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Practice -- See also: Righteousness (man's)/Doing right

                Anointing cleanses from the practice of sin  103g

                Practice the kindness of God  127a

                Practice listening to the word  79g

                Practicing sin  156k,203k

                                See also: Satan/Satan rules the world

                                Being willing to practice sin  96k

                                Discerning sin in others that you practice  17k

                                Do not associate with those who practice sin  162j

                                Practicing witchcraft  179c

                                Stop practicing sin  192j

                Practice the truth  86g

                Practice walking a straight line  92c

Praise -- See: Thankfulness

Prayer  80k -- See also: Priest

                Authority through prayer  68h

                Conditions to answered prayer  206j

                                See also: Conditions

                                Ask but don't receive  241a

                                Ask to receive  35e

                Depend on your brother to pray  131b

                Devoted to prayer (prayer warrior)  100k

                                Die to self through prayer  187d

                                Make time for prayer  7k

                                Obedience of prayer  87f

                                Persevere in prayer  99l

                                Working God's grace through prayer  116b

                God answers prayer  60f

                                See also: Receive/Receive from God

                                Confidence in God through prayer  122b

                                Father will honor your prayers  32j

                                God protects us through prayer  28k

                                Hearing from God through prayer  106k

                                Jesus answers Satan's prayer  65a

                                Overcoming temptation through prayer  160i

                                Prayer is a cure for anxiety  58h

                                Strengthened through prayer  9g

                God favors you through your prayer  30l

                Obey God for answered prayer  85la

                Pray in Jesus' name  67k

                Prayer meetings  54g

                Renew your mind through prayer  79f

                Tongues are a form of prayer  95e

                Worship God in prayer  252g

Preach -- See also: Gospel, World/Evangelize the world

                Defending the word by preaching it  7d

                Preachers are worthy of their support  71f

                Preaching  an unpopular gospel  58c

                Preaching freedom in bondage  53g

                Preaching the gospel  101l

                                Disciples preach the gospel  5e

                                Preach the gospel in Jesus' name  67i

                                Obligation to preach the gospel  148h

                                Persevere in preaching the gospel  100b

                                Preach through prayer  81h

                                Working God's grace by preaching the gospel  115d

                Preaching on hell  208e

                Preaching the resurrection  39d

                Preaching  works and promoting immorality  179f

Precaution -- See: Wisdom

Precepts, doctrines of men  177d

Predestination  219i

                See also: Sovereignty

                Chosen before the foundation of world  218k

                Chosen by God (Ordained)  71f,110e

                God chooses us as we choose ourselves  219f,234a

                God controls time  214a

                God endures the lost for the sake of the elect  58d

                Good works prepared before the foundation of the world  155kb

                Humble yourself to be chosen  56c

                Kill Jesus by the predetermined plan of God  241i

                Marked out for destruction  55e

                Selective rapture  237e

                the Elect  218j

                We are chosen members of Christ  136ha

                Works that God has prepared for us  115l

Predicting Jesus' return

                God's timing  214a

                The kingdom of heaven appears without warning  215g

Predisposition -- See: Instinct

Preeminence  248d -- See also: Priority

Prefer (Preference) -- See also: Least, Light/Prefer darkness over light, Will of man

                Give preference to one another  235f

Prejudice (Social differences)  130k

Premeditated -- See Also: Heart, Spite

                Make no provisions for the flesh  62k

                premeditated sin  21g

Preoccupied -- See: Distractions

Prepare (s) -- See also: Warning

                Be ready  83l

                                Ready to do God's will  95h

                                Ready To do good  95k

                Fattened for the day of slaughter  196k

                Good works He prepared for us  92a,115k

                Law prepares the heart to receive Christ  90c

                Making no provisions for flesh  21l

                Prepare for battle  46b

                Prepare for judgment  45a,50d

                Prepare to meet God  41l,82k,83ij

                Prepare to receive from God  30c

                Prepared by God personally  149j

                preparing Process  7i

                Unprepared to fulfill the ministry  198f

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Prerequisite -- See: Sequence

Presence of Angels denotes authority  15g

Presence of God (Christ, Holy Spirit)

                See also: Substance

                Absent from the body is to be present with the Lord  57f

                Acknowledge the presence of God  117j

                Comforted in the presence of God  228c

                Diligence in the presence of God  100e

                Doing good in the presence of God  128b

                God cannot allow unbelief in His presence  64a

                                See also: Science

                                Away from the presence of God  47i

                                God chases sinners from His presence  203b

                                Miss the meaning of His presence  223g

                                Pretending He is not here  16h

                                Separated from His presence  26c

                                Unable to Acknowledge His presence  246d

                                Unbelief in the presence of God  54a

                Humble before God  77j,78a

                Hunger for the presence of God  77b

                Kingdom is where Jesus is  231g

                Natural advantage of the presence of God  148h

                Only the church can enjoy the presence of God  55e

                                See also: Temple

                                Church bears witness in the presence of God  144c

                                Innocent before God  42e

                                Pure in heart shall see God  104e

                                We are with Him  67e

                                We shall always be with Lord  224g

                Prepare to enter the presence of God  41l

                Presence of God changes your life  58a

                Presence of God makes us aware of His holiness  133l

                Spirit pledges His presence  132e

                Truth in the presence of god  112aj

Present -- See: Offering

Preserve -- See also: Salt

                Destroy the earth trying to preserve it  55h

                Salt of the earth  70k

Pressure -- See: Anxiety

Prestige -- See also: Conceit

                False godliness  175d

                Jealously seeking prestige in the body  158f

                Murdering for prestige  25c

Presumption  177g -- See also: Hinduism, Ignorance

                Carnal mind assumes God's will  166m

                Predetermination  54i

                Speculation  18e

Pretending -- See also: Simulate

                Being Pretentious  63f

                Mask over the real self  159b

                Playing the part  171f

                Pretending God is not here  16h

                Pretending to be a disciple  196a

                Pretend to be someone you're not  181i

Prevention  8m -- See also: Solution

                Avoid falling away  98e

                Prevention against forgetting  238i

Price -- See: Cost

Pride  22j -- See also: Boasting

                God opposes the proud  57d

Priest -- See also: Intercession

                Assume role of a priest in your giving  235j

                Jesus is our high priest  41c,83g

                Priestly anointing perfume of sacrifice  189a

                The priesthood  80k

Prince of the power of the air  164f,245l

Principle (s) -- See also: Require

                Elementary principle of the world  164g

                Principle of sowing and reaping  218i

                Passion without principles  176i

                Trying to bend kingdom principles  175a

*Priority  247a -- See also: Sequence

                All things are for your sake  235j

                Appearance is not important  171k

                Compassion is greater than sacrifice  123f

                Embracing your first love  78e

                Giving preference to others  235fk

                Jew first  210h

                Pride wants to be first  23d

                Seeking the first place  56b

                Selfish ambition  200f

                Serving two masters  195a

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Prison -- See: Bondage

Problems, Dealing with problems in the church  10a

Process -- See also: Goals

                imparting God's substance  255e

                Maturity is a process  137gi

                Preparing process  7i

                Process of substitution  187a

                Purifying process  103a

                transformation process  42f

                World system (Processed people)  164c

Procrastination -- See: Delay

Product -- See also: Respond

                Faith produces works  88a

                More it rains the less productive  58i

                Product of the fruits of the Spirit -- Unity  129e

                Product Of the heart  84d

                You will know them by productivity  156a

Progress -- See also: Spiritual warfare

                Boasting of my progress in Christ  84d

                Resisting progress of the righteous  166h

                Terms of progressing  250j

Prohibit -- See: Resist

Project, Finish the project  97g

Prominence -- See: Prestige

Promise (s) -- See also: Reject/Rejecting God's word

                God makes promises on His terms  206bh

                God warns/promises Paul  58l

                Promise of Israel  210j

                Salvation is based on God's promises  205a


                                Better not to vow at all  2e

                                Fulfill your vows  2a

                                    Words will make you obligated  85k

                We are children of promise  33d

Promote (s) -- See also: Weak/Help the weak

                Ambitious to promote the kingdom  101j

                Preaching works and promoting immorality  179f

                Promoting the church's health  13c

Proof -- See: Evidence

Property -- See: Inheritance

Prophet (s)  152e -- See also: Shepherd

                Bond-servants  12k

                Enemies of the prophets are destroyed  49f

                False prophets  179e

                Hearing from God through prophets  106i

                Killing the prophets of God  242a

                Old Testament prophets   151e


                Endtime prophecy -- See: Second coming

                Old Testament bears witness with the New  141a

                Prophesies subject to interpretation  60b

                Prophesy about evangelism  142c

                Prophesy about Jesus' ministry  141a

                Receiving a prophetic word from God  152i

                Spirit speaks through you  110a

Propitiation -- See: Jesus is Our Sacrifice  209h

Proportion -- See also: Resemble

                God's Standard in proportion to our output  11g

                Judged according to their deeds  45b

                Numerical growth is equal to Spiritual growth  229a

                Satan under God's judgment  48d

                Serve God who is small in stature  13j

Proselyte  198e

Prosperity, No end to His increase  243k

Prosperity teachers -- See: Commentary

Protect -- See also: Faith/Protect your faith

                Clothing is protection  113a

                GOD IS OUR protector  28a

                Protect the kingdom of God from your flesh  59a

                Protect your leaders who carry gospel  7c

                Protect the anointing  113m

                Protect your faith  106l

                Protect your heart  74c,100i

                Protect your reputation  142h

                protecting the gospel  6j

                Righteousness is a shield  57h

Provider, God knows your needs  29j

Provisions -- See: Needs, Premeditated

Prowl (Lurk)  176c

Prude -- See: Self-Righteousness

Prudent -- See: Diligent

Psychopath  185g

Public  143b

                Natural advantage of the public eye  148e

Pure -- See also: Righteousness, man's

                Conform to His purity  42h

                pure In heart  104e

                Judging what is pure  69h

                Pure motives and desires  78e

                Purifying vision  61e

                Purifying process  102jm

Purpose  90l -- See also: Root

                Depend on Jesus to fulfill His purpose  227j

                Fulfill your purpose  91f

                God leads you in His purpose  228h

                God's purpose is evil to a twisted mind  18i

                God's purpose is for your sake  236c

                Hope of His purpose  232i

                Purpose of hearing from God  106k

                Purpose of miracles  146h

                Purpose of our works in faith  88f

                Lose your life to gain God's purpose  192b

                Real-eyes God's purpose  117f

                Rejecting God's purpose  200d

Pursue -- See: Seek


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