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Confess -- See also: Gossip

                Confess your sin  120c,194j

                Confessing Jesus  150b,156i

                Counterfeit confession  159i

Confidence  121k

                See also: Word of God/Confidence in the word of God, Faith

                Having confidence in His voice  106b

Confirmation of the Gospel  -- See: Protect

Conform -- See also: Molded

                Conform to Christ                                                                

                                Be liberal in your giving  235h

                                Be patient and kind like God  126jm

                                Love your enemies as Christ did  124j

                                Obey the mystery of godliness  230h

                                TRANSFORMATION PROCESS  42f

                                Conform to the word of God  78k

                Conform without compromise  1f

                do not CONFORM to the World  167i

Confrontation -- See: Strife

Confusion -- See: Division

Conquer -- See: Defeat, Destruction

Conscience  154i -- See also: Conviction

                Alive in my Soul/conscience  59h

                Balance between God and man  108f

                Clear conscience  127m

                Confident in good conscience  122g

                Conscience ministers to Christ  60c

                Destroy your conscience  195a

                Unfaithful to your own conscience  197j

Conscious -- See: Aware

Consent -- See: Favor, Mental Ascent

Consequence (s) -- See also: Enemy/Responding to your enemies

                Accountable for our choices  4h

                Belief/repentance are consequences of the resurrection  86bc

                Consequences of

                                Abortion  135b

                                Hating your enemies  124k

                                Not renewing your mind  17c,78o,79a

                                Not repenting  193j

                                Rejecting Christ  186g

                                Sin  25j,26h,50l

                Demon possession, consequence of sin  145e

                Doubt is a consequence of fear  20gj

                Eternal consequence for sin  48a

                Fear is a consequence of disobedience  88g

                Reaping the harvest  218c

                Sin is a consequence of a lack of prayer  81i

Consider -- See: Perception

Consistent -- See: Continue

Conspiracy  164b

Consume -- See also: Continue

                Jesus absorbed the church's sin  45f

                Zeal has consumed me  59e,101d,148k

Contempt -- See: Conceit

Contend earnestly for the faith -- See: protecting the gospel  6j

Contend -- See: Attack

Contention  158c -- See also: Strife

Contentment  120i -- See also: Needs

                Solving the mystery of godliness  231b

Continue -- See also: Devotion

                Consistency  102h

                Continue in sin to avoid the light  16h

                Continue in the faith  139c

                Living a continuous life of fruitfulness  128j

                Pray without ceasing  81e

                Remain on duty  83k

Contradict -- See also: Hypocrisy

                Actions that contradict your words  19k,85b

                Avoid contradicting yourself  129m

                Blessing God and cursing men  55c

                Commitment that contradicts Scripture  2a

                Contradicting your own standards  53h

                Free from inconsistency  78c

                Man's wisdom contradicts itself  166g

                Scripture that contradicts the Catholic faith  172h

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Contrast -- See also: Paradox

                Contrast of two natures  54gk

                God is opposite of the world  73a

                God's interests are not man's  247j

Contribute -- See Ministry

Control (s) -- See also: Gain

                Cannot control God's desire for you  216i

                Cannot control God's judgment  217k

                Controlling people in the dark  75g

                God controls our consequences  218d

                God controls darkness  184c

                God controls time  214a

                Man does not control God's calling  219b

                Man withers when he is in CONTROL  197d

                Satan control your mind if you don't  79b

                Satan rules the world  164b

                Seeking to control the truth/Church  183e

Convert -- See: Transform

Convey -- See: Communicate, Delegate

Conviction (s)  89j -- See also: Prepare

                Compromising your convictions  79c

                Conviction without commandment  176d

                God forces you through your convictions  216i

                Motives changed from money to conviction  54h

                Tempted to abandon your convictions  160j

                World pressures you to forsake convictions  242h

Convince -- See: Persuade

Cooperate -- See also: Depend

                Exhorting people to cooperate  138i

                Having a cooperative attitude  95e

Cornerstone -- See: Foundation

Correct -- See: Repent

Correspond -- See: Proportion

Corruption -- See also: Darkness

                Bending kingdom principles  175a

                God hides divinity from man's corruption  221g

                World attains wealth by corruption  249k

Cost -- See also: Inheritance

                Count the cost  231j

                Costly sacrifice  189d

                Hell is to be avoided at any cost  47c

                Jesus paid the price for us  209h,213k

                Zeal does not count the cost  101c

Counsel of His will  251b

Countenance -- See: Face

Counterfeit  158i -- See also: Deception

                Counterfeit obedience  25e

                Counterfeit relationship through religion  209a

                form Of godliness  171e,174c

                Goats (Counterfeit Christians) 203a

                 Replacing the Holy Spirit 

Courage -- See: Boldness

Court of law -- See also: Evidence

                Criminal charges  18cd

                Having no evidence against you  42d

                lacking evidence  18b

                Prevent blame for something you didnít do 9a

Covenant -- See also: Doctrine

                New covenant  205e

                                BEARS WITNESS OF THE OLD  151a

                                God passes over our sin  120f

                                Newness of the Spirit  118m

                                Obeying old covenant through the new  85m

                                New Vs the old  58g

                Old covenant -- See also: Elijah

                                BEARS WITNESS OF THE NEW  141a

                                Blood of bulls and goats  64g

                                Flawless God of an imperfect covenant  55b

                                New Covenant transcends oldness of the letter  118m

                                Obeying the old covenant through the new  85m

                                Old covenant is obsolete  205h

                                Old Vs the New  58eg

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Covering -- See also: Darkness

                All righteousness is covered by law  90i

                Clothes act as a protective covering  113a

                Hiding under a cloud of guilt  153c

                Serving as a covering for others  13e

Covet  22e -- See also: Desire

                Coveting the favor of man  169i

                Do not covet money  249d

Crave -- See: Desire

Create (Creator) -- See also: Edify

                Bearing fruit  128i

                Create a no-win situation  75l

                Created in His image  59f

                God is our creator  212a

                God's creative ability  30b

                God's role in forming a reprobate  186i

                Groping for our creator/redeemer  59h

                with/without hands 137a,139j

Creation -- See also: Ignorance/Creation is ignorant of its creator

                Creation does not know its creator  54e

                Creation glorifies God  212a

                Creation is evidence of God  151h

                Creation is subject to Christ  147c,213cd

                God is independent of His creation  216i

                Jesus is Lord over all creation  66a

                Jesus is the beginning of the creation  248g

                Temporary  170e

                We have authority over all creation  70j

                Word of God will outlast the creation  244g

Criminal -- See: Court

Criticize -- See: Rebuke

Crooked -- See: Addiction

Cross  37a,98f -- See also: Death

                Cross is a type of abortion  135c

                Cross is manifestation of truth  244j

                Cross is the power of God  66h

                Cross offends the world  201f

                Crucified in weakness  57g

                God is interested in the cross  247g

                Humbled to the point of death  60d

                Jesus died for the church -- See also: Head

                                Believer's sin is judged on the cross  45e

                                Church bears witness to the cross  144b

                                Cross is the kindness of God  208a

                                Glorified by church/on cross  59g

                                Jesus' death is our life  53d,57g

                                 Jesus goes to the cross willingly  210b

                                Jesus paid the price for us  209h

                                Kill Jesus by the predetermined plan of God  241i

                 Obey the law by faith in the cross  85l

                Pick up your cross and follow Him  187ab

                Wolves bypass the cross  180b

Crowd -- See: Majority

Crown -- See: Reward

Crucify -- See: Cross

Crush -- See: Destroy

Cults  176i

                False Religions of the World

Cup -- See: Partake 

Curse  26i -- See also: Knowledge/Knowledge can be a curse

                Blessing God and cursing men  55c

                curse is Broken  119h,127c

                Cursing the Holy Spirit  186a

                Pursuit of wealth brings a curse  249c

                Satan curses God  65c

Customs  174a


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