty 209c

                Glorify God -- See: Glory/Glorify God

                God blinds their eyes  169g

                God controls darkness  184c

                God controls time  214a

                God defends His word  7e

                God exerts His authority  147b

                God gives up on you 217c

                god Helps Satan  64j,185g

                God hides from man's ignorance  221a

                God initiates His interest  121d

                                See also: Initiate, Interest

                                God Gives Himself  35e

                                God is willing  31f

                                God Knows your needs  29j

                                God Opens up His home to us  36f

                                God overrides the will of man  216b

                                God Working in you  227e

                                Love of God  129i

                God is:

                                        all knowing  212f

                                Angry at sin  69d

                                At peace  125j

                                Deceptive  62l

                                Dependable  102d

                                Good  58k

                                Holy  133a

                                Independent of His creation  216i

                                Infinite  212a

                                Kind  127a

                                My Conscience  108f,154j

                                Our advocate  28a,29j

                                Our Father  30e,33f

                                Spirit  255e

                god Judges His Son  37a

                God never changes  205a

                God strengthens us  9d

                God tests your faith through hardship  5f

                God's perspective  94d

                God's priorities  247a

                God's wealth  249f

                God's opinion about abortion  135k

                Jesus is equal with the Father  252j

                Knowing God  80i

                Limits of god  64a

                Patience of God  126h

                Salvation of God  207e

                Satan glorifies God  65i

                Serving God in ignorance  1g,175m

                Ways of God  80c

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Godhead -- See: Deity

Godliness  41h -- See also: Good

                Counterfeit Godliness  158i

                form Of godliness  171e,174c

                Godly motive  179e

                Mystery of godliness  230g,246e

gods -- See: Idolatry

Golden rule 1b,124e

Good  127d -- See also: Motives/Godly motives

                Don't let your good be spoken of as evil  54l

                Expecting good things  121e

                Give for goodness sake  235i

                God has good timing  214j

                God is good  58k

                Good confession (Son of God) 150e

                Good conscience  154i

                Good fruit  128m

                Good motives  75b

                Good reputation  142c

                Good things/bad things  58j

                Good traditions  174a

                Good works

                                Are like seeds  60h

                                Clothe yourself with good works  113c

                                Example of good works  12a

                                Good works that are prepared for us  92a

                                Hate evil by loving/doing good  194gh

                                Overcome evil with good  57b

                                Persevere in doing good  99k

                                Putting on His good works  92d

                                Ready to do good  95k

                                Reputation of good works  142d

                                Rewarded for doing good  227b

                                Trail of good works -- See: Trail

                                Trying to please God by doing good  174d

                                Working God's grace through good works  115k

                                You will know them by their good works  155k

                                Zealous for good works  101b

                Judging what is right  69g

                Making the good confession  150e

                Sovereignty balances good from evil  108e

                Unable to discern good and evil  18g

                Wrongly discern good and evil  166h

Gospel -- See also: Preach, Commentary

                Administering the gospel  81e

                Fruit of the gospel  129d

                God is interested in the gospel  247h

                Gospel belongs to the Jew first  210i

                Invest in the gospel  236i

                Promoting the gospel causes suffering  229ib

                Protecting the gospel  6j

                Rejecting the gospel  200c

                                See also: Reject

                                Gospel offends religious institution  201e

                                Jews are envious of the gospel  24i

                                Judged for rejecting the gospel  47l

                                Running from the gospel  202h

                                Unpopular gospel  58c

Gossip  84g -- See also: Lying 

                Reputation exposed to slander  142f

Grace of God  31d

                See also: Faith, Works of God/God working in you

                abusing God's grace  184e

                                See also: Manipulate

                                Do not abuse His grace  2n

                                Enemies of His grace  are destroyed  48m

                                Frustrating the grace of god  198i

                                Intending to abuse His grace  21i

                                Man is unwilling to walk in the grace of God  202a

                                Severed from His grace  60h

                Adequacy is from God  116h

                Blood of Jesus is the gift of God's grace  37g

                God favors you by His grace  30g

                God's forgiveness is an act of mercy  120e

                God gives grace to the humble  57d

                God grants repentance  193g

                God makes us worthy of heaven  71d

                God working in you  227e

                Grace is the mystery of godliness  231b

                JESUS IS OUR SACRIFICE  209h

                Jesus is the foundation of Godís favor in our lives  137d

                Jesus is the manifestation of grace  245f

                Man is a spectator of his own salvation  218j

                Righteousness Of God  41e

                Saved by grace through faith  41f

                Set apart by His grace  111aa

                Testify about His grace  148a

                Working the grace of God  55a,114a

Graduate -- See: Progress

Grateful -- See: Thanks Giving

Great -- See also: Power of God

                Accept the great and the small  130h

                 Great Endtime Revival -- See: Revival

                Great High Priest, Jesus is  67a

                                Great High Priest offered up Himself  209j

                Greatness is being a child  33f

                Least are greatest/greatest are least  13k,56k,58a

                Lesser is blessed by the greater  57f

Greed  21l -- See also: Idolatry, Money

                Attitude of greed  96m

                Carried away by greed  161m

                Free from greed  120k

                Greed and lust are the glory of man  170c

                Judgment based on greed  17e

                Motives based on greed  76d

                Protect your heart from greed  100i

                Slave to greed  163c


                Do not commit yourself too hastily  62h

                Physical affection with spiritual motives  123k

Grief (Grieving) -- See also: Hardship

                Fasting is a state of mourning  189k

                God comforts you in your grief  228c

                Grieving over your own loss  188g

                Laughter turned to mourning  77l

                Righteous saved with grief  209f

                Spirit grieves over flesh/sin  70de

                                See also: Unbelief, Heart/Hardened heart

                                Frustrating the grace of God  198i

                                God is angry at sin  69d

                 Vexation 188g

Groaning too deep for words  95b

Grow (Growth) -- See also: Harvest, Increase, Maturity

                Growing pains  188c

                Growing spiritually/numerically  128i

                Growing weary  127g

                Heart can grow insensitive  74l,75a

                Kingdom grows by itself  228m

                Maturity is a growing process  137g

                There shall be no end to His increase  243k

Grumbling -- See: Complaining

Guard -- See also: Keep

                Guard the anointing  113m

                Be on guard  83m

Guide -- See: Lead

Guilt -- See: Condemnation


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