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Wicked -- See also: Withdrawing

                Enduring the wicked is to overcome them  98ka

                Resurrection of the wicked  38jk

                Scoffing at the wicked  63l

                What the wicked fear come upon him  121e

                Wicked destroy themselves  214c

                Wicked men cannot approach God  202k

                World is wicked  165c

Widows, Tending to the widows  9k

Wielding -- See: Working the grace of God, Spiritual Warfare

Wife -- See: Marriage

Wilderness, Led into the wilderness  105l,160f

Windows -- See: Door

Will of God  247j -- See also: Word/Obeying the word, Works of God

                Born of the Spirit by the will of God  238a

                Caring about the will of God  247f

                Disobedient to the will of God  16d

                                See also: Witchcraft

                                No intentions of doing the will of God  21h

                                Rebelling against the will of God  180i,197a

                                Rejecting the will of God  200b,217h

                                Sacrifice against will of God  173g

                                Spirit is Willing but flesh is weak  187i

                Enemies of God's will are destroyed  49g

                Facing the direction of God's will  97f

                Forced to do the will of God  216f

                God places us in His will  228f

                                God is willing to Give  31f,34a

                                Heirs according to will of God  36h

                                Kingdom grows according to the will of God  229d

                                Ordained by His sovereign will  71f

                                Predestination  219h

                                the Elect  218j

                Ignoring His word to find the will of God  54i

                Jesus obeyed the will of God  87c

                                See also: Word/Words of Jesus

                                Jesus did His Father's will  253ja

                                Jesus goes to the cross willingly  210b

                                Jesus is subject to will of God  253l

                Know the word to understand the will of God  80f

                Making plans according to the will of God  251a

                Not knowing the will of God  1h

                                Asking amiss  241b

                                Miss the will of God  223h

                                Presuming the will of God  166m,177j

                                Self-afflictions against the will of God  190d

                Obey the will of God  87b,95h,114b

                                Ambitious to see will of God in your life  102a

                                Anointing establishes us in will of God  113l

                                Desire to do the will of God  76j

                                Doing good is the will of God  127h

Navigation Bar        Doing the will of God  122j,131af

                                Enduring the will of God  99a

                                Fulfill the will of God  44fj,129l

                                Led by the Spirit to the will of God  105g

                                Motives for doing the will of God  75a

                                No boundaries on your commitment  234f

                                Our purpose is to do will of God  90l

                                Perfecting the will of God  43l,44a

                                Suffering the will of God  188e

                Prisoner of God's will  61a

Will of Man -- See also: Women

                Accountable for our choices  4h

                Freedom to choose righteousness  193l

                                See also: Bondage/Free from bondage

                                Be willing because you are able  123e

                                Born of the Spirit by the will of man   238b

                                His will becomes our will  213h

                God cannot violate the will of man  64f

                                Man chooses his own destiny  199d

                                Man exercises his will against God  195a

                                Man's will over God  201i

                                Your interests  76i

                God overrides the will of man  216b

                                God tests our will  5i

                                God's calling transcends the will of man  91h

                Man's willingness to be evil  16d

                                Lose God's will by gaining your own will  55m

                                Unwilling to believe  162d

                                Unwilling to Honor God  184j

                                Unwilling to obey the revelation  185k

                                Unwilling to receive Christ  199i

                                Willing to practice sin  96k

                Personal choice  61e

                Receiving amiss  241d

                We choose our actions  218c

                Willful blindness  169f

                Willful ignorance  175f

Wind -- See also: Wisdom

                Flowing with the wind of His voice  106c

                Sound of the wind is the words of Jesus  110i

Wisdom -- See also: Clever, Word of God                                    

                Authority in wisdom  71b

                Careful what you say  62c

                                Better not to say anything  85i

                                Let not many of you be teachers  239j

                                More you profess less you have  57i

                Fear of God is beginning of wisdom  88f

                Gift of wisdom  36f

                God protects us through wisdom  28f

                Jews have wisdom that the gentiles seek  58d

                Love that replaces wisdom  159c

                Understanding wisdom  156h

                Use time wisely  7j

                Walk with wisdom  93e

                Wisdom gives balance  108a

                Wisdom of the Spirit  112a

                wisdom of the World  22k,57d,166a

Wish -- See: Will of God/man

Witchcraft  183a -- See also: Authority/Rebelling against God's authority

                Religion of witchcraft  172h

                Practicing witchcraft  179c

                Trying to work the Spirit by the flesh  187j

                Worshipping the devil  196b

Withdrawing -- See also: Wolves

                Withdrawing from obeying God  203i

                Withdrawing rewards  48i

Wither -- See: Destroy

Without ceasing -- See: Continue

Without warning  215g

*Witness  141a -- See also: Confess

                Church witnesses God  107h

                God's perspective on Jesus 94j

                Martyrs witness to the life of God  189g

                Rebelling against the witness of God  181b

                Running from the witness of God  202i

                Testimony of Paul's life  193e

                Witness of Jesus' resurrection  39d

Wolves  179c -- See also: Works of man/Works of the flesh, World

                Wolves among the sheep  172c

                Wolves cannot deceive God  55e

                Ignorant people wanting to teach  54b

Women  3g -- See also: Adam

                Issues between men and woman 10b

                Woman giving birth to a child  225j

                Woman is the glory of man  170e

Wonders -- See: Signs


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