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Oath -- See: Promise

Obey (Obedience)  86f -- See also: Operate

                Anointed through obedience  113h

                                Manifest the kingdom through obedience  134a,244k

                                Obedience cannot evade power of God  111f

                                Obedience then anointing  250f

                                Obey the Holy Spirit  114a,190i

                                Receive the blessing through obedience  34k

                                Rewarded for obedience  226j

                                Seek the glory of God through obedience  233i

                Baptism is a sign of obedience 

                Be obedient in all things  250c

                Church obeys God  50d

                Circumcision is a sign of obedience  190g

                Having an obedient attitude  95g

                Helpers obey Christ  14f

                Motive to obey God  121b

                                See also: Right

                                Desire obedience  54n

                                God is source of our obedience  30c

                                Joy is the result of obedience  125h

                                Obedience reveals mystery of Godliness  230h

                                Ordained through obedience  71l

                                Reaping the harvest of obedience  218f

                                Relationship with God through  208f

                Obedience is holy  133j

                Obedience of faith  115i

                Obedience to the Father  105f

                                See also: Father/Relationship

                                Children need to obey their Father  33i

                                Father will honor your obedience  32h

                                Jesus obeyed the Father  87c

                Obey Jesus  74a

                                Accountable to Christ  4d,72k

                                Believe Jesus by obeying His Father  85k

                                Bondage to Christ  246c

                                We are His friends if we keep His commandments  208f

                                Jesus' yoke  5l

                                                Jesus obeys the Father  87c

                                                Serve Christ  14c

                Obedience represents our faith  85l

                Obey the word of God  6f,72c

                                See also: Promise

                                Defend the word by obeying it  7b

                                Obey the truth  112e

                                Obey God's laws  155c

                Those who obey the word of God believe  87i

                Obey the Holy Spirit  87ia

                Obedience through humility  60d

                Obedience through prayer  81f,85la

                Stealing the kingdom through obedience  211c

                Stepping into obedience  85k

                Unable to obey God  196e

                                See also: Overcome, Reprobate

                                Unwilling to obey the revelation  185k

                                Withdraw from obeying God  203g

                Walking in obedience  90k

                Yoke of obedience  5l,117b

Objective -- See: Goals, Teachable

Obligation -- See also: Principle

                Children need to obey their Father  33i

                Obligation to be doers of the word  87b

                Obligation to preach the gospel  148h

                Our obligation to shepherd the flock 5l

                What we must do to partake  230a

                Your words will make you obligated  85k

Observation -- See also: Opinion

                Making Spiritual observations  118a

                Man is a spectator of his salvation  218j

                Presumption interprets our observations  178c

Obsolete -- See: Nullify

Obstacles -- See also: Keep/Obstacles that keep you from Jesus

                Obstacles in the way of the kingdom  241a

                Removing obstacles in your way  8m,46g

                Vision can be an obstacle to sight  57c

Offend (Offense) -- See also: Satan/Judgment of Satan, Stumble

                Avoid offending God/man 1a

                Defaming God  212c

                Fruitless life offends God  197e

                Jesus is an offense  201c

                Making amends with people you offend  193i

                YOU ARE Against Christ if YOU'RE not with HIM  200k

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Offering  235c -- See also: Salvation

                Alms  235e

                Holy offering  189b

                Laying your body on the altar  190a

                Making sacrifices based on your own authority  173e

Oil, Anoint with oil  113i

Old covenant -- See: Covenant/Old covenant

Old Testament (Covenant)

                Jesus is God of the Old Testament  253eb

                New covenant bears witness of the old  151b

                Old Testament bears witness to the new  141a

Old man -- See: Flesh

Omission -- See: Negligence

Omnipotent  213a

Omniscience  212f

Once, Jesus offered up Himself  172i

One -- See: Single, Unity

One another -- See also: Servant/Serving one another

                Accept one another  130h

                Caring for one another  123h

                Cooperating with one another  95f

                Edify one another  80j,139h

                Father and son glorify one another  253e

                Father and Son represent one another  253h

                Gentle toward one another  128fg

                Giving preference to one another  235f

                Godly toward one another  41j

                He gives to us what we give to one another  227h

                Holding up/supporting one another  130ef

                Intercede for one another  83k

                Interdependent on one another  130l

                No partiality between one another  51i

                Strengthen one another  9i

Open -- See also: Veil

                Books of judgment are opened  49j

                Open doors  55g

                Open-minded -- see: Teachable

                Worship unlocks the Spirit realm  134f

Operate (s) -- See also: Please

                Execute God's judgment  69k

                God exercises His will  248b

                Man operates his will against God  195a

                Operate under a prophetic anointing  152i

                Operate your gift  137m

Opinion (s) -- See also: Perspective

                Accepting the weak to judge their opinions  58f

                Inflated opinion of self  22k,223b

                God's opinion about abortion  135k

                Opinion about wealth  23ef

Opportunist -- See: Selfish

Opportunity -- See also: Pleasure

                Opportunity to sin/abuse the anointing  60h

                Reject the opportunity to be holy  145i

Oppose (s) -- See also: Overcome

                Disobedience opposes unity  21f

                Do not oppose others  2k

                Fulfill your ministry through opposition 

                God opposes the proud  57d

                God's mercy opposes man's theology  31g

                Know the word to oppose religion  80a

                Opposition to the kingdom of God  240c

                Opposition against the truth  153f

                World's wealth opposes the truth  249l

Opposites -- See: Paradox, Contrast

Oppression -- See also: Sorrow

                Hardship of affliction  165l

                Oppressing those who carry the gospel  160da

                oppression is the Product of Greed  23d

                Putting down others (conceit)  222k

                Stepping on people to get to the bottom  169j

Ordain -- See also: Calling/God ordains your calling

                Angels have power to ordain  15h

                Divine appointments  220d

                God ordains our calling  106o

                God places you in His will  228f

                ordained by God  71c

                ordained by man  198d

                Ordaining People to the ministry  115i

Order -- See also: Reign

                Belief demands a response  86d

                Bringing order to the church  10a

                Demanding permission  54e

                No one can order God around  217b

Organism -- See also: Born

                Living organism of God's kingdom  227e,231f

Origin -- See: Source

Ostracized -- See: Conceit

Outward -- See also: Physical

                Demonstration of God's Kingdom  246e

                Outward appearance of Jesus  37c,253cc 

                Jesus has the external qualities of the Father  253a

                outward Appearance  169h,170e

Overcome -- See also: Unable, Progress

                Enduring the wicked is to overcome them  98ka

                Jesus' light overcomes darkness  112ac

                Kingdom overtakes darkness  229a

                Overcoming religion  174c

                Overcoming sin  42c,227d

                                Jesus overcame sin  41d,60e

                                Overcome Evil with good  57b,127o

                                Overcoming temptation  160g

                You will perish if you do not overcome  207c

Overflowing, Filled to overflowing  132h

Overrule -- See: Nullify

Own (ownership) -- See: Possession


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