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Fear (Do not be afraid)  23j -- See also: Frustration

                Afraid to deal with your flesh  16e

                Doubt is a result of fearing death  20g

                fear Of God  88f,133k 

                        See Also: Righteous Saved with Difficulty 209c

                Fear of losing anointing  216h

                Fearing their religion  169j

                Free from the fear of poverty  120i

                More I love the less I fear  57c

                Slave of fear  163e

Feed -- See: Food

Feet -- See: Location

Feelings -- See: Emotions

Fellowship -- See also: Holy Spirit/Relationship: Father & Son

                Associating with the world  156l

                Church has fellowship with Jesus  144c

                Bad company  162h

                 Being the friend of God  208i

                Do not fellowship with dogs  222i

                Fellowship with God  131m

                God comforts us in His company  228e

                Spiritual fellowship  137m -- See also: Edify

Fences -- See: Boundaries

Fetus  135di -- See Also: Abortion

Fight -- See also: Force

                Fight against righteous living  16g

                Fight God to keep the glory of man  170c

                Fight in the Spirit  80c

Filled with the Spirit  113j,132f

                Baptism of the Holy Spirit  190k

                Cleansing power of the Spirit  103d

                Set apart by the Spirit  191l

Filthiness -- See: Immorality, Defile

Finances, your  121b

Find -- See: Seek

Finish -- See: Complete

Fire --See also: Innocent

                Fire without faithfulness  176f

                Hell is a great fire  47a

                Led by the Spirit into the fire  105k

                Passing through the fire  190c

                Purified by fire  104b

                Walking into the fire  103a

Firm -- See also: Root

                Strong reminders  238h

First -- See also: Priority

                Believe the first message  250hh

                First century  Commentary

                First is last and last first  56i

                First resurrection -- See: Resurrection/First resurrection


Flawless -- See: Perfect

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Flesh -- See also: Nature/Sinful nature

                Adopted in the flesh  36m

                Boasting in the flesh  54o

                Carnal mind is set on the flesh  167a

                                See also: Forget

                                Discerning by the flesh  17k

                                Fleshly desire  22e,76l

                                Judging in the flesh  17b

                                Man's flesh is tempted to deny God  16ab

                                Responding to carnal evaluation  17g

                                The old mind  62o,166l

                Deception of the flesh

                                Counterfeit anointing  159l

                                Ignoring Jesus to satisfy your flesh  169k

                                Man's flesh is related to the devil  16a

                                Spiritual through the flesh  54o

                                Worshipping the flesh  54e

                Deeds of the flesh  145h

                                See also: Fruit/Fruitless lifestyle

                                Allowing sin to reign in flesh  16d

                                Motivated by the flesh  19d

                                Run from God by running to flesh   202c

                                Seeking to gratify the flesh  198h

                                Trying to work the Spirit by the flesh  187j

                                Unable to put down your flesh  196d

                                Walking in the flesh  1j

                Defeating Satan in weakness of sinful flesh  45k

                Deny the flesh to walk in the Spirit  187h

                Die to the flesh -- See: Die to self

                Do not criticize in the flesh  1e

                Faith versus the flesh  205k

                God judges world, flesh and devil  38f

                Invest your flesh  236g

                Jesus' Flesh -- See also:

                                See also: Foundation/Jesus is the foundation

                                Familiar with Jesus in the flesh  70g

                                God is generous with His flesh  35a

                                Jesus' humanity  37b

                                Jesus' victory through His flesh  39g

                                Partake of Jesus' sacrifice in the flesh  136f

                                Refuse to acknowledge Jesus in flesh  60e

                Judging the flesh by the Spirit  69i

                Natural advantage of the flesh  148d

                Natural disadvantage of the flesh  240e

                Seek the kingdom by the flesh  233g

Flock, Jew and Gentile believers are one flock with one shepherd  210ia

Focus -- See also: Hearing Ear

                FOCUS YOUR direction on His perspective  97c

                Resolutely focus on the glory of God  118g

Follow -- See also: Important

                Follow God in fear of losing anointing  216h

                follow Jesus  93e,143l,209a

                Follow me as I follow Christ  43f,93bj

                Follow the golden rule  1b

                Follow the wrong leader  161e

                God chooses us as we follow Him  234ab

                God expects us to follow Him  208d

                Penance of following the law  173i

                Sinners follow the law  53l

                Spirit follows truth/obedience  110lm

Food -- See also: Garden

                Disciples feed the people  246e

                Spiritual food  36c,129bc

                Word is food  76m

Fool  186d -- See also: Lazy

                Addressing the fool  63j

                Foolishness of God  64j

Force -- See also: Jesus/Jesus defeated death

                Being forced to repent  54g

                Cliques force people to seek acceptance  223c

                Compelled by the Spirit  216b

                Forceful persuasion  149d

                Forcing your opinion on others  223b

                Spirit realm imposed on natural  244h

                Taking the kingdom by force  58a,211c

                Taking your sinful nature by force  190b

Foreigner -- See: Led by the Spirit 

Forerunner -- See: Prepare

Forget -- See also: Mind

                Forgetting who you are  55b,60d

                Prevention against forgetting  238i

Forgiveness  120a -- See also: Generous

                Forgiveness is act of God's grace  31l

                God cannot forgive us...  64g 

                God favors you by His grace  30g

                Making amends  193i

                You are forgiven/healed  59b

Foreknowledge -- see: Predestination

Form -- See: Counterfeit, Create, Mold, Type

form Of godliness  171e,174c

                Counterfeit godliness  158j

                False godliness  23e,159g,175c 

Fornication -- See: Immorality

Forsake -- See: Reject, Abandon

Foundation -- See also: Predestination, Purpose

                Doubt is based on experience  20j

                Evidence of condemnation  161ij

                Expectation based on hope  121c

                Foundation of prerequisites  250h

                Hope based on faithfulness  121h

                God's perspective on the premise  94k

                Jesus existed before the foundation of the world -- See: Eternal

                Jesus is the foundation  137a

                                See also: Holy Spirit/Jesus delegates the Holy Spirit

                                Anointing establishes us  113l

                                Foundation of God's character  121e

                                Laying the foundation of freedom  8m

                                Lord establishes us  98c

                No grounds for your hate  185a

                Old covenant is the basis of the new  151b

                Presumption is the basis  177k

                Salvation is based on God's promises  205a

                Works establish your faith  88a

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Fraud -- See: Counterfeit

Freedom  118j -- See also: Influence

                Be liberal in your giving  234l,235h

                Counterfeit freedom  159g

                curse is Broken  119h

                Faith balances freedom and law  108d

                Forgiveness sets you free  120i

                Freedom From the fear of poverty  120i

                Freedom of the children of God  33c

                Freedom to change

                                Changed life  11ac,58a

                                Change our perspective  15f

                Freedom with boundaries  54j

                God is interested in our freedom  247c

                                    He cannot directly violate the will of man 

                Laying the foundation of freedom  8m

                 Law of liberty  118k

                Protecting your freedom  7i

                Refuse to walk in freedom  197c

                                God permits man his own way  201j

                                Unwilling to walk in God's freedom  185l

                                In bondage to freedom (licentiousness)  162kb

                Resurrection of freedom  38g

                Run to God in your freedom  193l

                Seek the goal of freedom  233b

                Set free from bondage  246d

                                Delivered from desire to sin  103f,118l

                                Die to self to be set free  187e,187ha

                                Free from inconsistency  78c

                                From flesh/bondage to Spirit/freedom  60b

                                Pertaining to freedom and bondage  53d

                                Slave is free/free is slave  14c

Friend -- See also: Help

                Being the friend of God  208e

                Friend of the world is an enemy of God  57d

                Pseudo friend  159i

                We are His friends if we keep His commandments  208f

Fruit -- See also: Mature, Walking in the Spirit 

                Aborting the fruit of your body  135f

                bearing fruit  128H,137e,193d

                Counterfeit fruit  159i

                Death is the fruit of the world  26f

                Father will honor a fruitful life  32k

                Fruit of immorality  135b

                fruit Of the Spirit  123b,127f,227c

                Fruitful results proves apostleship  152d

                Fruitless lifestyle

                                See also: Disobedience

                                Lack of fruit  206l

                                The unfruitful are destroyed  49d

                                Unable to bear fruit  58i

                                Unfruitful  21e,197d

                Invest in the fruit of the kingdom  236k

                Leading a fruitful life  157d

                Seek the glory of the fruit  234f

                You will know them by their fruit  155k

Frustrate -- See also: Anger

                Effort frustrated by failure  170k

                Frustrating the grace of God  198i

                Frustration of poverty  24j

                Sarcastic from being frustrated  63i

Fulfill  44c -- See also: Complete, Solidify

                Fulfillment of God's time  215b

                Fulfill God's will  44a,129l

                Fulfill the law through faith  90j

                Fulfill your calling

                                Ambitious to fulfill God's calling  102a

                                Complete your calling  2b

                                Devoted to fulfilling your calling  100j

                                Fulfill your calling with difficulty  209h

                                Fulfill your calling with zeal  101f

                                Fulfilling your ministry  44h,121l

                                Fulfill your purpose  90l,91f,227j

                                God chooses us as we fulfill His calling  219g

                                Know the word to fulfill your calling  80g

                Fulfill your vows   2a

                Going to extremes to fulfill God's will  234h

                Jesus fulfilled the law  41b,152h

                Unprepared to fulfill the ministry  198f

                Using sin to achieve your goals  16f

Function -- See: Purpose

Futility -- See: Vanity


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