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Midst -- See: Spirit

Military -- See: Soldiers

Millennium    Commentary

                God puts away sin and glorifies the church  50l

                Jesus defeated this world system  39j

                Jesus judges the world through His own death  40d 

                Manifestation of Jesusí victory over sin  245i

Mimes -- See: mind 


                Don't look back  231j

                Double minded 195e

                Hear God or listen to the devil  168k

                God hides from the mind of man  221c

                God's timing transcends our minds  214b

                Living by a double standard  76h

                Mental ascent (Faith without works is dead) -- See: Faith/Faith and works

                Mindfulness training -- see: Attention

                Mind-set  166h

                                Blinded by Satan's thoughts  169b

                                Mental disease of the world  19e

                                Set your mind on glory of God  234e

                                Temporal mind-set  18g

                                Unable to receive  20c

                Mind of Christ

                                See also: Ministry/Partake of Jesus' ministry

                                Be of one mind, His mind  78h

                                Conform to the mind of Christ  42i

                                Kingdom assumes the mind of Christ  229f

                                Led to the mind of Christ  105j

                                Not mature enough to know the mind of Christ  196f

                                Word of knowledge  110a

                Renewing your mind  74a,78g

                                See also: Prayer/Devoted to prayer

                                Accountable for your thoughts  4k

                                Consequences of not renewing your mind   17b

                                Refuse to renew your mind  197a

                                Repent from not renewing your mind  193h

                                Single minded -- See: Single

                Serving two masters  195a

                Thinking in extremes  176k

                Twisted thinking  18g,138f

                                Close-mindedness  175e

                                False reasoning (sensing deception)  68k

                                Fleshly mind  22g

                                Perverted sense of justice  186i

                                Reprobate mind  157i

                                Sin of Familiarity  70d

                                Thinking you are superior  222k

                Wisdom  89a

Minimize, The truth to make a point  63f

Ministers -- See: Preach

Ministry -- See also: Prayer

                Freedom to minister  119h

                Fulfill your ministry  2b,44H,121l,122h

                God's ministry through the humble  77m

                Love is the standard of ministry  11h

                Minister to the gentiles  210k

                Ministering spirits  15c

                Ministering to God  6e

                                See also: Power of God

                                Clear conscience ministers to God  60c

                                Devotion in your ministry to God  100i

                                Dying to self ministers to God  187a

                                Jesus is the servant of God 13c

                                Obedience ministers to God  87d

                                Prayer ministers to God  83d

                                Priesthood ministers to God  80k

                Ministering to People  6h,83i

                                Devotion in your ministry  100l

                                Die to self to  187a

                                Find your ministry along narrow way  93c

                                Through the word and prayer  80ik

                                Through obedience  87l

                Ministry of the saints  123f

                                See also: Home

                                Church ministered publicly  143b

                                Minister to the body of Christ  99m

                                Minister to the saints  73c

                                ministry of Helps  14C,67m,142j

                                                Angels are messengers from God  15d

                                Partaking of the ministry of the saints  230f

                Ordaining people to the ministry  115i

                Partake of Jesus' ministry  229k

                                See also: Salvation/Salvation through Christ

                                Conform to the ministry of Christ  43c

                                Frustrating Jesus' ministry  199a

Navigation Bar        Ministry of reconciliation  31h

                                Partaking of the ministry of Holy Spirit  230d

                                Prophesy about Jesus' ministry  141a

                                Spirit's ministry in us  110d

                Paul's example of ministry  11l

                Preparing for the ministry  8k

                Reputable ministry  142h

                Seek the glory and the fruit of the ministry  234f

                Self appointed to the ministry  198df

                Working God's grace through the ministry  115b

Minority, Few find heaven  92g

Miracles -- See also: Sign

                Anointing then miracles  250g

                Doubting miracles  20i

                Fear of miracles  23l

                Performing miracles  67f

                Signs, wonders and miracles  115g,146h

                Word plus signs and wonders  111h

Misguided -- See: Leader

Misinterpret (misunderstanding)  177g

                See also: Circumstances/Misunderstand the circumstances

                Causes of misinterpreting Scripture  182d

                Misinterpreting Jesus  17k

Miss God  223e -- See also: Lose

Missionaries -- See also: Evangelism, Prophets, Commentary

                Fulfill your ministry in evangelism  44k,121l

Mocking  243a -- See also: Rebellion

                Poor position to mock God  19b

Modest (moderation) -- See: Sensible

Molded -- See also: Perfect

                We are clay in the potters hand  213h

                We are molded after our Father  33h

Moment -- See: Time

Money -- See also: Poor, Greed

                Being a slave to greed/wealth  249i

                Debt free  119g

                Deception of greed  22a

                Do not covet your money  249d

                Do not desire the treasures of the world  165e

                From motives of money to conviction  54h

                God's spiritual Economy  192d

                Investing spiritual currency  101i

                Love of money  21m,179b

                Manís wisdom is fixed on gaining personal advantage  166e

                Money is a seed  60h

                Parables about a rich man  225c

                Perspective on money  94b

                Rich are poor  57a

                Serving two masters-idolatry 195a

                Wealth gives a false sense of godliness  175c

                Wheeling and dealing in Godís spiritual economy  192d

Monitor -- See: Alert

Mortality -- See also: Death

                Fear of death  20g,23o

                God's perspective on death  94l

Mortar, Love is the mortar between blocks  129f

Moses  151d -- See also: Patriarchs

Mother, Parables about a mother and her children  225j

Motives  75b -- See also: Premeditated

                Discerning true motives  69ba

                Discerning wicked motives  68i

                God tests your motives  5g

                Godly motives  179e

                                See also: Obedience/Motive to obey God

                                Humble yourself for the right motive  56f

                                Love is proper motive  123k,124cm

                                Our motive is for your edification  236d

                                Pure motives  78e

                                Pure, but hidden motives  62l

                                Motives to obey God  121b

                Motivated by demons/the flesh  19cd

                                See also: Satan

                                Ask with wrong motives  241c

                                Carnally motivated by our emotions  167f

                                Evil motives for leadership positions  198f

                                From motives of money to conviction  54h

                                No intentions of obeying God  21h

                                Hidden motives  16j,112i

                                Motive of unbelief  20d

                                Speak truth with an evil motive  179h,182j

                                Wealth influences your motives  249f

                Testify against our motives  155e

Mourning -- See: Grief

Mouth (Mouth piece) -- See: Speak

Multiply, Be fruitful and  128i

Multitude -- See: Majority

Murder  25b -- See also: Premeditated

                Blood of fetuses cry against us  135h

                Confessing to murder  54c

                Kill Jesus  241g

                Premeditated murder  21k

                Spirit of murder  157k,245ll

                Wolves steal, kill and destroy  180e

Mutual -- See also: One another

                Body suffers together  136b

                Church deceives each other  63d

                Forgive as God has forgiven you  120de

                Interdependent on your brother  130l,131b

                Standing firm together  97k

Mystery -- See also: Sin/Mystery of Lawlessness

                mystery of Lawlessness  185a

                mystery Of godliness  230g,246e

                Revelations of the mysteries of God  108i

                Will of God is sometimes a mystery  248c

                Wisdom unlocks the mysteries of God  89g


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