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Resemble -- See also: Snowball effect

                Children resemble their Father  208fa,224e

                Love that bears no resemblance to love  57j

Reserved, rewards in heaven  226a

Resist -- See also: Word/Rejecting the word of God, Temptation

                Man's wisdom resists the righteous  166h

                Resist Satan  46e,57k

                Resist the kingdom of God  173m

                Resisting the Holy Spirit  185h

Resolve -- See: Commitment

Respect -- See also: Selfless

                Gain integrity to lose the world's respect  192h

                No regard for the law  181e

                No regard for the word  182e

                No respect with world renown  54h

                respect Authority  1a,73a

Respond (s) (Response) -- See also: Result

                Able to respond to the word 31i

                Belief demands a response  86d

                Cannot control God's response  217k

                Darkness exposes itself by its own reaction  55d

                Love is the response of receiving from God  125a

                Reacting to Persecution  242j

                Responding with contempt to Holy Spirit  185g

                Responding to a carnal evaluation  17g

                Responding to the call of God  91g

                Returning kindness for evil  127c

                Unresponsive to Christ  186e

*Responsibility 1a -- See also: Yoke

                Authority without responsibility  167c

                I'm responsible, but you owe me your lives  58i

                Parents are Responsible for their Children  3m

                Authority equals responsibility  72g

                Refuse to take on responsibility  197b

                Responsible to defend God's cause  6j

                Responsible to men  9d

                Using irresponsibility as an excuse  200g

                Responsible With God's grace  31j

Rest (SABBATH)  116k -- See also: Walk/Walking In the Spirit

                Be diligent to enter His rest  55b

                Let Him Do His work  2m

                Promise of His rest  205b

                Refuse to enter His rest  197d

                Rest in His Yoke  6e

Restore -- See: Repentance

Result -- See also: Sin/Consequences of sin

                Cause and effect  250h

                Darkness has a blinding effect  169e

                Joy is a result of investing in/partaking of the Holy Spirit. 125bd

                Result of:

                                God's mercy  31d

                                Lawlessness  185g

                                Prayer  83b

                                Putting off the old man  191e

                                The Spirit on the word  110k

Resurrection  38c,98g -- See also: Ascension

                Beast's fatal wound was healed  60f

                Belief/repentance is result of the resurrection  86bc

                Born of the Spirit by the resurrection  238c

                Conform to His resurrection  43a

                Die to partake of the first resurrection/anointing  58l

                Die to self precedes the resurrection  187g

                First Resurrection  34h

                            Description of the resurrection  224a

                            Jesus is first born of the Father 248f

                            Jesus never to die again  172h

                            Kingdom of God is indestructible  243g

                            Power of His resurrection  113k

                            Resurrection is the manifestation of His life  245h

                            Resurrection is the message of evangelism  149a

                            Seek the goal of the resurrection  233a

                Judgment of the resurrection  48c

                Life of the resurrection/anointing  59h

                Prophesy about Jesus' resurrection  141g

                Raising the dead  147g

                Resurrection anointing  60d

                Sign of death, burial and resurrection  191b

Return -- See: Backfire, Second Coming of Christ

Reveal -- See: Expose

Revelation (s) -- See also: Rhema

                Book of revelation  50c

                Dispensation of God's revelation  214e

                Revelation knowledge

                                Die to self to know the revelation  187f

                                Obey the revelation from heaven  114cf

                                Real-eyes God's purpose  117g,118d

                                Revelation Of Jesus Christ  125e,231d

                                Revelation knowledge is our weapon  46c

                                Revelation Of God  108g

                                Revelation of the word  140d

                                Revelation of the written/heavenly word 

                                Spirit of revelation  110i

                                Unwilling to obey the revelation  185k

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Revenge, God's vengeance  61e

Revere -- See: Fear

Revival -- See also: Grow

                Arrival of Christ  90d

                Be faithful till Jesus comes  84c

                Great Endtime Revival  50d

                                Salvation is from the Jews  210h

                Preparing for revival  8h

                Run to Jesus prior to His visit  194c

                Second coming/endtime revival  60c

Reward (s) 226a -- See also: invest, Endurance/God rewards endurance

                Earthly rewards are temporary  170h

                Faith -- Integrity -- Reward  98i

                Judged by withdrawing rewards  48j

                Rewards For bearing fruit  45c

                Rewards For doing good  127d

                 Seeking the glory of God  233g

                Use this time to gather 

Rhema (word disclosed by the Holy Spirit) -- See also: Word of God

                Authority of the rhema  149g

                Getting a rhema from God  107a

                Logos Vs Rhema  59i,60d

                Speaking the rhema  150g

Rich -- See: Wealth

Right (s)-- See also: Godliness

                Lose your rights for His vindication  192f

                Yield to God's right of way  194i

Righteous  Conceit  221a

                      RIGHTEOUS deception  62l,149e

Righteousness of God (faith)  41e -- See also: Worthy

                Conform to God's righteousness  42f

                Enemies of God's righteousness  are destroyed  49c

                Faith is the law of God's righteousness  205j

                Gentiles have the righteousness  that Jews seek  58d

                Hunger for God's righteousness  77a

                Judgment glorifies God's righteousness  40k

                Manifesting God's righteousness  244i

                No partiality with God's righteousness  51j

                Obtaining God's righteousness  58g

                Persecuting God's righteousness  242d

                Revelation of God's righteousness  108j

                Righteousness of the law  90g

                Seek the righteousness of God  232k

                Suffer shame for the cause of righteousness  153l

                Transferred from lawlessness to righteousness  237n

Righteousness of man  127d -- See also: Worthy

                Doing right  155a

                                Blameless  41k

                                God convicts us to do  righteousness  90a,149c

                                Live right during these times  7m

                                Reaping a harvest of righteousness  127e,218h

                                Reputation of righteousness  58c,62g

                Freedom to choose righteousness  193l

                God defends the righteous  40m

                Man's wisdom resists the righteous  166h

                Rapture of the blameless  237f

                Resurrection of the righteous  38ik

                righteous Conceit  222b

                righteous Judgment  69c

                righteous Saved with difficulty  209c

                Righteousness is a shield  57h

                Self-Righteousness  174c

                                See also: Walk/Walking in Disobedience

                                Acting against righteousness  16g

                                Appearing righteous before men  174h,175b

                                Counterfeit godliness  158i

                                Do not seek your own righteousness  3a

                                Motives based on self-righteousness  76f

                                Self-righteous Attitude  97a

                                Self-righteousness will twist your mind  19j

                                 Shrewd as serpents and more innocent than they appear  180b

                                Trying to earn your ticket to heaven  166c

                                We are not our own standard  11i See also: Compare

                Suffering righteousness  188f

Right hand of the Father  67a

Rock -- See: Foundation

Role -- See also: No-win situations

                Assume the role of a priest in giving  235j

                God's role in forming a reprobate  186i

                Man's role in becoming a reprobate  186c

                We play a part in the will of God  247j

Root -- See also: Cause

                Rooted deeply  97j

                Seek God without wavering  233g

                Root supports you  58e

Rote -- See: Remember Miracles,Teachers

Rules Of the church  10a

Run -- See also: Race

                Be mature and run  54m

                Parables about running a race  225o

                Run from sin  192k

                Run the race that is set before us  100h

                Run to god  193j

                Running from God  201h


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