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Take -- See also: Transform, Thief 

                God takes back His gifts  222b

                Take from Him who does not have  222j

                Takes one to know one  17b

Tares among the wheat  172a

Teach (Teachers, Teachable)  238h -- See also: Apostle

                Doing good teaches you the truth  127i

                Ignorant people wanting to teach  54b

                Maturity is a training process  137i

                Spirit the teacher  109h

                Student instructing the teacher  54f

                Teaching bond-slaves to be servants  55a

                Teaching from the old Testament  141i

Tear down the old to rebuild the new  139i

Temple -- See also: Altar, Commentary

                Babylon, capital city of sin  61g

                Building the temple  131d

                Dismantling the outer tabernacle  190f

                God Himself will tear you down  207e

                Indestructible kingdom within us  243g

                Jerusalem is the temple of God  60f

                Jesus builds His temple in your spirit  231h

                Jesus' body/our bodies are the temple  61d

                Love is mortar between blocks of the temple  129f

                Many bricks but one temple  131jc

                Temple building/ our bodies  58j

                *Temple of God  132a

                Temple of the Holy Spirit  61g

                True tabernacle  246d

Temporary  170e -- See also: Time

                The life to come is more important than this life  248l

                Gain the world to lose your soul  55j

                Hospitality provides a temporary home  235g

                In this temporary life  48f,101j,165j

                Perspective on this life  93n

                Temporary mind set  18g

Temptation  160g -- See also: Test

                Enduring Temptation  99i

                Jesus was tempted by the devil  65c

                Law entices us to sin  54k

                Man's flesh is tempted to deny God  16ab

                Spirit delivers you from the desire to sin  118l


Ten virgins -- Lazy among the prudent  172a

Terms -- See: Conditions

Territory -- See also: Victory

                Defending your territory  7g

                Losing spiritual territory  24c

Test -- See also: Tribulation    Commentary

                Discipleship tested  5e

                Entrance exam  140e

                Maturity tested  137l

                Test the spirits  70c

                Tested for faithfulness to the death  189e

Testament -- See also: Covenant

                New Testament bears witness to the old  151a

                Old Testament bears witness to the new  141a

Testify -- See also: Unbelief/Witness against unbelief

                Testify against sin  153c

                Solemnly testify  147h

                Your words testify of God's works  85g

Testimony -- See: Witness

Thanks giving  82g -- See also: Exalt

                Give thanks for all things  250e

                Grateful to God for the Church  81i

                Having a thankful attitude  96d

                Zeal comes from a grateful heart  101g

Theology -- See: Doctrine

Thief  25g -- See also: Truth/Counterfeit truth

                Gentiles steal the kingdom from Israel  211c

                Rejecting Christ to steal His glory  199f

                Taking away the key of knowledge  240h

                Thief in the night  49i

                Wolves steal, kill and destroy  180e

Thorn in the flesh (Endurance)  97j

Thoughts -- See: Mind

Thriving, Fruitful is a way of thriving  128l

Throne of God  55g,202k,224l

                We have a place on God's throne  70ja

Through Christ  114i

                See also: Works of God/Working the grace of God

                Building the temple through Christ  139g

                Church bears witness to the Father through Christ  153a

                Demons are subject to the Church through Christ  45m

                God created all things through Christ  212b

                Hearing from God through Christ  106h

                We have made ourselves holy through Christ  133g

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Through you, Spirit speaks   110a

Throw away -- See: Discard

Thunder, Sounded like thunder or harps  55i

Thy Kingdom come  74a

                Preach the gospel for the kingdom to come  149f

Tickling Ears  177e

Time (s) -- See also: Always, Dispensation 

                Divine appointments  105h, 220d

                Don't look back to the past  232a

                God brings His kingdom to pass in its time  215i

                God controls time  214a

                In time of need  15c

                In time of persecution  110c

                Receive the kingdom in God's time  237cd

                Times of adversity  228a

                When He speaks  106f

                Use time wisely  7j

Tithing -- See: Give

Titles of His calling  91j

To him who has -- See: Conditions

Today  214j

Tolerate -- See: Endurance

Tongue -- See: Speak

Tool -- See: Instrument

Torment -- See: Suffering

Touch -- See: Hand

Tradition (s)

                Bad traditions  173k

                Good traditions  174a

Trail of good works -- See: Narrow way

Train -- See: Teach

Traits -- See also: Inherent

                Bond servant

                Epilepsy  146b

                Jesus has external traits of the father  253a

                Jesus has internal traits of the father  253cc

                List of traits found in man  250i

                Traits of man's wisdom  166d

                Traits of the devil's works  158a

                Traits of the resurrection  39b

                Traits of being heaven/hell bound  224jl

Trample -- See: Blasphemy

Transcend (s) -- See also: Will of God

                Doing good transcends the law  128c

                God transcends our comprehension  214b

                God's calling transcends will of man  91h

                New covenant transcends the old  118m

                Word of God transcends the creation  244h

Transfer -- See also: Delegate

                Transfer authority  72c

                Bestowing the Holy Spirit  115h

                Transferring  236k,238a

                We live because He is life  254b

Transform (s) -- See also: Turn

                God transforms the world into the church  219c

                Laughter turned to mourning  77l

                transformation Process  42f

                Transformed Into the likeness of your enemies  124k

Transgression -- See: Sin

Transition -- See also: Bridge

                TRANSITION Between the natural and spirit realm  103a

                Transition between wars  50fj

Transmit, We are transmitters of His kingdom  213e

Transubstantiation (Anti-Catholic communion)  172i

Trap, Bondage is a Trap  162i

Treasure (s) -- See also: Value

                Do not desire the treasures of the world  165e

                God doesn't entrust His treasures to Dogs  222b

                Heart of man is his treasure chest  74g

                Invest your treasure in His kingdom  236f

                Parables about treasure  225g

Treating -- See: Behavior

Tribulation -- See also: Adversity

                Persevere in tribulation  100a

                The great  tribulation  49k,50c

                Woman giving birth to a child  225j

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*Trinity  252a  See also: Works of God/Divine works of God

                Eternal life of the trinity  244c

                Jesus is God  58k,60e,61e

                Jesus was equal with God  37i

                Jesus will never leave us  238g

                Mystery of the trinity  230g

                Spirit of Jesus  132b

                Trinity bears witness to Jesus  144f

                Trinity belongs to us  34a

                Truth of the trinity  107d

                We are part of Christ's deity  61b

Trouble -- See: Adversity


                Last trumpet  237b

                Angels voices, sent to impart information  15e

Trust  37a

                See also: Faith, Love, Endurance

                Do not trust in wealth  249b

                Evidence to trust God  146l

                God doesn't entrust Himself to dogs  222b

                Trustworthy  102g,142e

Truth  107a -- See also: Voice

                Balance between truth and error  108a

                Counterfeit truth  159m

                                False doctrine among the truth  172h

                                Familiar with the truth  70f

                                What is truth?/there is no truth!  59g

                                World's wealth opposes truth  249l

                Discerning the truth  69b

                Enemies of the truth  48l,183i

                                See also: Enemy

                                Avoid the truth  177b

                                Deny the truth  174j

                                God hides the truth from man  221e

                                Hate the truth  25a

                                Hiding from the truth  184c

                                Losing truth by gaining religion  55n

                                Making enemies by telling the truth  57f

                                Miss the meaning of the truth  223f

                                Opposing the truth  153f

                                Rejecting the truth  157aj

                                Running from the truth  202f

                                Speak truth with evil motives  179h,182j

                                Suppress the truth  163g,240j

                                Truth offends error  201c

                                Wandering from the truth  161c

                                Withdrawing from the truth  203j

                Exaggerate/minimize the truth  63ef

                Heart is location of all truth  74d

                Hunger for truth  77c

                Judging between truth and error  68h,69f

                Led by the Spirit to the truth  105i

                                See also: Attitude

                                Born of the Spirit by the truth  110f

                                Guide you into all truth  68f

                                Law of the Spirit of truth  119b

                                Revelation of the truth (true knowledge)  109fg

                                Spirit of truth  110ak,111c

                                truth In the presence of God  112a

                                Words of His Spirit are truth  255b

                Light of the truth  58c,112ce

                Manifestation of truth  111i,137f,244jk

                More truth less bondage  57h

                Renew your mind to know the truth  79e

                                See also: Flesh/Carnal mind is set on the flesh

                                Doing good teaches you the truth  127i

                                Perceiving the truth  69b

                                Word of God leads you to the truth  80d

                Seek the truth  232l

                Seeking to control the truth  183e

                Set apart by faith in the truth  191k

                Standard for truth  11f

                Telling the truth  78b,122i

Turn -- See also: Will of man/Freedom to choose righteousness

                Turn from sin to God  192i

                Turning in the wrong direction  170a

Tutor, Law is our tutor  90c

Twisted  -- See: Mind/Twisted thinking

Two implied meanings  58i


                Abortion is a type of crucifixion  135c

                Herod is a type of Satan  61f

                Judged by type of sin  48h

                Sin in the likeness of demons  55d

                Tongues are a type of Prayer  95e

                Type of baptism  35i

                Type of fruit  129a

                Type of love  168b

                Type of poverty  23d

                We are a type of Jesus' priesthood  81b

Tyrant, Satan is a tyrant over the world  164d


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