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Face -- See also: Glory

                Countenance of Christ  92b

                Mask over the real self  159a

                Pure in heart shall see His face  104j

Factions -- See: Division  158e

Facts -- See also: Gospel

                Distorting the facts  17j

                Hiding the facts  75i

                Presuming the facts  178a

                Scriptures are factual  107k

                Treating Knowledge as fact  85k

Fail (s) -- See also: Knowledge/Unable to know the truth

                Effort frustrated by failure  170k

                Endurance that fails  99j

                Jesus never fails  39h

                Ministries ordained by men will fail  198i

                Unable to endure the word  60d

Faith  105f -- See also: Faithful, Commentary

                Baptism is a sign of faith  191ba

                Catholics who are converted to the faith  173e

                Conviction leads us in way of faith  90b

                Faith and love  125b

                         Bridge between faith and love  121b

                         Love is the action of faith  124k

                Faith and works

                                See also: Flesh/Deeds of the flesh

                                Faith does not nullify the law  90j

                                faith Produces works  88a

                                Faith -- Suffering -- Glory  98e

                                faith Versus works  41fc,205h

                                Faith without works is dead  55c,88c

                                                See also: Disobedience

                                                Counterfeit Godliness  158j

                                                God blesses us for doing His word, not for knowing it  87a

                                                Lip service  173j,174k

                                                Lord, Lord  195i

                                                Love sickening sweet  158j

                                                Mental ascent  86f

                                Manifestations of faith  118j,245a

                                Obedience of faith  115i

                                Obey the law by faith  85l

                                Persevere in faith  99n

                                Rest in His yoke by faith  117c

                                Standing firm in the faith  97i

                Faith is the balance  108b

                Faith offends unbelief  201h

                Father will honor your faith  32l

                                See also: Obey/Obedience to the Father

                                Abraham is our example of faith  12c,41fa

                                Cannot please God without faith  64b

                                God gives life to your faith in Jesus  254d

                                God is our protection of faith  28a

                                Seek the glory of God by faith  233h

                God's faith  186g

                                Invest your life in God's faith  236j

                                Rejecting the faith of God  200c

                Have patience for God  126k

                Having one faith  130c,136a

                Heirs through faith  36g

                Impart your faith  139a

                Jews lead the world to faith in Jesus  210h

                Knowing God -- See: Knowledge

                Men of faith  151h

                Obedience represents our faith  85l

                Prayer of faith  83a

                Protect your faith  106l

                                See also: Guard

                                Contend earnestly for the faith  7a

                                Hold on to your faith  232g

                Purified through faith  103m

                                See also: Fire

                                God tests your faith through hardship  5f

                                Righteousness of faith  41f

                                Set apart by faith in the truth  191k

                Saved by grace through faith  41f

                Simplicity of faith  78g

                Sin deteriorates your faith  57h

                                See also: Judgment/God judges the world

                                Littleness of your faith  20f,54c

                                Losing your faith  207a

                                Renouncing your faith  199e

                                Running from walking in faith  202h

                                Walking outside the realm of faith  167e

                                Wandering from the faith  161b

                What faith really is  117f

                Words that are spoken in faith  85c

                Words verbalize your faith  85h

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Faithful  102b -- See also: Fruit

                Be faithful in your tithes  235a

                Degrees of faithfulness  226h

                Exhorting the people to remain faithful  138j

                Fire without faithfulness  176f

                Hope based on faithfulness  121h

                God chooses us through our faithful  219h

                God tests your faithfulness  5e

                Father will honor your faithfulness  32g

                Judging enemies by your faithfulness  48k

                Remain faithful until Jesus comes  84c

                Serve God faithfully  13m

                Tested for faithfulness to the death  189e

                Faithful are there when you need them  14m

                Who is faithful in little is also faithful in much  4g

Faithless -- See: Disobedience,

Fall away -- See also: Reprobate

                Apostasy  204d

                Avoid falling away  98e

                Fall away through persecution  243a

                Losing your faith  207a

                Sheep revert to dogs  222b

False -- See also: Flesh/Deception of the flesh

                Blinded by a false sense of sight  169c

                False Apostles  54n

                False Brethren  172a

                false Burden  1g

                False Christ (Counterfeit Christ)  160a 

                False doctrine  176i

                            See also: Ignorance

                            False doctrine becomes a curse  26m

                            Extract the leaven of false doctrine  191d

                            False doctrine is fruitless 197h

                            Prevent false doctrine  9d

                            Reprove brother for spreading false doctrine  138e

                            Scoffing at false doctrine  63m

                            False doctrine within the truth  172h

                            Wolves lead people into a cult  179j

                False godliness  175cd

                False judgment  See: Judgment/Unrighteous Judgment

                False light is deception/religion  59a

                False perspective  94o

                False prophets  179e

                False Religions of the World

                False Shepherd -- See: leaders

                Hiding behind a false partition  184a

                Hiding behind false authority  184b

                Perceiving false reasoning  68l

                Wrong gate is wide  92h

Familiarity, Spirit of  20a,70d -- See also: hardened heart

                Do not stumble over Him  2l

                Growing insensitive to the things of God  74l

                Twisted thinking  18g,138f

Family  3b -- See also: Jesus/Married to Jesus

                Families break up because of faith  65f

                Family of God (Citizens of heaven)  237j

                Grieving over your loved ones  188j

                Respect authority within the family  73g

                We will recognize our family members in heaven  224h

                You and your household  208b

Famous -- See: Popularity

Fantasy -- See: Imagine

Farmer -- See also: Food

                Kingdom grows like crops in a farmer's field  229e

                Parables about a garden  225g

                Tiller of the ground  60g

Fasting  189i -- See also: Repent

Father, God -- See also: Obedience/Obedience to the Father

                Born again by the will of the Father  238a

                Father bears witness of believer  155h

                Conditions to the Father's love  206e

                Father belongs to us  34b

                Father is eternally glorified  244b

                Father is holy  133a

                Father is our example  12d

                                Be generous like your Father  34k

                                Children resemble their Father  224e

                Father is source of eternal life  244e

                Father is truth  107f

                Father Sends the Holy Spirit  35f

                Father Will honor you  32e

                Frustrating the Father  199b

                God is our Father  30e

                Obeying the Father  105f

                Positive attitude toward the Father  96f

                Pure in heart shall see the Father  104e

                Rejecting the Father  154b

                Relationship with His Son  253a,254a

                                See also: Character

                                Father bears witness of His Son  144g

                                Believe the Son by obeying the Father  85k

                                Father and the Son  111e,208g

                                Father did not abort His Son  135l

                                Father gave authority to Christ  40c

                                Father protects His Son  28l

                                Father sent His Son  144e,209k

                                Father slays His son  37b

                                Jesus is the way to the Father  114k

                                Jesus is at right hand of the father  67a

                                Jesus is first born of the Father  248g

                                Jesus is the manifestation of Father  245b

                                Jesus' position with the Father  66d

                                JESUS IS SUBJECT TO THE FATHER  253i

                                                Jesus' subordinate position with the Father  117ga

                                                Jesus is under the authority of the Father  13b,66e 

                                Jesus represents us before the Father  83h

                                Jesus obeys the Father  13a,87c

                                Jesus does works of the Father  114h,252de

                                Knowing Jesus but not the Father  54f

                                Parable about a father and his son  225g

                                Understand Jesus' subordinate/exalted position with the Father  117ga/gb

                Respect the Father's authority  73f

                Spirit of the Father  132a

                Spirit reveals the Father  109a

                Validity of the Father  151a

                Witness of the father  151h

                Worship the father  252e

Fathers -- See Patriarchs

Favor  -- See also: Invite

                Apple of His eye  2g

                Having favor with God is a mystery  231d

                Loving the approval of men  169g

                Need God's favor to walk in glory  217c

                Seek the glory of His favor  234b

                Teacher's favorite students  239c

                Undeserved favor  60h

                favor With God  30e,137d,143h


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