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I never knew you  209c,217g

Identity (Identify) -- See also: Image

                God identifies with us  29h

                Jesus proven identity  185d

                Kill Jesus because of who He is  241h

                Lose your identity to gain God's identity  192c

                Masking your true identity 181i

                New creation is our spiritual identity  238e

                Revelation of Jesus' identity  108h

                Worship God for who He is  252bg

Idol (Idolatry)  195a -- See also: Lust

                Idolatry of greed  22b

                Men glorifying men  169l,198e

                Put no other gods before Him  252a

                We are not our own standard  11i

                Worshipping idols  19l

                                See also: Selfish

                                Catholic doctrine  173d

                                From condemned to worshipped  58bc

                                Worshipping the flesh  54e

Ignorance (CLOSE-MINDEDNESS)  17h,175e

                See also: Leaven, Knowledge

                Creation is ignorant of its creator  54e

                                See also: New creation

                                Believing you know God  182b

                                Did not recognize Christ  168e

                                Ignoring Christ  199ik

                                I never knew you  209bc,217g

                                ignoring Jesus to satisfy your flesh  169k

                                Man's wisdom is ignorant of God 166f

                                Not knowing God  54f,185f,212e

                                Serving God in ignorance  1g,25e

                                Unaware of the spirit world  182l

                                World is ignorant of God  154d,164h

                Curse of ignorance is broken  119k

                God hides from man's ignorance  221a

                Ignoring His word to find His will  54i

                Incubator of the spirit of error  183f

                Incubator of witchcraft  183c

                Lack of understanding  168i

                Leading people through ignorance  179k

                Ignorant people wanting to teach  54b

                Pretending to be stupid  63gh

                Sins committed in ignorance -- See: Knowledge of evil  155c

                Unwilling to acknowledge the facts  20b

Illumine -- See: Light

Illustration -- See: Define

Image -- See also: Self

                Conform to His image  43c

                Created in His image  55c,59f

                Kingdom grows into the image of Christ  229h

                Image of the invisible God  55a

Imagine -- See also: Interpret

                Cost is more than you can imagine  232b

                Hide behind your own imagination  184a

                Imaginary perception of self  181g

Immaturity  196c -- See also: Lawlessness

                Sinful nature responsible, not me  58d

Immediately -- See: Suddenly

Immersed -- See: Baptism

Immorality  134h -- See also: Unfaithful

                Fornication  135a

                Homosexuality  135c

                Immoral spirits  145j

                Immorality in the church  10c

                Preach works and promote immorality  179f

                Warning against immorality  51f

Immortality -- See: Indestructible

Impart -- See also: Life/Holy Spirit

                Angels are sent to impart information  15e

                Depend on Jesus to impart His gifts  227gk

                Process of impartation  255e

                Impart your faith  139a

Implications, Two implied meanings  58i

Important -- See also: Last

                Knowing God is more important  238g

                Thinking you are more important  223d

Impose -- See: Force

Impossible -- See: Limitations

Imposters -- See: Counterfeit

Improve -- See: Advance

Impurity -- See: Immorality

In Christ -- See: Jesus Christ

Inclination -- See: Instinct

Included, Gentiles  209g

Incognito -- See: Familiar with Jesus in the flesh/spirit  70g

Increase -- See also: Revival

                Be fruitful and multiply  128i

                He must increase but I must decrease  56h

                Increase in wisdom  89i

                no end to His increase  243k

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Independent -- See also: Single

                God is independent of His creation  216i

                Kingdom grows by itself  229a

Indestructible  243f -- See also: Infinite

                Jesus never to die again  172h

Indicate -- See: Evidence

Indifference -- See: Numb

Individual -- See also: Variation

                Individual bricks  140g

                Individual members  136h

                Many members but one body  131j

Inductive reasoning 

                Creation is evidence of God  151i

Indwelling Holy Spirit  132a

Infinite -- See also: Eternal

                God is infinite  212a

                God's immeasurable generosity  35c

                Infinite and eternal wealth of God  249f

                Son is infinite and eternal like the Father  253b

                There shall be no end to His increase  243l

Infirmities -- See: Weak

Influence (s) -- See also: Repentance

                How your location influences you  94o

                Kingdom slowly spreads  229a

                Satanic influence  183b

                                See also: Motives/Demons

                                Freedom from satanic influence  119b

                                Prince of the power of the air  164f

                Sphere of influence  235a

                Wealth influences your motives  249f

Information, Angels are sent to impart  15e

Ingratitude -- See: Ungrateful  198c

Inherent -- See also: Traits

                Purpose is inherent to the calling  91a

                Satan's evil motives are inherent  76g

                Son is inherently equal with the Father  253c

                Thinking you are inherently better  223a

                Worship Jesus for inherent worthiness  252a

Inheritance  36f -- See also: Possession, Money, Commentary

                Assess your property before you sell it  232e

                Fellow heirs with Israel  210i

                God has given us all things  33l,34a

                Inherited sin  61e

                Jesus owns everything  66g

                Jesus owns you  213d

                Kingdom belongs to children  33e

                Promise of His inheritance  205d

                Reserved in heaven  226d

                Trinity belongs to us  34a

                What you see you can have  117f,118b

Initiate (s) -- See also: God Initiates His interest

                Deeds that are initiated by men  173j

Inner man -- See: Spirit of man

Innocent  42c -- See also: Pure

                Innocent As wolves  180b

                Be innocent of all sin  250e

                Condemning the innocent   18a

                Hate evil by being innocent of it  194e

                Innocent of your opponent  45j

                Undefined charges  18cd

Insight -- See: Vision

Instinct -- See also: Man

                Man's nature is instinctively evil  16a

                Wolves have a killer instinct  180g

Instruction -- See also: Lead

                God gives us Instruction  106n

                Instruction about evangelism  150b

                Instruction about marriage  3c

                Instruction about women  3h

                Instruction to the church  193f

                Old Testament is for our instruction  141h

Instrument (s) -- See also: Messengers

                Implementing the revelation  114g

                Used by Satan  163e

                We are His instruments  213d

Insult -- See: Offend

Integrity -- See also: Reputation

                Carnal mind lacks integrity  166n

                Faith -- Integrity -- Reward  98i

                Gain integrity to lose the world's respect  192h

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Intellect  221c -- See also: Mind

Intensity -- See also: Perseverance

                Intensity of your stride  97i

                Intensity without insight  176g

Intention -- See: Motives

Interacting with God  8c

Intercession  83d -- See also: Ministry

                Jesus intercedes for us  67c

Intercourse, spiritual -- See: Bride of Christ

Interdependent -- See: Mutual

Interest  76i -- See also: God/Interests

                God initiates His interest  121d

                God's interests  247a

                Personal interests  200h

                Special interest groups  158g

Internal -- See also: Motives

                Internalize the word of God  86m

                Jesus has internal qualities of the Father  253c

Interpret -- See also: Balance

                Heart is where man Interprets value  74ef

                Interpret the word of God  239k

                Interpret your point of view  94n

                Presumption is the Interpreter  177l,178c

                Prophecies are subject to Interpretation  60b

Interrogation -- See: Question

Interrupt, No one can interrupt God's timing  108e

Intimate -- See also: Bride of Christ, Reconciliation

                Intimate Bonding  130h

                God shares no Intimacy with dogs  222f

                Intimacy with God  142k

                Sharing intimacy with God  208j

Introduction -- See also: Literal

                Introduction to Jesus Christ  82k

                Introduction to salvation/kingdom  58l

                Introduction to the Father  83i

Inverse proportions  55j

                See also: Proportion

                Against Christ if not with HIM  200k

                More I love the less I am loved  54o

                More the flesh dies, more the spirit lives  187h

                Spirit renews as flesh decays  78i

                Suppressing truth they can't deny  16l

                Valuing things that devalue God  248i

Invest -- See also: Sacrifice

                Do not invest yourself in dogs  222c

                Invest in a proper perspective  94c

                Invest in the kingdom of God  207g,234f

                Investment proves apostleship  152c

                Invest in a life of adversity  125c

                Spiritual currency  101i

                Invest your strength in the kingdom  236d

Invisible -- See also: Jesus/Blind to

                Image of the Invisible God  55a

                Invisible to men  78a

Invite -- See also: Receive

                Endurance invites the Holy Spirit  98j

                God welcomes the gentiles  210j

                Invitation to the kingdom  150a

                 Invite the return of Christ  84c

                Miss the invitation from God  223j

Irony -- See: Inverse Proportions, Paradox

Irresistible -- See: Addiction

Israel -- See also: Jews, Commentary

                Israel betrayed the Lord  186da

                Condition of Israel in the last days  50a

                Jews and Gentiles are being Saved  210g

                Israel gives birth to Christ  61f

                Israel Judged as an example for us  49a

                Judgment prophesied on Israel for persecuting the prophets  242a

Issue -- See: Subject

                Focusing on social and political issues instead of Christ 

                                See also: Form of Godliness, Presumption  

                                Because they do not understand the Scriptures  182f

                                Bondage to the burdens of men  162k

                                Lukewarm Christianity  196i

It is finished  44a


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