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Wages -- See: Consequences, Result

Waiting -- See also: Circumstances/Enduring the Circumstances

                Waiting creates anxiety  24e

                Waiting for a savior  61a

                Waiting for God to do it His way  192e

                Moment we have all been waiting for  207l

Walk -- See also: Will of God, Broad way

                Feed people by the fruit of your walk  129c

                God protects us through our walk  28e

                Learn how to walk by the word  74a

                Tempted to walk in unbelief  160i

                Walk outside the realm of faith  167e

                Walking in Disobedience  157e

                                See also: Will of God/Disobedient to the will of God

                                Knowledge is curse if not walk in it  27d

                                Refuse to walk in freedom  197c,185l,186a

                                Running from walking in faith  202i

                                Stepping on people to reach bottom  169j

                                Stepping out of position  203f

                                Talkers among the walkers  172f

                                Unwilling to walk in God's grace  202a

                                Walking by the law  1k

                                Walking in condemnation  153g

                                Walking in death  25l,26k,27d

                                Walking in the flesh  1j

                Walking in gifts of His calling  130m

                Walking in obedience  90k

                                Committed to walking with God  2f

                                Conform to Christ's Walk  42j

                                Need God to walk in His glory  217c

                                Ordained to walk in His authority  72a

                                Paul's example of walking with God  11j

                                Practice walking a straight line  92c

                                Stepping into obedience  85k

                                Walk along the narrow way  91e

                                Walking by Faith  105f

                                Walk close to God  143a

                Walking In the Spirit  105f

                                See also: Anointing, Bearing fruit

                                Bearing fruit is the foundation of being in the Spirit  137e

                                Deny the flesh to walk in Spirit  187h

                                Jesus is led into the wilderness  65c

                                Ministering to people by the Spirit  6i

                                Put others to shame by your walk  153k

                                Rewarded for bearing fruit  45c

                Walking in truth  86j

                Walking into the fire  103a

Wall, Hiding behind a false partition  184a

Wander  161a -- See also: Distraction

                Going astray  204b

                Spirit of error leads you astray  183i

War -- See: Spiritual warfare

Warning -- See also: Alert

                Beware when all men speak well of you  240c

                Beware of false doctrine  177f

                God warns/Promises Paul  58l

                Law is hostile against us  52b

                warning Of wrath  51a

                Without warning  215gi

Warrior, prayer -- See: Prayer/Devoted to prayer

Waste His grace on your pleasures  184e

Watch -- See: Alert

Water -- See also: Baptism

                Water and the word  111d

                Water of anointing  60g,61e

                Parables about water  225o

                Spirit like water  103e

Way -- See: Word will and way, Method

Weak -- See also: Humanity

                Boasting of my weakness  84e

                Condemning the weak  161a

                God is strong through weakness  53m

                Help the weak (offerings)  187c,235c

                                See also: Comfort

                                Accept the weak  58f,130l

                                Do not offend the weak in faith  2i

                                Feeling the body's infirmities  69c

                                Strong shall help the weak  72j

                Spirit is willing but flesh is weak  187i

                Weak faith  54c

                weakness of God  64g

                                Crucified in weakness  57g

                                Saints defeat Satan in weakness of sinful flesh  45k

                                Perfected in weakness  43k

                                Weakness  proves the power of God  113n

                weakness strengthened  9d

Wealth  249a -- See also: Wolves, Work force, Worthy

                Deceitfulness of riches  182k

                                False godliness  23e,159g,175c

                                Gain your wealth  to lose God's wealth  56a

                                Wealth is the glory of man  170d

                                Wealth of the world/church  60e

                God's favor enriches you  31d

                Love takes from the rich  124a

                Owning all things in poverty  54m

                Parables about wealth  225c

                Perspective on wealth  94b,166i

                Poor are rich/rich are poor  56m,57a

                Rich oppressing the poor  61d

                True wealth  23f

                We are rich through His poverty  57g

Weaned from the law to the Spirit  61a

Weary, Do not grow weary of doing good  127g

Wedding -- See: Marriage

What must I do to be saved?  192i

Wheeling and dealing in Godís spiritual economy  192d

Weeping -- See: Sorrow

Weigh, Burdens that weigh you down  1i

Welcome -- See: Invite

Welfare -- See: Care, Needs

When -- See: Time

Where -- See: Location

Whim -- See: Will of man

White throne judgment  49j


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