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Darkness  183k

                Absence of God  171c

                Believing darkness is light  182a

                Controlling people in the dark  75g

                Dark light  54c

                Darkness has a blinding effect  169e

                Having hidden motives  16j,75gl

                Hell is a place of darkness  47g

                I thought Satan liked darkness  53kl

                Ignorance lurks in darkness  176c

                Kingdom of God overtakes darkness  229a

                                See also: Death/defeated

                                Darkness exposes itself  55d

                                Gain Christ to lose darkness  192g

                                God controls darkness  184c

                                God exposes things hidden in darkness  212h

                                God speaks to the darkness  106a

                                Jesus' light overcomes darkness  112ac

                                Reveal hidden deeds/motives  112hi

                                Thief in the night  49i

                                Transferred from darkness to light  237k

                Loving darkness  19ab

                Manifestation of darkness  134b,245m

                Prefer darkness over light  153e

                Unbelief cannot distinguish light from darkness  20ca

David, Jesus was part of the lineage of  37e

Day -- See also: Rapture

                Fattened for the day of slaughter  196k

                Day of Christ  236l

                Day of judgment  48e,49g

                God controls time  214a

Dead works -- See: Works of the flesh

Deacons -- See: Ministry of Helps  14c

Deaf -- See also: Word of God/Deaf to the word of God

                Deaf cannot hear God  40f

                Deaf, dumb and blind spirits  146g

                deaf Ears to God  168h

Death  25j 

                Conform to His death  42j

                Death is the result of judgment  61e

                Death of a family member  59c

                Dying in sin  204a

                Enduring the death of your flesh  99d

                Faith without works is dead -- See: Faith/Faith and works

                Fear of death  20g,23o

                From condemned to worshipped  58bc

                God's perspective on death  94l

                Hell is a place of the dead  47e

                Ironies about life and death  53a

                Jesus defeated death  38b

                                Absent from the body is to be present with the lord  57f

                                Curse of death is broken  119i

                                Delivered from death  29c,210a

                                God cannot die  64g

                                Jesus is Lord over life and death  66a

                                Jesus is never to die again  172h

                                Jesus rose from the dead  254g

                                Jesus was saved from death by submitting to the cross  210a

                                Life judged death  55j

                                Raising the dead  147g

                                To Give us life  57b

                                Transferred from death to life  237l

                Lazarus is sleeping/dead  59f,61c

                Martyr  189d

                Perish in your sin  206j

                Persecution to the death  241g

                Prophesy about Jesus' death  141f

                Sign of death, burial and resurrection  191b

                Sleeping in the spirit  196j

                Smell of death  189a

                Wages of sin is death  218f

                Yoke of death  6d

Debate -- Contentious  158c

                See also: Proving the Existence of God (debate)

Debt -- See: Money

Decentralized Leadership See: Ministry/Ministry of the Saints

Deception  181g -- See also: Excuse

                Blinded by a false sense of sight  169c

                Building empires of deception  158a

                Cheat on your enemies  62c

                Deceiving and being deceived  157f

                Deception of Greed  22a

                Heart of man is deceitful  74i

                Light of truth is brighter around deception  58c

                Perish in your deception  207b

                Resisting Satan's deceptions  46f

                Righteous deception  62l,149e

                Satan deceives the world  65h

                Sensing deception  68k

                Self deception  59a,174g

                Serving God in ignorance  1g,25e

                World's wealth is deceptive  249j

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Decision -- See: Will of man

Decoration -- See: Clothes

Deductive reasoning -- See also: Evidence, Seek

                No grounds for your hate  185b

                Unrighteous judgment lack evidence  18c

Deeds -- See: Works of man

Deep -- See also: Excess

                Deep things of Satan  55f

                Groaning to deep for words  95b

                Rooted deeply  97i

Defame -- See: Offend

Defeat -- See also: Fail

                Jesus defeated Death -- See: Death

                Seek victory for defeated cause  54l

Defective -- See: Abortion

Defend (Defensive) -- See also: Deliver

                Defend yourself from religion  79l

                God defends His righteousness  40l

                Humble yourself as a defensive strategy  56e

                Pride is defensive  23c

                Responsible to defend God's cause  6j

Defile -- See also: Immorality

                Drag God's grace through mud  184i

                Filthiness  145e

                Mouth defiles rest of your body  85c


                Greatness is defined as being a child  33f

                Definition of freedom is bondage  53h

                Definition of sin  21l

                Illustrate the kingdom of God  224a

                What faith really is  117f

                What kind of trail is this?  92f

Degree -- See: Level

Deity -- See also: Trinity

                God raised the church as a witness to His deity  70j

                We are part of Christ's deity  61b

Delay -- See also: Dispensation

                Procrastination  232f

                Rapture is delayed  237c

                Without delay  215h

Delegate -- See also: Holy Spirit

                Angels execute judgment  15h

                Bestowing the Holy Spirit  115h

                Church delegates authority  68h,70i

                Father sent His Son  144e

                Jesus/man DELEGATES authority  67dE

                 ministry of Helps  14C,67m,142j

                Sending the Holy Spirit  35fg

Deliver -- See also: Victory, Fight

                Deliver yourself from bondage  80b

                Delivered from desire to sin  103f,118l

                Depend on Jesus to deliver us  227g

                God delivers us from:

                                See also: Destroy/God uses His power to be destructive

                                Death  210a

                                Demon possession  46l,145e

                                Destruction  37h

                                Evil desire  118l

                                Our enemies  29a

Demand -- See: Order

Demise -- See: Destruction

Demon possession 145j -- See also: Satan 

Demons, doctrines of  177g

Demonstration  246f  See also: Introduction

                Demonstration of His Spirit  66i

                Demonstration of unbelief through disobedience  20l

                Demonstrate your relationship with God  92j

                Divine works of God  147e

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Denominations -- See: Division, Religion

Deny -- See also: Gospel/Rejecting the gospel

                Deny flesh to walk in the Spirit  187h

                Deny God your loyalty  174i

                Deny the truth  16ik,174j

                Deny your own rights  192f

                 Deny (humble) yourself  56c

                *Denying Christ  185d,195a

                God cannot deny Himself  64g

                God denies His kingdom to ...  221cg

                Inheritance can be withheld  36i

                Man's flesh is tempted to deny God  16ab

Depend -- See also: Equality

                Depend on brother/brother depends on you  130l

                Depend On Jesus  227e

                Do not depend on wealth  249e

                Faithfulness is dependable  102b

                Jesus depends on the Father  253i

Description of heaven  224a -- See also: Definition

Deserve -- See: Judgment/Righteous judgment

Desire  76h See also: Seek

                Cannot control God's desire for you  216i

                Consumed by zeal  148k

                Craving pleasure  22e

                Delivered from desire to sin  103f,118l

                Desire to obey  54n

                Do not desire treasures of the world 165e

                God forces you by your desire of Him  216c

                Heart drives man's desire  74h

                Kept from your desire  55d

                Prefer darkness over light  153e

                Pure motives and desires  78e

Despise -- See: Conceit

Destiny -- See also: Calling

                God's calling is our destiny  219j

                Man chooses his own destiny  199d

                Man does not control of his own destiny  216j

Destroy (Destruction)

                Can't sabotage God's timing  214d

                Demise of mankind  172h

                Destroy the earth  55h

                Destroy your conscience  195a

                divide and Conquer  158a

                God uses His power to be destructive  147h

                                See also: Holy, Enemy/Enemies of God

                                Destroy the old to rebuild new  138a,139i

                                God crushes stumbling blocks  28i

                                God Himself will tear you down  207e

                                God's enemies are destroyed  48k,50l

                                Hell is a place of destruction  47d

                                Marked out for destruction  186j

                                Temporary things will perish  170f

                His blood delivered us from destruction  37h,57b

                Man withers in control  197d

                Self destruction  84i

                Tearing down the temple  139j

                Used by Satan to destroy  163e

                Wicked destroy themselves  214c

                Wolves steal, kill and destroy  180e

                Words can be destructive  84l

Details, Being in charge of the  14ek

Deteriorate -- See: Destroy, Faith/Sin deteriorates your faith

Determination -- See: Commitment

Devil -- See: Satan

Devotion  100i -- See also: Diligent, Meditate

                Contend earnestly  7a

                Devotion without direction  176e

                God sanctifies us through our devotion  191f

                Devote your life to doing good  127n

                Father will honor your devotion  32i

                Paul's example of devotion  11n

                Single devotion  78f

                Devotion to prayer  82e


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