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Gain -- See also: Grace/Abusing God's grace

                Gain by losing  192a

                Gain personal advantage  166e,198g

                Lose by gaining  55j

Gaps -- See: Solidify

Garden -- See also: Grow

                Parable about a garden  225g

                God works in the garden of your heart  228k

Garments -- See: Clothe

Gather -- 7l See also: Prepare

Genders, Both  3g,136c -- See also: Glory/Seeking the glory of man

                Issues between men and women  10b

Genealogy  37e

                Arguing about genealogy and other contentions  158c

Generous -- See also: Gift

                Be generous like your Father  34k

                Generosity of God's salvation  207i

                God's generosity  34a,121f

                Parables about generosity of heart  225n

                To him who has  36a


                In contrast to the Jew  58d

                Gentiles included  142b

                Jews and gentiles are being saved  210h

Gentleness  128d -- See also: Good

Genuine -- See also: Validity

                Genuine heart  105a

                Genuine love  129h

                Genuine prophets  152k

                Honest  78b

                Masking your true identity 181i

                Sincerity  78b

                Tried and true  102j

Gift (s) -- See also: Give

                Conditions to God's gifts  206f

                Content with what God gives you  120j

                Depend on Jesus to impart His gifts  227g

                Employ your gift  137m

                Father gave all things to the Son  253i

                Gift of authority  68g,70j

                *Gift Of God  28a

                Gift of teaching  239h

                God's perspective on His gifts  94h

                Man does not control God's gifts  216k

                Partake of Jesus' gift  229j

                Revelation of God's gift  109b

                Salvation is the gift of God  207j

                Spiritual gifts  35j,95c,

                Walk in the gift of His calling  130m

                Word of knowledge  110a

                Working the grace of God's gift  115f

                Works that God put in your heart  116a

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Give  235e -- See also: Grace

                Do not Give what is Holy to dogs  222b

                Give God your attention  118g

                Give to Him who has  222i

                Give to the poor  34m,124a

                Give what you have from God  234l

                God gives Himself  35e

                God gives up on you 217c

                God gives His Spirit  132c

                God has given us all things  33l

                God is willing to give  34a

                Joy is the result of giving  125i

                More blessed to give than receive  58b

                Positive attitude about giving  96i

                Sharing our rewards  226a

                Tithing  235a

                To the one who has shall more be given  4h

                Working God's grace through giving  116j

Glory -- See also: Face

                Blind to the glory of God  169a

                Boasting in the flesh to glorify God  54o

                Counterfeit glory  160c

                Enemies of His glory are destroyed  48n

                Father & son are glorified  253e

                Father is eternally glorified  244b

                Glorify God  252i

                                See also: God

                                Glorify God in all things  250a

                                Glorify the name of Jesus  67j

                                In your exhortation  138gh

                Glory of Jesus' Authority  67a

                God crowns us with glory  226a

                God demonstrates His glory  246e

                God glorifies Himself  40k

                Jesus shall be glorified forever  244c

                Levels of glory in our spiritual bodies  226j

                Refuse the glory of man   77c,222f

                Satan glorifies God  65i

                Seeking the glory of God  87e,233g

                                See also: Rewards

                                Conform to glory of Christ  42j

                                Content with seeking God  121b

                                Creation glorifies God  212a

                                Die to receive the glory of God  187c

                                Endurance invites the glory of God  99a

                                Faith -- Suffering -- Glory  98e

                                Glory of the children of God  33c

                                Glorified by the church/Lifted up on the cross  59g

                                God glorifies the church  50l

                                seeking the knowledge of the kingdom  238g

                                Need God to walk in His glory  217c

                                Resolutely focus on the glory  of God  118g

                                Revelation of the glory  of God  108k

                                Seek our creator/redeemer  59h

                                Seek healing power of God  145e

                                Seek the kingdom of God  231j

                                Seek the righteousness of God  41h

                                We are reflectors of His glory  213g

                Seeking the glory of man  169g

                                See also: Instincts

                                Cliques seek acceptance  223c

                                False burden of man's glory  162h

                                Judging in the flesh  17f

                                Ordained by men  198d

                                Pride glorifies self  22j

                                Seek authority for security  76b

                                Seeking popularity  240e

                                Seeking prominence in the body  158f

                                Seeking to be approved by man  182g

                                Shut you out that you might seek them  58h

                                Stealing the glory  of Christ  199f

                                Worshipping men  195e

Gnosticism -- See article: Influence of Gnosticism on the Church, Commentary


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