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Labor  -- See: Works of man

Labor pains, Woman giving birth to a child  225j

Lack -- See also: Poverty

                Carnal mind lacks integrity  166n

                Effort lacking direction  170l

                Lacking a pure heart  105f

                Lacking experience with God  176b

                Lack of:

                                Character  202d

                                Fruit  206l

                                Knowledge  175l

                                Understanding  168i,177a

                Lacking in nothing  44g

                Vanity lacks worth  171e

Lake of fire -- See: Hell

Lamb -- See also: Sacrifice

                Lamb's book of life  219hh

                Marriage supper of the lamb  224f

                Jesus is the lamb of God  209j

Lamp -- See: Light, Eyes, Protect

Land, Parables about a landowner  225d

Last -- See also: Leaders/Follow me as I follow Christ

                Helpers take the last place  14n

                Last is first and first is last  56i

Last Days See: Second coming

Laughter turned into mourning  77l

Law -- See also: Obligation, Commentary

                Bondage to the law  162ka

                Doing good transcends the law  128c

                Faith Vs Works (of the Law)  41fc,205h

                Jesus defeated the law of sin  39k

                                Curse of the law is broken  119l

                                Jesus fulfilled the law  41b

                Keeping the law (Law is still in effect)  90c

                                See also: Obstacles

                                Law is our tutor  61a

                                Obey the law  85l,155c

                                Penance of following the law  173i

                                Standard of conduct  11d

                                Walking by the law  1k

                Law of conservation  54d

                Law of the Spirit  118j

                                Bridge between law and Spirit  154j

                                Faith balances freedom and law  108d

                                Faith versus the law  206b

                                Law prepares you for the Spirit  8f

                                 Law of liberty  118k

                                Law of righteousness  206a

                                Spirit over the law  249a

                                Transferred from law to Spirit  237m

                Old Testament law  151f

                Sinning under the law  181d

                                See also: Lifestyle/Living in sin

                                Certificate of debt/records  61b

                                Conviction leads to the law  89j

                                Law entices us to sin  54k

                                law Judges sin  52a

                                Law reflects nature of man  141j

Lawlessness  181c -- See also: Mocking

                Mystery of Lawlessness  185a

                Origin of lawlessness  181g

                Result of lawlessness  185g

                Transferred from lawlessness to righteous  237n

Lay people -- See: Ministry of helps  14e

Lazarus is dead/Hibernating  59f

Lazy -- See also: Sinner

                Lazy among the prudent  172g

                Laziness runs from God  202e

                Spiritual laziness  196h

Lead(s)/Led -- See also: Location

                Conviction leads to the law  89j

                Focus on direction He leads you  118i

                God leads you in His purpose  228h

                Law leads us to Christ  90c

                Lead your brother to Jesus  131e

                Led astray  183i

                Led by the devil  160d

                Led by the Spirit  105f

                                See opposing subject: Wandering 161a

                Light leads to Christ  92b

                Wolves lead people into a cult  179j

                Word leads you to truth/Jesus  80de

                Words lead to your own demise  84i

Leader(s) -- See also: Paul

      Decentralized leadership See: Ministry/Ministry of the Saints

                Delivered from wicked leaders  29e

                                See also: Lifestyle/Living in sin

                                Evil motive for leadership positions  198f

Navigation Bar        Follow the wrong leader  161e

                                Misguided  176a

                                Religious leaders  59e

                                 Wolves  179d

                Follow me as I follow Christ  43f,93b

                                See also: Least

                                All things are for your sake  235j

                                Examples of the church  12b

                                Following Jesus through the leadership of men  93hj

                Great leaders  130ij

                Helpers are in charge  14eh

                Indebted to our leaders  58i

                Respect your leaders  10f,73a

                Protect leaders of the gospel  7c,73b

                Women leaders  3i

Learn -- See: Student

Least -- See also: Lists

                Accept the great and the small  130h

                Do not despise the least of them  135g

                Give preference to one another 

                He increases as I decrease  56h

                Jesus is smaller than any man  13a

                Least are greatest/greatest are least  56kl

                Lesser is blessed by the greater  57f

                The least exalt Jesus the most  58f

Leaven -- See also: Man/Doctrines of the precepts of men

                Adding leaven to His grace  184i

                Extract the leaven  191b

                Pure heart is an unleavened heart  105b

Led -- See: Lead

Legalism 173i -- See also: Law, Religion, Self righteousnessFaith Vs Works

                Legalists among the liberated  172ab

Lent -- See: Temptation 

Letter -- See: Word of God

Level -- See also: Hierarchy

                Levels of accountability  137i

                Levels of authority/responsibility  72g

                Levels of judgment  48d

                Levels of reward  226g

                Terms of graduating to the next level  250j

Liberty -- See: Freedom

licentiousness -- See: Abuse

Lie -- See: Lying

Life (Live) -- See also: Natural/Natural life

                Alive in my soul/conscience  59h

                Counterfeit life  160c

                Eternal life  179j,244c

                                Eternity is more important than this life  248l

                                Crown of life  57j

                                Natural/eternal life  59e

                                Our life is reserved in heaven  226e

                Fetus is a living person  135j

                Holy Spirit is life  254g

                                See also: Transfer

                                Gift of life  35k

                                Life of the resurrection/anointing  59h

                                Life reflects the nature of God  151j

                                Living and active word of God  111k

                                Kingdom of God is a living organism  227e

                                Martyrs witness the life of God  189g

                                More the flesh dies, more the spirit lives  187h

                                Seek God's life  56g

                                Separated from God's life  26d

                                Transferred from death to life  237l

                                Words of His Spirit are life  255a

                In this life  170gh

                                Conditions to living in natural  206b

                                Conditions to living in Spirit  206a

                                Devote your life to doing good  127n

                                Invest your life in God's faith  236j

                                Judged by your deeds in this life  48f

                                Life for life  192a

                                Perspective on this life  93n

                                Sacrifice your life for the name of Jesus  67h

                                Seek the kingdom with your life  233e

                                Troubles in this life  165j

                                Used by Satan to destroy your life  163j

                Ironies about life and death  53a

                Jesus is the life of the Spirit  254a

                                See also: Light/Jesus is the light of the world

                                Jesus died to give us life  57g

                                Jesus is lord over life and death  66a

                                Life defeated death  55j,57b

                                Life judges death  55j

                                Prophesy about Jesus' life  141h

                                Resurrection manifests His life  245h

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Lifestyle -- See also: Obedience

                Content with your lifestyle  120ik

                Let God direct your life  194i

                                See also: Love/God's love

                                Fruitful lifestyle  128i

                                Invest in a life of adversity  125c

                                Lifestyle of prayer  81m

                                Live the truth  86i

                                Testimony of Paul's life  193e

                                Worship God by your lifestyle  252j

                Living for Jesus exposes sin  153j

                Living in sin  203k

                                See also: Nature/Sinful nature

                                Abortion is result of a selfish lifestyle  135e

                                Fruitless lifestyle  157d,197e

                                Futile way of life  61e

                                Testify against our lifestyle  155f

                                Turn from your evil ways  193a

                                Ungodly lifestyle  156j

                                Word offends peoples' sinful lifestyle  201d

Light  112a -- See also: Meaning

                Heart tells which light is in you  74k

                Jesus is the light of the world  245c

                                See also: Lord

                                Follow Jesus as He lights the way  93k

                                Light illumines your spirit  117k

                                Light of Jesus countenance  92b

                                Light of the truth  58c

                                Shine the light  106a

                                Transferred from darkness to light  237k

                                True light  107m

                                We are children of light  33b

                Parables about lamps  226a

                Prefer darkness over light  153e

                                Believing darkness is light  182a

                                Continue in sin to avoid the light  16h

                                Dark light  54c

                                Darkness is the absence of light  184e

                                False light is deception/religion  59a

                                Unbelief cannot distinguish light from darkness  20ca

Limitations -- See also: Weak

                Cannot evade power/Spirit  111fg

                Can't sabotage God's timing  214d

                Impossible to repent  217e

                Jesus had limitations  37f

                Mind unable to receive  20c

                No limitations  129l,234f

                Limitations of angels  15k

                limits Of God  64a,70i

                                God cannot save the reprobate  64g,186c

                Limitations of the flesh  240f

                Unable to put down your flesh  196d

                Uncontrollable circumstances  19e

                You cannot walk two trails  92e

Lineage -- Jesus was of David's lineage  37e

Lip service -- See: Faith/Faith and works

Lists  250h -- See also: Love/embrace

Listen -- See: Hearing ear

Literal -- See also: Manifest

                literally dying to self  189d

                literal Manifestations  244h

Live -- See: Lifestyle

Location -- See also: Sin/Led into sin

                Going in places of adversity  121k

                Hell is a place  47c

                Led to the right place  105g

                Location of all truth  74d

                Point of view  93n

                Rebel against God's leading  197c

                We go where He goes  209a

                Where to pray  82g

Logical  89a  -- See also: Sense

Logic of the New Testament -- See: Evidence of Salvation

Logos -- See: Word of God/Scripture

Look, don't look back  231j

Lord -- See also: Man/Jesus has authority over mankind

                Common Lord  135n

                Jesus is Lord  66a

                                Church shall reign with Him  244a

                                Jesus is ordained by God  71i

Navigation Bar        Jesus shall be glorified forever  244c

                                Jesus sends the Holy Spirit  35g

                                Respect His authority  73e

                Lord, Lord  195i

                Master becomes the servant  58a

                Master owns a servant  213j

                *Sovereignty of God  212a

Lose -- See also: Obedience/Unable to obey God

                Fear of losing the anointing  216h

                Gain by losing  192a

                Grieving over your own loss  188g

                Lose by gaining  55k

                Lose the reward  24b,222b

                Losing your faith  207a

                Separated from the old man  188k

Lost -- See also: Wander

                God endures the lost  58d

                Lost Knowledge of the Scriptures

                You can get lost again  207d

                God seeks and saves that which was lost  207l

Love  123b -- See also: Compassion, Loyalty

                Bridge between faith and love  121b

                Embrace your first love  78e

                                Acts of love  57j,124a

                                All things are for your sake  235j

                                Hate evil by loving good  194g

                                In love with the Church  11m,123h

                                Love the truth  86n

                                Love your brother  156d,234k

                                Seek the goal of love  233d

                                Yoke of love  6b

                God takes advantage of your love for Him  216b

                God's love -- See also: Ministry/Ministering to God

                                Conditions to God's love  206e

                                Conform to God's love  42g

                                Demonstration of His love  246k

                                God forces us by His love  216g

                                God loves the fetus  135i

                                Love of Christ is a mystery  230k

                                Love tears down social differences  130k

                                Love your fellow man (enemies/brethren)  156d

                                Perfected in love  43j

                                We are beloved of God  33m

                Love is the manifestation of faith  244l

                Love is the standard of ministry  11h

                Love perfects unity  129e

                Loving God  156a,176l

                More I love the less I am loved  54o

                More I love the less I fear  57c

                Revelation of Jesus' love  108hb

                World's version of love  168b

                                Do not love the world  165f

                                Love/hate relationships  55f

                                Love men more than God  169g

                                Love of money  21m,179b

                                No intentions of loving your brother  21j

                                No love for God  178l

                                Not mature enough to love God  196h

                                Sickening sweet love  158i

                                Wandering from the love of God  161d

                                World hates what God loves  57e

                                You can only love one master  195a

Loyalty  102b -- See also: Respect

                Deny God your loyalty  174i

                God tests your loyalty  5g

Lukewarm Christianity  196i

Lust  22e -- See also: Selfish

                Greed and lust are the glory of man  170c

                Lust carries you away  55j,161n

                Lust of the fleshly mind  167a

Lying  84j -- See also: Speak, Substitution, Deception

                Bondage to believing a lie  162f

                God cannot lie  64e

                Lying to God  203d

                Lying to the Holy Spirit  186c

                Lying to your enemies  62b

                Lying to others  182h

                Lying to yourself -- See: Self/Self-Deception 

                Quit believing lies  3b


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