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Stages -- See: Level

Standing -- See also: Authority

                God's throne is standing in heaven  55g

                Standing firm in the faith  97i

                Standing in the gap  83d

Standard  11a -- See also: Example

                Contradicting your own standard  53h

                First provides a standard for what comes after it  250h

                God rewards us to the degree of our faithfulness  226h

                Judged according to our standard of measure  48g

                Paul's example of God's standard  11k

                Replacing God's standard with your own  196h

                Standard of following Jesus  93f

                Standard of living  120i

                Withdrawing from a righteous standard  204c

Starvation  206l

State -- See: Mind-set

Steadfast -- See: Root

Stealing -- See: Thief

Step -- See: Walk

Stewardship, Accountable to your stewardship  4e

Stimulate -- See also: Backfire

                Stimulate intimate bonding  130h

                Over stimulation   75a

Stir -- See also: Anger

                Stirring God/man  88de

                Stirring Up the crowd  179d

Stop Sinning  192j

Storm -- See: Adversity

Straight -- See also: Walk

                Loyalty is unswerving  102m

                Practice walking a straight line  92c

Stranger -- See: Wolf,

Strategy, Humble yourself as a defensive strategy  56e

Strength (Strong) -- See also: Boldness

                Be strong  9i,98a

                Encourage the strong  187b

                Encouragement strengthens our faith  139d

                God is strong through weakness 53m

                God tests your strength  5i

                Invest your strength in the kingdom  236e

                Kingdom grows in strength  229b

                Ministering by the strength  in your spirit  6j

                Strong reminders  238h

                Strong shall help the weak  72j

                Superhuman strength  146a

                Weakness Strengthened  9d

Stress -- See: Anxiety

Strife  158a -- See also: Complaining

                Church rebuked for disunity  178h

                Disagreements  158d

                Peace makers avoid strife  126e

Strive -- See: Perseverance

Strongholds -- See: Bondage

Struggle -- See: Adversity

Stubborn -- See: Rebellion

Students (Study) -- See also: Disciples

                Diligence in studying the Bible  100g

                Instructing the teacher  54f

                Learn How to walk by the word  74a

                Students Learn the ways of God  80c

                Teachers and their students  238G,239c

Stumble -- See also: Unrighteous

                Do not stumble over Him  2l

                God crushes our stumbling blocks  28i

Stupid -- See: Ignorance

Subject -- See also: Submit

                Creation is subject to Christ  213cd

                Demons subjected  46i

                Dodging the issue  175e

                God subjects Himself to human frailty  64g

                Jesus is subject to the Father -- See: Submit 

                Physically subjected to the natural realm  134d

                Subject to prophets  60b

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Submit -- See also: Yield

                God chooses us as we submit to Him  234a

                Jesus is subject to the Father -- See: Father/Relationship

                Submit to God and resist the devil  57k

                Submit to the cross  210a

                Submit to the Holy Spirit  6h

                Submit your assets to Christ  234h

                The teachable submit to the word  239d

Substance (essence) -- See also: Appear, Truth

                Inner substance  171h

                                New creation is our inner substance  238f

                                Seek the kingdom with your inner substance  233d

                                Inner substance is what we give to each other  227h

                Substance of our bodies is from the earth  134c

                Substance of God

                                See also: Weak/Weakness of God

                                God's substance cleanses from the desire to sin  103f

                                Hunger for the substance of God  77a

                                Jesus is the substance   254e

                                Process of imparting the substance of God   255e

                                Seek the essence of His kingdom  232j

                                Spiritual substance and truth  110k

                                Substance of the church  136h

                Symbolism over substance  190j

                Vanity lacks substance  171e

Substitute -- See also: Thief

                Doubt replaces faith  20h

                Law takes Jesus' place  90d

                Process of substitution  187a

                Put no other gods before Him  252a

                Replacing God's standard  196h

                Replacing Jesus  186d

                Replacing the Holy Spirit  185j

                Replacing wisdom  159c

                People of the world substituted their own blood in place of Christ  60f

Subvert -- See: Corruption

Success -- See: Victory

Suddenly  215f-- See also: Temporary

                Do not commit too hastily  62h

                Soon/quickly  61g

Suffer (s)  188c -- See also: Suppress

                Body suffers together  136b

                Perfected through suffering  252c

                Faith -- Suffering -- Glory  98e

                God comforts you in your suffering  228b

                Hell is a place of torment  47f

                Our suffering is for your sake  236a

                Partaking of Jesus' suffering  229i

                                Conform to the glory of Christís death  42k

                                Partaking of Jesusí sacrifice with our own flesh  136f

                Positive attitude about suffering  95k

                Suffering is temporary  170i

                Suffering shame  153l

                Wilderness of pain  105la

Sufficient -- See also: Complete

                God's time is sufficient  207k

                His death was sufficient  172j

Suggest -- See: Evidence

Suicide  190da

Superimpose, Spirit realm superimposed on natural realm  245m

                See also: Clothe, Working the grace of God

Superstition -- See: Presumption, Ignorance

Supper, Marriage supper of the lamb  224f

Support -- See also: Unity

                Evidence to support  our beliefs  86e

                Support one another  130f

                Preachers are worthy of their support  71f

                Root supports you  58e

                Tithing supports your words  235a

Suppress -- See also: Hinder, Temptation

                Suppress the truth  163g,240j

                Suppress the word of God  16k,160d

Surprise, Satan uses the element of surprise  216b

Survival, Fruitful is a way of survival  128k

Sweet, sickening sweet love  158i

Sword of the spirit -- See: Spiritual warfare

Symbol -- See: Sign

Symbolism over substance  190j

Sympathy -- See: Grief

Synchronizes -- See: Time


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