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Ambassador -- See: Mediator, Represent

Ambition  101g -- See also: Commitment

                Invest your ambition into the kingdom  236f

                Laziness runs hard from God  202e

                Selfish ambition -- See: Selfish

Analogies -- See: Parables 

Angels  15c -- See also: Church/Servant-hood solidifies the church

                                            Man/Man is above the angels

                Angels appear without warning  215j

                Fear the appearance of angels  23m

                Worshipping angels  196c

Anger  24j -- See also: Anxiety

                Righteous anger  69c

                Sarcastic from being angry  63j

Animal -- See also: Evil/Man's Nature is Instinctively Evil

                Barbaric solution  17b

                Behave like an animal  160l

Anointing  35h,113a -- See also: Bless

                Abuse the anointing  60h,184h

                Anointing cleanses from practice of sin  103g

                Anointing of peace  126h

                Anointing then miracles  250g

                Counterfeit anointing  159il,183d

                Fear of losing the anointing  216h

                God's servants are anointed  13f

                                Church operates in a prophetic anointing   152i

                                Position of helper is anointed  14o

                Mystery of godliness  230i

                Obedience then anointing  250f

                                See also: Behavior

                                Die to self to receive it  58m,78i

                                Prayer anoints your life  81l,82l

                                Walk in the anointing  91a

                Priestly anointing perfume of sacrifice  189a

                Purified by the anointing  104d

                Receive the anointing  115b

                Resurrection/anointing  38e,59h

                Spoken by the anointing  85e

Anomalies -- See: Paradox

Answer -- See also: Question

                Answer fool according to his folly  63k

                Answer of wisdom  89c

                Purpose answers why  91d

Antichrist (Anti-Semitism)  183a

                Antichrists among Christians  172a

                Counterfeit  158i

                The beast/man  60f

                Unregenerate man is the son of Satan  16aa

                False prophet  179f

Anxiety  24a -- See also: Fear

                Concern  247c

                God knows your needs  29j

                Prayer is a cure for anxiety  58h

                Worldly pressure creates anxiety  242f

Apostasy -- See: Fall away

Apostle (s)  152a -- See also: Disciples, Evangelism

                Frustrating the apostles  199d

                Seal of an apostle  54n

Appeal, God chooses us as we appeal to Him  234aa

Appear -- See also: Demonstrate

                Angels appear without warning  215j

                Appearance of angels/Jesus, Fear  23mn

                Appearance of Christ  237a

                                Outward appearance of Jesus Christ  253cc

                Avoid the appearance of evil  1c,9b

                Kingdom appears suddenly  215h

                Looked like a lamb, but ...  55h

                Outward appearance  170e

                Pure in heart shall see His appearing  104k

Appetite -- See also: Desire

                Desires of your fleshly appetite  76l

                Ignoring Jesus to satisfy your flesh  169k

                Seeking to gratify the appetite of your flesh  198h

                Trying to satisfy your appetite for security  21l

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Apple of His eye -- See: Favor

Appoint -- See: Ordain

Appointments, divine  105h, 220d

Approach, Sinners can't approach God's throne  202k

Appropriate, being sensible is always  89ab


                Approval of God -- See: Accept, Favor, Perfect, Worthy

                Approval of men  168a, 169h

Argumentative -- Contentious  158c  

Armageddon, war of  49h,50l 

Arrogance -- See: Pride 

Ascension  237g -- See also: Resurrection

                Ascension Is opposite of His return  58b

                Description of the ascension  224c

                Jesus intercedes for us  83e

                Jesus is interceding for us at the right hand of the father  67c

                Jesus is our high priest  41c,83g

                Spiritual warfare (Spiritual rapture--Ascension)  50h

                REVELATIONS OF GOD  108g

Ask to receive -- See: Conditions, Prayer

Asleep, Dead physically/spiritually  61c

Assess -- See: Value

Assets -- See: Method

Assimilate -- See: Consume

Assist -- See: Help

Associate -- See: Fellowship

Assume -- See: Presumption

Assurance -- See: Confidence 

Astray -- See: Wander

Atheism  212f -- See also: Doubt

                Deny the evidence of God 16k

Atmosphere -- See: Prince of the power of the air, Wind

Atonement -- See: Jesus is Our Sacrifice  209h

Attack -- See also: Darkness/Kingdom of God overtakes darkness

                Attack the church  153j

                Contend earnestly for the gospel  7a

                Attacking your reputation  84g,142g

Attain (s) -- See also: Condition/Conditions to receiving from God

                Attaining the hearing ear  106a

                World attains wealth by corruption  249k

Attempt -- See: Effort

Attention  97c -- See also: Focus

                Giving God your attention  118g

                Miracles get people's attention  146k

                Not paying attention to the word  20l

                We must first get His attention  30e

Attitude  95a -- See also: Direction

                Attitude of a bond-servant  12i

                Attitude of humility  77k

                Reprove your brother with a right attitude  138d

                attitude   160d

Author -- See: Word of God

*Authority  66a -- See also: Hand

                Church conveys Jesus' Authority  68h

                                See also: Body of Christ

                                Believer's authority  70i

                                Church judges Satan  45j

                                Discloses the mystery of Christ  231a

                                Demons subject to the church  46k

                                Gift of authority  36e

                                God judges nations through His authority  49b

                                Church Has the ministry of intercession  83i

                                Church Holds position of a prophet  152h

                                Church is ordained to walk in His authority  72a

                                Church passes judgment by God's Authority  69ejk

                                Holy Spirit is in authority of the church  132a

                                Jesus heals through the church  145d

                                Led by the authority of the church  105i

                                Men delegate AUTHORITY  72c

                                Obey Authorities  87k

                                Only the church can be in God's presence  55e

                                Respect authority  1a,73c

                                Spoken with authority  85f          

                                Working God's grace by His authority  116d

                False authority -- See also: Counterfeit

                                Authority  without responsibility  167c

                                Craving authority  22j

                                Hiding behind false authority  184b

                                Offering sacrifice on your own authority  173e

                                Seeking authority for security  76b

                                Self ordained in positions of authority  198c

                                Women have no authority over fetus  135d

                God's authority -- See also: Deliver/God delivers us

                                Angels have authority  15f

                                Authority of the rhema  149g

                                God exerts His authority  147b

                                Jesus defeated Satan's authority  39i

                                Jesus is above all other authorities  67bl

                                Jesus is the authority of God's word  255d

                                Jesus is under the Father's authority  13b,40c,253j

                                Manifestation of God's authority  245j

                                Salvation authority of kingdom/Jesus  207hi

                                Son has equal authority with the father  253a

                                *Sovereignty of God  212a

                Positive attitude about authority  95j

                Rebelling against God's authority  181a

                                See also: Disobedience

                                Questioning God's authority  75f,179a

                                Satan's system of authority  164d

                                Usurping authority  of the Holy Spirit  173l

Avoid -- See also: Run

                Avoid contradicting yourself  129m

                Avoid offending God/man  1a

                Avoid running from God  193k

                Avoid the truth  177b

                Continue in sin to avoid the light  16h

                Have a religion to avoid hell  166d

                Hell is to be avoided at any cost  47c

                Peace makers avoid violence  126d

Awake -- See: Alert

Aware -- See also: Conscience

                Aware of God's holiness  133j

                Conviction makes us aware of sin  89k

                God is aware of the fetus  135k


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