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Vain (Vanity)  170j -- See also: Abuse, Appearance

                God's grace is in vain without Him  116k

Validity -- See also: Genuine

                Validity of Jesus Christ  141a

                Validity of the believer  154i

                Validity of the Father  151a

                Validity of God's word  20m

Value  248h -- See also: Wealth

                Assess property before selling it  232e

                Heart is your central value system  74d

                Invest everything you value  236h

                Self worth  232d

                Vanity lacks substance  171e

                What matters to you  97h

                World pressures you to forsake your values  242i

                World's wealth has no value  249hk

Variation -- See also: Brother

                Variation in the body  136d

                Social differences  130k

Veil -- See also: Close

                God hides behind the veil  221h

                Hiding place behind the veil  139j

                No access because of unbelief  60c

Vengeance -- See: Revenge

Vessel -- See: Body, Temple

Vexation -- See: Grief

Victim -- See also: Cross

                Righteous saved with casualties  209g

                Victim of God's judgment  163d

Victory  39d -- See also: Vindicate

                Church defeats her enemies  60d

                Faith -- Circumstances -- Victory  98j

                God works the victory in your life  228l

                Jesus defeated death  38b,172i

                Seeking victory for a defeated cause  54l

                Victory over sin  194f,245i

Vindicate -- See also: Violent

                Godly vindication  54b

                Let the Holy Spirit vindicate you  62j

                Lose your rights to gain His vindication  192f

Violent -- See also: Attack

                Casting out violent demons  146f

                Peace makers avoid violence  126d

                Taking the kingdom by force  46a,59a

Virgins, parable of the ten virgins  172a

Virtue -- See: Glory

Vision  117g -- See also: Eyes

                Blinded by a false sense of sight  169c

                Focus attention of your mind's eye  97f

                Intensity without insight  176g

                Vision impairs sight but the blind can see  57c

                Vision of purity  61e

Visitation -- See: Revival

Visualizing -- See: Faith/Faith without works

Voice -- See also: Wind

                Having one voice  130b

                Knowing the sound of His voice  106a

                Voice of Jesus  55f

                Voice of a dragon  55h

                Voice of the Spirit  111g

Vows -- See: Promise


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