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Slander -- See: Gossip

Slave -- See: Servant

Slay, Father slays His Son  37b

Sleeping -- See: Death

Slow, Unbelief is slow to understand God  20c

Small -- See: Least

Smell of death  189a

Snare -- See: Trap

Snowball effect  4fh,36a

                See also: Compare, Contrast, Commentary

                FAITH PRODUCES WORKS  88a

                Gain by losing  187ac,192a

                Hope expects to receive  121b

                Lose by gaining  55k

                More scraps than initial amount  54d

                More you sin the harder it is to repent  57k

                Receiving authority from Christ  72g

                Rewarded for sharing rewards  226a

                Running to your sinful nature  202Ah

                Seeking the glory of man turns us in the wrong direction  170a

                stages of unbelief  20f,186g

                Strengthened through weakness  9f

                To him who has shall more be given  82c,222i

                Word creates faith  107a

Sober, Solemnly testify  147h

Society (Social forces) -- See Also: World

                Comparing yourself with others  22m

                Conceit  222k

                 Elementary principles of the world  164g

                 Making distinctions between each other  17l

                 Men raising up men  198e

                 Seeking the glory of man  169g

Sold -- See: Sell

Sold out  234g

                See also: Zeal

Soldiers, Disciples are soldiers in God's army  5b

Sojourner -- See: Led by the Spirit 

Solidify -- See also: Sufficient

                Servant solidifies the church  14c

                Your relationship with God  92k

Solomon -- See: Commentary

Solution -- See also: Avoid

                Barbaric solution  17b

                solution To poverty  23j,123b

                Solving the mystery of godliness  230j

Son of God  253ea -- See also: Will of God/Jesus obeyed the will of God

                Believe Father by obeying the Son  114a

                Confessing Jesus as the Son of God  150ef

                Father bears witness to His Son  144g

                Father honors His Son  33a

                Father sent His Son  144e,209k

                Father/Son relationship  253a

                                See also: Flesh/Jesus' flesh

                                Being the friend of God  208g

                                Father slays His Son  37b

                                Relationship with Holy Spirit  254a

                                Spirit and the word  111e

                God is generous with His Son  35a

                Parable about a father and his son  225g

                Proof that Jesus is the Son  146h

                Prophesy about Jesus as the Son of God  141c

                Son glorifies the Father in all things  253i

Son of man  12n

Son of Satan -- See: antichrist

Soon -- See: Time

Sorcery -- See: Witchcraft

Sorrow  188g -- See also: Suffer

                Hell is a place of sorrow  47a

                Sorrow of separation from the flesh  187a

                Sorrowful yet always rejoicing  54n

                Weeping in the Spirit  123j

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Soul -- See also: Truth/Renew your mind to know truth

                Alive in my soul/conscience  59h

                Eyes of your soul  118e

                Gain the world to lose your soul  55j

                Soul ties  131l

                Wealth of the world cannot buy a single soul  249m

Source -- See also: Support

                All things originated from God  212c

                God explains the creation  151i

                God is our source  30b

                Having one origin  130d

                Home of the sinful nature  134g

                Jesus is the beginning  248h

                Origin of lawlessness  181g

                Satan is the origin of division  158i

                source of Eternal life  244c

                Source Of humility's power  77j

                Source of Persecution  243c

*Sovereignty  212a -- See also: Subject, Transcend

                Fear the sovereign hand of God  88h

                God elects us through His sovereign will  219a

                 God exerts His authority  147c

                God favors you by His choice  30j

                God's perspective on His sovereignty  94i

                God's righteousness is His doing  41g

                Ordained by His sovereign will  71f

                Sovereignty balances good from evil  108e

                We are called by God's choice  91i

Sow -- See also: Farmer

                Parables about plants  225i

                Principle of sowing and reaping  218i

                Sow the seed  127e,149g

                Sow the word deep in your heart  98b

Speak (s) -- See also: Testify

                Actions that contradict your words  19k

                                See also: Contradict

                                Talkers among the walkers  172f

                                Words without action  158j,173j

                Blood of fetuses cry out against us  135h

                God does not speak to dogs  222g

                God speaks to whomever He wishes  219d

                Judged for the words we speak  45j

                Keep your commitments 2a

                Lip service  173j,174k,195j

                                Professing wisdom  57i

                                Speak truth with an evil motive  179h,182j

                                Speaking truth without knowing  17i

                                Trying to get out of trouble  175i,200i

                Making enemies by speaking truth  57f

                                Beware if men speak well of you  240c

                                Destroy the mouth piece of God  163f

                Satan curses God  65c

                Tithing backs up your words  235a

                Speak the word  123a,150g

                                Careful what you say  62c

                                Casting out spirits with a word  146e

                                Delegate authority by your words  72e

                                Healed by speaking the word  145a

                                Speaking the truth  78b,107i

                                Speak truth in the face of adversity  122i

                                Speaking words of wisdom  89d

                                Spirit speaks through you  110a

                                Working God's grace by the words you speak  116g

                Speaking in tongues  95b

                Speak peace and safety but there is none  58h

                Words of your mouth  26l,84d

                World speaks of its own words  168g

                You will know them by their words  156j

Special -- See also: Unique

                Believers are special to God  33i

                Special interest groups  158g

Spectator -- See: Observation

Speculation -- See: Presumption

Spirit (s) -- See also: Holy Spirit, Influence/Satanic influence

                Deny the flesh to walk in the Spirit  187h

                Excluded from the spirit realm  134ef

                Jezebel spirit  60f,61g,135h

                Ministering spirits  15c

                Spirit and the word  109g

Navigation Bar         Faith and love  125b

                                Godís word executes judgment by the Spirit  40i

                                God's word is Spirit  255a

                                Study the word through prayer  81g

                                True Light  107m

                                Words are powerful when spoken by the Spirit  85d

                Spirit delivers you from the desire to sin  103f,118l

                Spirit like water  103e

                Spirit of Elijah  59a

                Spirit of error -- See: Error

                Spirit of God -- See: Holy Spirit

                Spirit of Jesus  254i

                Spirit of man  135l

                                See also: Will of man

                                Simulating the Spirit through the flesh  171h

                                Giving your inner self  235e

                                Inner man  80h, 139j, 246hh

                                Jesus builds His kingdom in your spirit  231h

                                Kingdom is in your spirit  225a

                                Materializing the inner man  246hh

                                Obedience is logical to your spirit  87f

                                Spirit of God in the spirit of man  132a

                Spirit of prophesy ... freedom  60b

                Spirit realm  182l,245m

                Reprove your brother in a right spirit  138d

                Sleeping in the spirit  196j

                Test the spirits  70c

Spiritual -- See also: Walk

                Being spiritual  6e

                Delivered from spiritual impoverishment  29f

                Growing spiritually  128i

                Invest spiritual currency  101i

                Jesus' spiritual body  136g

                List of spiritual traits  250lk

                Making spiritual observations  118a

                Natural then the spiritual  250f

                                See also: Body

                                Mediator between natural and the spiritual  134a

                                Transition from Natural to the Spiritual  103a

                New creation is our spiritual identity 238ef

                Spiritual abuse  179d

                                Being Manipulative 

                Spiritual adultery  134i -- See also: Unfaithful

                Spiritual affection  123c

                                    Having soul ties  131l

                Spiritual blessings  34g

                Spiritual bodies  226j,243i

                Spiritual economy  192d

                Spiritual fellowship  137m  See also: Communion

                Spiritual food  36c

                Spiritual fruit  129b

                Spiritual gifts  35j,95c

                Spiritual growth  229a

                Spiritual health  247b

                Spiritual Jew -- See: Fellow heirs with Israel  210j

                spiritual Laziness  196h

                Spiritual manifestations  147f

                Spiritual ministry of helps  67m

                Spiritual needs  101a,130g

                spiritual Sensitivity  70b see also: Discernment

                Spiritual revelation  108h,140d

                 Spiritual sins -- See: The Demise of Mankind  179c 

                Spiritual territory  24c

                Spiritual then the natural  250g

                                Spiritual return of Christ  126ka

                Spiritual through the flesh  54o

Spiritual Warfare  45j,50e

                See also: Territory, Through Christ

                Divide and conquer  158a

                Fighting off wolves  180c

                Garments of warfare  113f

                God fights our battles for us  29h

                God unites Satan's efforts  65c

                Man's sinful nature wars against God  16a

                Overcome evil with good  127co

                Parables about warfare  225p

                Removing obstacles in your way  8m,46g

                Spirit versus the flesh  187g

                Sword of the spirit  109g

                                Know the word as a sword in your spirit  79k

                                Operating kingdom principles  60a

                                Revelation knowledge is the sword in your spirit  46c

                                Strengthened by the sword  9f

                                Two edged Sword  30e

                                      Wielding the Sword of the Spirit in the natural realm  79g

                Taking your sinful nature by force  190b

                We are fighting for you  235j

Spite -- See also: Brother/Hating your brother

                God favors the church to spite world  31a

                Obey God in spite of our carnal mind  87h

Spread -- See: Influence

Squander -- See: Abuse, Suppress  



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