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Circular reasoning -- See: Dodging the issue

Circumcision -- See: Separation

Circumstance (s) -- See also: Situation, Grief

                All things work together for good  228m

                Circumstances cannot evade the Spirit  111g

                Circumstances caused by the devil  165i

                Emotional circumstances  123i

                Endure the circumstances  99e,188gi

                                See also: Die to self/Enduring the death of your flesh

                                Boldness in adverse circumstances  122h

                                Content in any circumstance  121a

                                Enduring hardship  152a  

                                Enduring Persecution  242k

                                Faith -- suffering -- glory  98e

                                Jesus overcame every circumstance   39f

                                Patient in your circumstances  126m

                                Purified by circumstances  103k

                Events of Revelations  50c

                Extreme circumstances  176j

                God favors you in your circumstances   31c

                Let God work on your circumstances  117d

                List of physical circumstances  250m

                Misunderstand the circumstances  177j

                                See also: Distort

                                Evaluating circumstances by the carnal mind  17c

                                Outward appearance of circumstances  171l

                                Perspective on our circumstances  94b

                                Presuming the facts about the circumstances  178a

                No-win situations  75l

                Purpose for things that happen  91e

                Recalling the circumstances  239b

                Take advantage of the circumstances  62i

                Uncontrollable circumstances  19e

Circumvent -- God gives the Gentiles Israelís place  211b 

Citizen -- See: Home

Clay -- See: Molded

Clean -- See also: Conceit/Righteous conceit

                Cleansing power  103a

                God works in you to clean you up  228l

Clever  61g -- See also: Experience

                Be more cleaver than wolves  180b

                Being Sarcastic/cleaver  59d

                Gentiles steal the kingdom  211c

                God uses sinners  210c

                Outwit your enemies  62af

                Wheeling and dealing  192d

Clique (s) 158e -- See also: Distinctions

Close (s) See also: Door

                A few words shy of the kingdom  54f

                Close-mindedness  175e

                Pride closes the windows of heaven  23a

Clothe (s) -- See also: Die to self/Abstain

                Clothe yourself with the word  86f

                Decoration, simulating the inside  171e

                Heaven's clothes  113a

                Put on His good works  92d

                Undressing  190e,191d

                Wolves in sheep's clothing  180d

Comfort  228a -- See also: Compassion

                At home in the body  57f,60g

Commandment (s) -- See also: Compel

                Conviction without commandment  176d

                God ordains us through His commandments  71j

                Keep His commandments  6a,156b

                Wandering from the commandments of God  161f

Commitment (s) -- See also: Consume

                Caring for the needs of the body  130d

                Carnal mind is set on the flesh  167a

                Commitment against sin  59b

                Commitment exceeding your opponent's  54n,152b

                Commitment in natural to receive in spiritual  192e

                Commitment to gaining personal advantage  166e

                Commitment to the word of God  87m

                Determination  115j,129k

                Do not commit too hastily  62h

                God tests your commitment to follow Jesus  5h

                keep your commitments  2a

                No boundaries on your commitment to God  234f

                Resolutely focus on God  118g

                Resolution without relationship  176h

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Common -- See: Similarity in the body

Common sense -- see: Sensible

Communicate -- See also: Evangelism

                Father's relationship with His Son  253a

                Express your feelings about Him  156c

                Ignoring the truth to communicate the truth  63h

                Messengers help communicate  14l

Communion  130a  

                 See also: Encouragement

                Communion Between world and church  172c

                Partaking of communion  230a

                We remember His sacrifice at communion  209jb

Company -- See: Fellowship

Compare -- See also: Inverse proportions

                Comparing yourself with sinners  174f

                God sees eras as moments  214h,215e

                God's weakness stronger than men  64g

                New covenant is better  205g

                Pride compares self with others  22m

Compassion  123b -- See also: Edify, Love

                Depend on Jesus to have compassion  227e

Compel -- See also: Holy Spirit/Law of the Spirit

                Ambassador in chains  148i

                Compel them to come in  149c

                Compelled by the Spirit  61a,216b,246b

                                Bondservants  12e

Complacent -- See: Comfort

Complaining -- See also: Division

                Grumbling  158b

                Judged for complaining  60e

Complete (Finished)  44a -- See also: Fulfill

                Complete God's calling  2b

                Complete part of the whole  61b

                Complete the project  97g

                Completion of a period of time  207m

                Completely given over to will of God  234g

                Endure to the end  84ca, 98k, 207cb

                Finish the course  5c,44dh

Complacency -- See: Laziness/Spiritual Laziness

Comply -- See: Submit

Composition -- See: Substance

Comprehension -- See: Mind

Compromise -- See also: Corruption

                Compromise your convictions  79c

                Conform without compromise  1f

Conceit  222k -- See also: Distinction

                Contempt toward the Holy Spirit  185g

                Do not despise His little ones  135g

                Men discarding others  170a

                Righteous conceit  222b

                                See also: Die to self/Purified through dying to self

                                God chases sinners away  203b

                                God speaks only to listeners 168l

                Shut you out  58h

                Step on people to reach bottom  169j

Conceive -- See also: Create

                Conceived by the Spirit of truth  110g

                Conceived by the Jezebel spirit  135h

                Sin is conceived in the heart  74j

                Women don't control what they Conceive   135d

Concern -- See: Content

Condemnation  161h -- See also: Shame

                Condemning the innocent  18a

                Condemning sin  194d

                Condemning the weak  161a

                Disobedience will condemn you to hell  21d

                From condemn to worshipped  58b

                Hiding under a cloud of guilt  153c

                Law finds all men guilty of sin  52d

                Walking in Condemnation  153g

                Words will condemn you  84k

Condition (s) -- See also: Court of law, Heal

                Against Christ if not with  200k

                Attitude = direction  160d

                Condition of your mind  79a

                Condition of the last days  49k

                Conditions to receiving from God

                                See also: Favor

                                According to promise  205a

                                Ask to receive  35e,83b

                                Conditions to promises  206a

                                God supplies our needs under conditions  30d

                                Terms of graduating to the next level  250j

                                Terms of peace  126f

                                To him who has  222i,82c

                Confessing Jesus to get saved  150c

                Deeds tell if we know God  155k

                God qualifies you for heaven  30k

                Human condition without Christ  25k

                Human condition of demon possession  145e

                You must be born again to go to heaven  92f

Condone -- See: Accept

Conduct -- See: Behavior


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