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Chapter Summaries

The kingdom of man

    Inventors of Civilization


    The Apostasy


    Rise of Narcissism



The kingdom of Satan

    Summary of Endtime Events


    Rise of the Antichrist


    Mark of the Beast  videos at the end


    Blasphemy of the Mark


    Religion of the Antichrist



The kingdom of God

    Great Endtime Revival


    Post-Tribulation Rapture


    Fall of Satan



Teaching about endtimes by brother Bruce


Daniel's 70 Weeks

Flowchart of the Antichrist's rise to power


The Deep State 


Flowchart of the Antichrist's economy


Flowchart of the Antichrist's Hierarchy of authority





Sequence of End time Events

See also: Sequence of Revelation


1. Roots of the industrial age can be traced back to 600 B.C. to Thales of Miletus, a citizen of Ionia credited with the invention of philosophy.


2. Jesus was crucified (Beginning the 70 weeks/generations) Dan 9,24-27


3. The apostasy (falling away from the faith) started approximately 300 A.D., beginning with the invention of Catholicism (2The 2:1-4)


4. Hitler rose to power

a. He used the catholic doctrines of anti-Semitism to condemn the Jews for martyring their own messiah

b. He also used Darwin's atheism, based on the theory of evolution (survival of the fittest), to justify the holocaust


5. Rise of the United States economy after WWII


6. Rise of Russia and China


7. Apostasy of the Church humanized religion, while science denied all forms of spirituality, establishing materialism as the secular worldview. The result is Naturalism, which has hardened man’s heart against God. People have since become unreachable after replacing a healthy fear of God with a reprobate mind in preparation to receive the antichrist (Mat 24:12).


8. 70th week (generation) of Daniel has begun (Mat 24-34). We are seeing the last few trickling years of this age transpire like grains of sand in an hourglass.


9. Harsh weather patterns - beginning of birth pangs (Mat 24-8)


      10. The first seal: Horseman rides a  white horse holding a bow (with no arrows);

            he set out conquering and to conquer   (Rev 6:1,2).

                a. International moneylenders pursuing economic conquest have propped up

                    the world economy with trillions of dollars starting in the 1980s. Nations will 

                         be unable to pay their debts. United States economy will collapse, leading

                    to worldwide economic collapse (Dan 2:40-43).

b. The world economy is represented by ten world banks (Dan 7:7)

c. An opportunistic man of lawlessness, portrayed in Daniel as the 11th horn, will hijack three of the ten world banks in his rise to power, becoming stronger than any of the remaining seven (Dan 7:8).

d. The Beast (one-world economy/government) will rise to power.

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11.  Global Endtime Revival (Joel 2:28-32; Isaiah 60; Isaiah 63)

a. Anti-Semitism -- The Beast will blame the Jews for the global economic collapse. He will start a smear campaign of the Jews, holding them responsible for all the evils of the world, under the guise of thinking he can stop the fulfillment of endtime prophecy by eliminating them. This will cause the Jews to recognize Jesus as their Messiah, sparking the Global Endtime Revival.

        b. The Beast will speak vile things against the Jews antagonizing the 

            world against them, instituting death camps in attempt to systematize their

            extermination as in the days of Hitler.

c. Christians will stand beside the Jews, and as a result Jew and gentile Christians will unite (Rev 6:5,6)

d. God will establish his two witnesses (two of the 144,000). Their ministry will initially resemble Joseph and Daniel, benevolent spiritual leaders throughout the Seals, having gifts and great wisdom from God (Gen 41:38-45; Dan 1:18-20).

e. The two witnesses will establish the 144,000 Jews, the woman of Revelation chapter 12 (and Rev 14:4).

f. The purpose of the woman is to lead the gentile church (her children) into a global revival far greater than the glory of the early church (Rev 7:4-17).


12. The second seal: Horseman rides a red horse set out to take peace from the

      earth (Rev 6:3,4)

               a. The two-horned ram of Daniel chapter 8 (Iran and North Korea) 

                   butts against other countries.

                   They will attack the United States, incurring greater loss of life

                   than 9/11. 

               b. The United States retaliates with a nuclear attack 

               c. Allies of the Middle East (Russia and China) attack the United States,

               resulting in nuclear exchange. New York City will be leveled in a nuclear

               attack from Russia or China. New York City is not the religious whore of

               Babylon but is a type of Babylon (Rome – Dan 8:8).

d. The goat's horn is broken (the United States' military)

e. The 11th horn rising from the goat will betray American interests and will assimilate what remains of Russia and China after WWIII. He will establish himself as the economic and military leader of the world (Rev 13:11-18).


13. The third seal: Horseman rides a black horse holding a pair of scales, denoting a loaf of bread for a day’s wages (Rev 6:5,6).

a. Inflation will ravage the world economy.

b. A great depression far worse than 1929, will spread throughout the developed world.


14. The forth seal: Horseman rides a pale horse, who was called death, and Hades was following after him.

      a. Nations and their governments along with their economies will collapse around 

             the globe, leading to worldwide political and social anarchy. Lawlessness 

             will rule the streets. Many will die from famine, disease and pestilence. 

             Some will live in the wilderness and be eaten by feral dogs. The population 

             of mankind will reduce by one-fourth. 2 billion people will die (Rev 6:7,8).


15. The fifth seal – Mark of the Beast/Martyrs (Rev 13:11-18)

a. The antichrist is revealed

b. The Beast will unveil his New World Order, a new global economy that is built around the antichrist’s religion

c. The Beast will introduce his mark to the global economy promising to bail out the nations of the world that join the antichrist’s new world religion

d. The mark of the beast will have the effect of exposing the false brethren within the church, causing many to question their faith and leave the church and take the mark (Matt 24:9-11)

e. Those who leave the church will be obligated to turn in Christians before receiving the mark as a way of proving their loyalty to the beast

f. The majority of the martyrs will be killed during this time. Christians and Jews alike will be rounded up into concentration camps and systematically martyred for their faith in Jesus (Matt 24:9).

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16. The Beast, the 11th horn, will react to quell the Global Endtime Revival, using the Pope

a. His motive will be to raise up the Pope as the gentile Messiah (antichrist) and establish his New World Religion, which will be a mixture of Catholicism and Judaism (Rev 17:1-13).

b. The Pope will stage his assassination and then be pseudo raised from the dead (Rev 13:3).

c. The Beast, head of the monetary system, is the false prophet. He will require the world to worship the antichrist.

d. He will glorify the antichrist hoping to unite the world around Catholicism and resist the Christian revival with the goal of establishing his global monetary system around his religion (Rev 13:11-18).


17. The Beast makes a treaty with Israel to rebuild Jerusalem’s temple, attempting to create confusion and discord within the Christian revival (Dan 9:27), but reneges on the treaty before finishing the temple. (Dan 12-11,12).

a. The antichrist migrates to Jerusalem to become Israel’s false messiah and mock-savior of the gentiles (Rev 11:8).

b. His ulterior motive for stationing his empire in Jerusalem will be to war against the saints. He will attempt to quell the revival by making the world worship him (equivalent to self-worship), posing as God of the Bible (Dan 7:25; Rev 13:7).

c. He will enter the Muslim Mosque betraying the Jews (2The 2:4; Mat 24-15; Dan 8,11-14). Exiting the temple, he will decree all Jews and gentiles around the globe be arrested and exterminated.  


18. The sixth seal – A giant earthquake occurs as a judgment from God against the martyrdom of His saints, violently shaking the whole earth (Rev 6:12-17)


19. The seventh seal contains the seven trumpets, reflecting the plagues of the two witnesses (Rev 8:6-13; Rev 9:1-21; Rev 11:5,6)

a. The two witnesses (2 of the 144,000) will epitomize the ministries of Moses and Elijah (Rev 11:1-6).

b. The 144,000 Jews will lead the gentile church into exile from civilization, fleeing into the wilderness from the dragon during the 3 ˝ year period of the two witnesses

c. There, the 144,000 will lead her children into a special ability to pray (Rev 8:1-5; Rev 12:6-17). 

d. Parable of the ten virgins is played out, where the five foolish virgins leave the assembly of the righteous in search of more oil for their lamps (oil symbolizing the anointing; Matt 25:1-13). 


20. The first trumpet – fire mixed with blood will destroy a third of the earth. The shout heard in the parable of the ten virgins are the trumpets of Revelation. Trumpets are the voices of angels; the shout the ten virgins heard was the sound of the first trumpet (Rev 4:1).


21. The second trumpet – a giant volcano will blow its top into the sea, turning a third of it blood red


22. The third trumpet – a giant asteroid is roaming the solar system on a near collision course with the earth. Astronomers will discover it and report it to NASA, who will send up a probe intending to nudge it off its course, but will inadvertently nudge it directly on course with the earth. In this way man will undo himself using his technology. The asteroid will destroy a third of the fresh water


23. The forth trumpet – a third of the earth’s atmosphere was darkened by the volcano and asteroid plume


24. The fifth trumpet – from the smoke of the volcano came forth locusts like scorpions


25. The sixth trumpet – the way for Armageddon is prepared (Casualties of the combined six trumpets will reach 1.75 billion people)

Chapter List 

26. The dragon kills the two witnesses, but they are raised from the dead, and ascend to heaven in the presence of their enemies (Rev 11,7-12)


     27. The seventh trumpet (Rev 11-15)

    1. Blessed first resurrection; the dead in Christ will be raised imperishable (1Cor 15:50-55)

    2. The Rapture will occur (1The 4:13-18). A giant asteroid (about six miles in diameter) will strike the earth, creating an ash plume that will cover the whole surface of the earth in a matter of hours. Christ will come for His people on the ash cloud that the asteroid makes. The word of God is silent about rapturing His people in the ash plume of an asteroid because of Revelation chapter ten, primarily verse 4.

    3. This cloud refers to the sign of the Son of man (Exodus 19-18,19; Exodus 20:18,19; Isaiah 13,9-13; Joel 2,28-32; Joel 3,14-16; Mat 24,29-31; Rev 6,12-14; Rev 8-12).

    4. Half the population of the earth will participate in the rapture (1.75 billion people), leaving the other 1.75 billion to face the bowls of God’s wrath. This is in accordance with the parable of the ten virgins, five were wise and five were foolish. 


28. The Marriage Supper of the Lamb – occurs in heaven (Mat 8-11,12; Rev 19,7-9), for an undeterminable amount of time (perhaps millenniums, but it will only seem like days on earth: 2Pet 3-8).


29. Those of the five foolish virgins who repent after the rapture and are left behind, who have not received the mark of the beast will migrate to Jerusalem, where God will protect them until He returns to destroy His enemies.


30. From jealousy (the same motive that hung Jesus on the cross) the armies of the beast will attack the homeland of the antichrist (Rome), because of his failure to quell the revival and because of his unwillingness to share his wealth. The false prophet will destroy Babylon (the Vatican), illustrating the self-destructive nature of Satan (Rev 17:16-18).


31. The bowls of God’s judgment (Revelation 16) – fallout from the asteroid

a. The first bowl – Malignant soars on those who received the mark of the beast (a plague of Moses)

b. The second bowl – All the sea became like blood; everything in the sea died

c. The third bowl – All fresh water became like blood (a plague of Moses)

d. The fourth bowl – The sun scorched the earth with fire

e. The fifth bowl – The throne of the beast became darkened; they gnawed their tongues because of pain (a plague of Moses)

f.  The sixth bowl – The Euphrates River was dried up to make way for the armies of the east: The war of Armageddon – armies of the false prophet will surround Jerusalem with the intent to destroy it for hosting the antichrist (Lk 21:20). It occurs just outside Jerusalem; it is the war against God.

g. The seventh bowl – a giant earthquake, triggered by the asteroid of the rapture, larger than any earthquake that man has ever known

·   It splits Jerusalem into thirds, analogous to Jerusalem being split between the orthodox Jews, the messianic Jews and the atheistic Jews.

·   The ruins of Rome are further destroyed this time by the hand of God

·   All the nations fall

·   Every mountain falls, all the islands are removed in preparation for the millennium

·   A hail storm each one-hundred pounds pummels the earth (a plague of Moses)


32. The armies of the earth commanded by the false prophet surround Jerusalem intent on destroying it for harboring the antichrist

    1. War of Armageddon

    2. Jesus Christ comes and saves Jerusalem from destruction

    3. He rescues His saints hiding in the holy city from the armies of the false prophet, reminiscent to Pentecost. The saints of the early church hid in the upper room and waited for the promise of His Spirit (Act 1:10-14).

    4. Antichrist and the false prophet are thrown alive into the lake of fire (Rev 19:19-21)


33. Satan is bound for a thousand years, then released to deceive the nations once more to prove that Satan is incapable of repentance and that man is doomed to follow him (Rev 20:1-10)


34. 70th week of Daniel ends


35. The millennium begins (Rev 20:1-10) – Jesus returns with his saints to the Mount of Olives.


36. Satan is released to deceive the nations once more to prove the reprobate nature of Satan and man’s tendency to follow him. The enemies of God rally against Christ’s throne, rising from the broad plane of the earth for their last hurrah; their numbers are like the sand on the seashore. The rebellion is crushed and Satan is thrown into the lake of fire (Rev 20:10)


37. White throne judgment of the wicked: death and Hades are throne into the lake of fire (Rev 20:11-15)


38. God creates a new heaven and a new earth – the new Jerusalem is established on the earth (Revelation 21 )


39. Eternity resumes! (Revelation 22). 


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