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Keep (s) -- See also: Protect

                Bear fruit keeping with repentance  193d

                Confidence in God to keep us  122cd

                God keeps you in His will  228h

                Keep His commandments  6a,156b

                Keep rewards through endurance  227e

                keep The law -- See: Law/keeping

                keep your commitments  2a

                Keep Yourself on the narrow way  93a

                Obstacles that keep you from Jesus  241f

                                Fight God to keep the glory of man  170c

                                Reject Christ to keep the world  199h

Key -- See also: Name

                Taking away the key of knowledge  240h

                Three key messages in evangelism  149a

                Wisdom of God is the key of knowledge  89g

Kill -- See: Murder

Kindness  127a -- See also: Love

                Kindness of God  207k

                Take advantage of God's kindness  184f

                Working God's kindness  116i

King, parables about a  225e

*Kingdom of God  221a  See also: Natural/Natural Realm

                A few words shy of the kingdom  54f

                Kingdom appears suddenly  215h

                Kingdom belongs to children  33d

                Gain God's kingdom to lose Satan's realm  192g

                Hindering the kingdom  46d,173m

                Invitation to the kingdom  150a

                Introduced to salvation/Kingdom  58lm

                Invest in the kingdom  94c

                Joy is the result of investing in the kingdom  125c

                Kingdom of God is Opposite of the world  56b,73a

                Kingdom principles  60a,175a

                Law leads us to the kingdom  90e

                Preach the gospel of the kingdom  149f

                Salvation verses about the kingdom  207e

                *Thy kingdom come  74a

                                In your spirit/in front of you  59d

                                Kingdom is revealed  111g

                                Manifest the kingdom  101a,134a

                                Taking the kingdom by force  58a

                                We are transmitters of His kingdom  213e

                World is Satan's kingdom  164c

Knowledge -- See also: Lifestyle/Let God direct your life, Commentary

                Deaf from lack of understanding  168i

                                See also: Lack

                                Best of my knowledge  155a

                                Distorting scripture  177a,182f

                                Ignorant from a lack of knowledge  175l

                                Man's knowledge of God  177k

                                Speak the truth without knowing it  17i

                Dispensation of God's revelation  214e

                God is all knowing  212f

                I never knew you  209c,217g

                Kingdom grows through knowledge  229g

                Know the will of God  248a

                                Understand God's purpose  117f

                                Understanding wisdom  156h

                Know the word of god  79g

                                Know the revelation from God   187f

                                Light  112a

                                Revelation of God  108g

                                The written/heavenly word  59i

                                True knowledge belongs to us  34f,109f

                                Word of knowledge  110a

                Knowing God  155k

                                Acknowledge God's presence  117j

                                Having a reputation of knowing God  142j

                                Knowing God is more important than serving  238g

                                Know the unknowable  54o

                                Knowing the sound of His voice  106a

                                Married to God  208j

                                Seeking the goal of faith  233c

                Knowledge can be a curse  27d

                                See also: Curse

                                Blessed for doing the word, not for knowing it  87a

                                Judged according to your knowledge  48i

                                Knowledge of evil  155c

                Lost Knowledge of the Scriptures

                seek knowledge of the kingdom  238g

                                See also: Love/embrace

                                Renew your mind to know truth  79e

                                Treating knowledge as fact  85k

                True knowledge 

                Unable to know the truth  157j

                                See also: Lose

                                Cannot understand word of God  167g

                                God hides the truth from man  221e

                                Man is unwilling to acknowledge God  201k

                                Resisting the knowledge of God  198a

                                Taking away key of knowledge  240h

                                Unable to know mind of Christ  196f

                                 Unbelief   20c

                You will know them by their fruits  155k


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