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Jealousy  24a -- See also: Murder

                Jealously manipulating people  75k

                Jealously seeking prominence  158f

                Motives based on jealousy  76d

                Persecution born out of jealousy  243e

                Stir up the crowd through Jealousy  179d

Jehovah Witnesses & other Cults

                See: Trinity, Wolves, False Religions of the World   

Jerusalem  231i

Jesus Christ -- See also: Judgment/Jesus, Commentary

                Abiding in Jesus -- See: Abide

                Ascension  237h

                Authority of Christ -- See: Authority

                Balance, Jesus brings  108b

                Bears witness of Himself  143i

                Be like Jesus  41a

                                Conform to Christ  42f,230h

                                Jesus is our brother  29i

                                Pick up your cross and follow Him  187ab

                                Spirit trains us to be like Jesus  109i

                Blind to Jesus  169a

                                See also: Blind

                                Familiar with Jesus  70gh

                                Knowing Jesus but not His Father  54f

                                Misinterpreting Jesus  17k,177h

                                Our human condition without Jesus  25kl

                                World did not recognize Jesus  168e

                                World is envious of Christ  24j

                                World sees Jesus as evil  18h

                Body, His physical  136d

                                Jesus' Humanity  37bh

                                Tempted, Jesus was  160h

                Body, His spiritual  136g

                Character of Christ  43b

                Conditions of loving Jesus  206g

                Depend on Jesus  227e

                Dispensation of Christ  214f

                Divinity of Christ -- See: Trinity

                division, Jesus brings  65c

                Does not believe in abortion  135cl

                Example, Jesus is our -- See: Example

                False Christs  160a,179g

                First, Jesus is  248d

                Focus on Christ  118h

                In Christ  84df,231i,254b

                                God favors you through His Son  30h

                                Being rich in Christ  249h

                                Freedom in Christ  119e

                Jesus died to self and ministered to God  187a

                Jesus defeated death  38b,57b

                                See also: Law/Jesus defeated the law of sin

                                Born again by the will of Christ  238aa

                                Jesus is born again  238d

                                Jesus defeated sin  60e

                                Demons subjected to Christ  46i

                                His light overcomes darkness  112b

                                Jesus is indestructible  243j

                                Jesus is never to die again  172h

                                Jesus is the resurrection  38h,39a

                                Victory in Jesus  39d,245i

                Jesus humbled Himself  60d

                                See also: Position/Humble servant

                                Jesus is a servant  12k

                                Jesus is smaller than any man  13a

                Jesus intercedes for us  83d

                Jesus is:

                                A prophet  152e

                                Deceptive  62o,63a

                                 Equal with the Father  253a

                                Gentle  128h

                                God (Christ) is our creator  212a

                                head of His body's kingdom  231f

                                Holy  133b

                                Our savior  210c

                                Our Great High Priest  67a

                                Servant of God 13c

                                Source of eternal life  244d

                                Teacher  239h

                                The Christ  6k,146h

                                The foundation  137a

                                The great apostle  152e

                                The wisdom of God  89j

                                 The word of God  255c

                Jesus ministered publicly  143e,148c

                Jesus Only people -- See: Trinity, starting at  253a

                Jesus' relationship with His Father -- See: Submit

                Jesus suffered in the wilderness  105lc

                Judgment of Jesus Christ  37a

                                See also: Judgment

                                Blood of Jesus  26i,27b

                                Day of Christ  49g

                                God's judgment against His Son  37a

                                                God judged Satan through Christ  38b

                                                Jesus executed judgment through the cross  40a

                                Jesus becomes sin  58g

                                Jesus emptied Himself  37h

                                Jesus experiences purifying process  103i

                                Jesus Is our sacrifice  209h

                                 JESUS IS THE  JUDGE  40a

                Kingdom grows into image of Christ  229h

                Kingdom, Jesus is  58m,59c

                Let Jesus do the work  117c

                                See also: Mercy, Grace

                                Jesus Does God's work  114g

                                Works bear witness of Himself  144i

                Married to Jesus  2a

                                See also: Marriage

                                Affection of Christ  123l

                                He shall never leave us  238g

                                Jesus belongs to us  34a,36k

                                Jesus Owns you  213d

Navigation Bar        Living with Jesus  140c

                                Love of Jesus is a mystery  230k

                Mary and Jesus  173a

                Name of Jesus  67e

                Obey Jesus -- See: Obedience/Obey Jesus

                Obstacles that keep you from Jesus  241f

                offense, jesus is an  201c

                Outward appearance of Jesus Christ  253cc

                Partake of Christ  136f,229h

                Persecute Jesus -- See: Persecution/Persecuting Jesus

                Popular, Jesus Is   143i

                Positive attitude toward Christ  96e

                Pure in heart shall see Jesus  104h

                Reproves His disciples  138b,178j

                Seeking Jesus  143g,232m

                Separated from Christ  26e

                Shepherd, Jesus  is the chief  240a

                Spirit of Jesus 254i

                Words, Jesus' -- See: Word of God/Words of Jesus

                Worship jesus  252a

Jews -- See also: Israel

                Envious of the gospel  24i,58e

                Jews and gentiles are being saved  210h

                Jews had Jesus martyred  241ib

                Jews seek righteousness  58d

                King of the Jews  58k

                Persuade men earnestly that Jesus is the Christ   6k 

                Spiritual Jew -- See: Fellow heirs with Israel  210j

Jezebel  60f,61g,135h

John the Baptist, Elijah was like  59a

Joy  125b -- See also: Happy 

                Joyful kingdom of heaven  224d

                Sorrowful yet always rejoicing  54n

Judas Iscariot  186db

*Judgment Of God  37a    Commentary

                See also: Jesus Christ/Judgment of Jesus Christ

                Accomplishes Satan's will  64k

                Accountable to God  4a,149c

                Angels execute judgment  15h

                Complaining, judged for  60e

                Curse of God's judgment is broken  120a

                Eternal judgment  see: Hell

                Fattened for the day of slaughter  196k

                Fear of judgment  88f

                God blinds their eyes  169g

                God cannot help but judge sin  64d

                                No one Can control God's judgment  217k

                                Partiality, no  51k

                 God judges the church  15i,50l

                                See also: Persecution/Church

                                Believer's judgment 45a

                                Condition of the church in last days  49m,50d

                                God judges enemies of the church  49e,59b

                                God purifies His people  103h

                                God warns the church  51c

                                Judgment of God's people  41a

                                Teachers, let not many be  239j

                God judges the world 48b

                                See also: Law/Sinning under the law

                                Condition of the world in last days  49l

                                Do not conform to God's judgment of the world  168d

                                God Judges sin of the world  37a,40a

                                God judges us with world  45g,50l

                                God witnesses against world  153c

                                Jesus overcame the world  39ej

                                Judged through angels  15j

                                Judged through the church  61g

                                Judged through the law  52e

                                Revenge  61e

                                World, flesh and the devil  38f

                                World tries to escape God's judgment  179c

                Jesus is the judge  40a

                                See also: Life/Jesus is the life of the Spirit

                                Judged through the blood of Christ  38ab

                                Life judges death  55j

                                Saved by the blood from God's judgment  54j

                Judgment against abortion  135g

                Judgment comes suddenly  215f

                Judgment fell on persecutors/Jesus  59b

                Last trumpet  237b

                Leave room for the wrath of God  124i

                                Martyrs bring about judgment  189f

                                Prevent judgment  8p

                                Endurance invites the judgment of God  99b

                Manifestation of God's judgment  245f

                Parables about final judgment  225p

                Partake of God's judgment  230g

                Preparing for judgment  8i

                Prophesied to fall  61g

                Purified through judgment  104ac

                Questioning God's judgment  75e

                Righteous judgment

                                Answering a fool according to his folly  63k

                                Discernment, JUDGING between truth and error  68h

                                God judges His people  If THEY do not judge THEMselves  45a

                                Jesus delegates authority to execute judgment  68b

                                Judging evil  194f

                Unrighteous Judgment  17b

                                Accepting the weak to judge them  58f

                                Blinded by false judgment  169d

                                Carnal mind's idea of justice  166k

                                Church rebuked for  178i

                                Judging the law through sin  53l

                                Justify yourself  174e

                                Lacking evidence  18b

                                Man's vengeance  54k

                                Paying evil for evil  18b

                                Perverted sense of justice  186i

                                Unable to judge soundly  196g

                                Unsubstantiated charges  18cd

                Words will justify you  85i

                Victim of God's judgment  163d

                Word and the judgment of God  111j

Justice  51k, 245g -- See also: Judgment/Righteous

Justified by faith 41fb -- See also: Grace


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