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Babylon -- See: Temple

Backfire (s) -- See also: Consequence

                Darkness exposes itself  55d

                Deceiving and being deceived  181k

                Deeds that return to the doer  26i

                Judgment backfires on you  17m,54k

                Love your enemies or else  124k

                Satan falls by his own sin  46i

                Takes one to know one  53e

Backslide  203h -- See also: Bad

                Backsliders are temporary  170j

                Disobedience is backsliding  21g

                Prevent backsliding  8o

                Pride comes before a fall  22n

Backtrack -- See: Repent

Bad -- See also: Body/Dishonor your own body

                Bad company  162h

                Bad examples  12e

                Bad fruit  128n

                Bad reputation  143b

                Bad things/good things  58j

Balance  108a -- See also: Covenant, Interpret

                Do all thing in moderation  108g

                 Extremes  176i

Baptism  190j -- See also: Water

                Cleansing of baptism  103e

                Baptism of Christ  59c

                Receive the Spirit as a form of baptism  35i

Barbaric -- See: Animal

Basis -- See: Foundation

Battle -- See: Spiritual warfare

Bearing fruit -- See: Fruit

Beginning -- See: Source

Begotten -- See: Born

Behavior -- See also: Die to self

                Behavior of demon possessed people  145i

                Conduct  176j

                Good behavior  155b

                                Be godly in all your behavior  41i

                                Behavior along the narrow way  92l

                                Our godly behavior is holy  133i

                                 We should behave as Christ lived  136h

                Tempted to behave like an animal  160l

                Treating knowledge as fact  85k

Believe (Belief)  85k -- See also: Brother/Loving your brother

                Believer's judgment 45a

                Believing you don't have a sinful nature  174g

                Believing darkness is light  182a

                Believing In something you don't understand  53j

                Believing the Father by obeying the Son  114a

                Believing the word creates faith  107d

                Circumcision is a sign of belief  190g

                Easy-Believism -- See: Faith/Faith and works/Faith without works is dead

                Hindrance to believing God  155c

                Miracles are for the church to believe  146j

                Obligation to believe God  5m

                Refusing to believe what you know is true

                                See: Suppressing the truth they cannot deny  16k

                Rewarded for believing in God  226k

                Unable to believe  162d,186g

                We must believe in the savior  210f

                You can only believe in one master  195c

Believer -- See: Christian

Benediction  123g

Betrayal  186d

Beware -- See: Fear

Bible -- See: Word of God/Scripture

Birth -- See also: Born

                Parables about giving birth to a child 225j

Bitterness -- See: Unforgiveness

Blame -- See also: Accuse, Condemnation

                Blaming God for poverty  24g

                Blaming others  17d

                Shifting the blame  58d

Blameless -- See: Righteousness

Blasphemy  27a,185g

                See also: Fall away

                Accusing Jesus of sin  178k

                Deeds can keep you from heaven  90k

                God gives up on you  217c

                Knowledge of evil testifies against our deeds  155d

                Lying to God  203e

                Lying to yourself  182c

                Renouncing your faith  199e

                Trampling on His Son  45i,55i,60f

                Usurping the Spirit's authority  173l

                Words can keep you from heaven  85a

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Blending together  1g

Bless -- See also: Faithfulness

                Be a blessing  13g,234j,239f

                Bless your brother from the heart  74a

                Blessed for doing the word  87a

                Blessing God and cursing man  55c

                Filled with the blessing of God  132i

                Giving thanks for His blessing  82i

                God is generous with His blessings  34f

                God's blessing can be a curse  26k

                Those in heaven are blessed  224k

                Humility gives a blessing  77n

                Lesser is blessed by the greater  57f

                More blessed to give than to receive  58b

                Peace makers are a blessing  126c

                Repentance is a blessing  54g

Blind -- See also: Invisible

                Blind discernment  53h

                Blind receive their sight  118g

                Deaf, dumb and blind spirits  146g

                Heal the blind  59e

                Jesus blinds the world  64l

                Jesus gives sight to the blind  245d

                Pride can blind your eyes  23b

                Vision impairs sight but blind can see  57c

                World is blind to God  169a

Blood -- See: Murder

Blood of Jesus  27b,37f

                Blood of Jesus Judges the world  40b

                Cleansing blood of Christ  103a

                God has forgiven us through the blood of Jesus  120g

                Blood of Jesus has delivered us from destruction  57b

                Jesus paid our ransom with His own blood  209i

                Life is in the blood  254e

                New covenant in His blood  205f

                Requesting blood be on own hands  54c

                Saved by the blood from wrath  54j

                Jesus was trodden outside the city  60f

Boasting  84d -- See also: Pride

                Boasting in the flesh  22h,54o

Body  134a  -- See also: Carnality

                At home in the body  57f,60g

                Body is the temple of God  132a

                Body is the work of God  135j

                Body is the outer tabernacle  190f

                Dishonor your own body  203g

                                See also: Bondage

                                Body of sin  16c,134f

                                Carried away bodily  162b

                                Demon possession  145e

                                Judging the deeds of the body  45a,59g

                                List of deeds of the body  250i

                                Mouth defiles the rest of your body  85c

                Jesus' body

                                See also: Conform/Conform to Christ

                                God's will consumed His heart/body  59e

                                Jesus' body is the old covenant temple  58j,61d

                                Jesus' fleshly body  136d

                                Jesus' Spiritual body  136g

                Laying your body on the altar  190a

                Spiritual body  226j,243i

                Your body is a vessel  61bdg,91c

Body of Christ  135l -- See also: Build

                Building up the body  101k,115c

                                Caring for needs of the body  130d,247d

                                Feeling her infirmities  69c

                                In love with the body of Christ  123h

                                Minister to the body of Christ  99m

                                Prayer unites the body of Christ  83c

                                Serve the body of Christ  13c

                                Teachers are a gift to the body  239gi

                Judging the deeds of the body  59g

                Manifestation of the body  245a

                Many members but one body  61b,91k,131j

                                Fighting for the members  235j

                                Head of the body  243i

                                We are extensions of His body  213f

                BODY OF CHRIST IS THE Organism of God's kingdom  231f

                Parables about the body of Christ  225l

                Persecution from within the body of Christ  243d

                The mature body of Christ  137m

Boldness  122h -- See also: Strength

                Being more bold than wolves  180cb

                Fearless  46e

Bondservant -- See: Compelled by the Spirit

Bondage  162c -- See also: Compromise

                Addiction (s)  162c -- See also: Backslide

                                Addicted to the Holy Spirit  216de

                                Drunk  159i

                                Good habits  174b

                                Moderation -- See: Moderation

                                Tempted to pursue your Addictions  160k

                Bondage to Christ  208jb,246c

                Bound to the earth  167d

                Cannot hear God  40f

                Cannot please God without faith  64b

                Cannot understand word of God  167g

                Don't look back to bondage  231k

                Free from bondage  119d

                                See also: Boundaries

                                Bondage of Satan is broken  119j

                                Deliver yourself from bondage  80b

                                Deny bondage to walk in freedom  187ha

                                From flesh/bondage to Spirit/freedom  60b

                                More truth less bondage  57h

                                Pertaining to freedom and bondage  53d

                Loving bondage  18l

                Men in bondage cannot approach God  202j

                Our bondage is for your sake  236b

                Prison  163b

                Prison of the bottomless pit  47h

                Prisoner of God's will  61a

                Scientific mind cannot know God  212e

                Strongholds  158a

                Wolves cannot deceive God  55e

                You cannot walk two trails  92e

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Book of life  219hh

Books of the white throne judgment  49j

Born (begotten) -- See also: Creation

                Birth of Christ  61e

                Born again  92f,238a

                Born of the Spirit by the truth  110f

                Jesus is first born of the Father  248f

                Natural birth/word of God  60g

Boss -- See: Work force

Bought -- See: Cost

Boundaries -- See also: Change

                Boundaries of God's will  251a

                Fences of freedom  54j,119d

                No boundaries on Commitment to God  234f

Brag -- See: Boasting

Bread of life is the word of God  76n

                Many partakers but one loaf of bread  131j

Breaking bread -- See: Communion

Breaking the ice -- See: Preparing process

Brick -- See: Temple

Bridge -- See also: Transition

                Bridge   121b

                Bridge between law and Spirit  154i

Bride of Christ

                Being Married To God  208i

                Intimacy with God  142k

                Pattern your marriage after Christ and the church  3e 

                Spiritual body of Christ  136g

                The marriage supper of the lamb  224e,225k

Broad way -- See also: Majority

                Following evil along the broad way  93m

                Spirit of the broad road  183f

                Broad way is the wrong gate  92h

Brother -- See also: Children, Commentary

                Accountable to your brother  4l

                Hating your brother  158h

                                See also: Hate

                                Dishonor your brother  203g

                                Envious of your brother  24h

                                No intentions of loving your brother  21j

                                Unfaithful to your brother  197k

                Loving your brother  156d,234k

                                See also: Confidence

                                Be patient with your brother  126l

                                Bless your brother from the heart  74a

                                Doing good for the sake of your brother  128a

                                Exalting your brother  57c

                                Forgive your brother  120c

                                Give to your brother  34l

                                Help your weaker brother  235d

                                Imparting our faith  139a

                                Interdependent on brother  130l

                                Maturing with our brother  137k

                                Obey God for your brother's sake  92m

                False brother  172a

                Reprove your brother  138a

                Sins of your brother  60e

                You will know them by their fruits  155k


                Building empires of deception  158a

                Building the temple  137a

                Construction workers  239f

                                Promoting its health  13d,101k

                                Working God's grace  115c

                Destroy the old to rebuild the new  138a,139i

                Jesus builds His kingdom in your spirit  231h

                The temple building  131d

Burden (s) -- See also: Responsibility

                Bear one another's burdens  9j,13j

                False burden  1g,162k

Business -- See also: Cost

                Be ambitious for God  101g

                God's time is none of our business  214d

                No business in the ministry  198d

                Wheeling and dealing  192d

Buy -- See: Cost

Bypass the cross  180b

                Bypass Israel -- God gives the Gentiles Israelís place  211b



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