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Naked before God  190g


                Attack a person's name  84i

                Name of Jesus  67e

Narrow way  91l -- See also: Straight

                Dying to self keeps you on the narrow way  188b

                Rebelling against God's narrow way  180g,203k

                Trail of good works  228g

                Walking along the narrow way  91e

Nations Destroyed  49a

Natural -- See also: Outward

                Growing outwardly  188c

                Naturalism  166a

                Natural advantage as an evangelist  148c

                Natural blessings  34i

                Natural fault lines  65d

                Natural life  59e

                                See also: Eternal/Eternal life

                                Natural birth  60g

                                Natural mind  214b

                Natural ministry of helps  68b

                Natural realm  88d

                                See also: Realm

                                Committed in the natural realm  192e

                                Conditions to receiving in the natural realm  206d

                                Mediator between the natural realm and the spirit  134a

                                Natural then the spiritual  250f

                                Holy Spirit imposed on the natural realm  244h,245m

                                Sword of Spirit in the natural realm  79g

                                Spiritual then the natural  250g

                                Transition from the natural to the spiritual  103a

                                Outer tabernacle  190f

Nature -- See also: Spirit/Spirit of man

                Conform to Christ's nature  43b

                Contrast of two natures  54k

                Death is Satan's nature  26g

                Divine nature belongs to us  34dd

                Life reflects the nature of God  151j

                Nature of a bond-servant  12f

                Nature of man  141j

                Nature of a bond servant  12f

                Nature of sin  19l,162h

                Sinful Nature  16a,134fH

                                See also: Practice/Practicing Sin

                                Accountable for your sinful nature  4i

                                Believing you don't have a sinful nature  174g

                                Body is home of the sinful nature  134g

                                Dead in sin  25j

                                God's perspective on our sinful nature  94k

                                Grieving over your sinful nature  188h

                                Man's sinful nature wars against God  16a

                                Man's wisdom excuses his sinful nature  166a

                                Running to your sinful nature  202a

                                Sin is responsible, not me  58d,200j

                                Sinful flesh  240g

                                Sinful nature of the anti-christ  60f

                                Sinful nature partakes of Jesus' suffering  229i

                                Slave to the sinful nature  162g

                                Taking your sinful nature by force  190b

                Wilderness is the true nature of the world  105lb

Needs -- See also: Security

                Caring for people's needs

                                Caring for each others needs  123h

                                Caring for the needs of the body  130d,131c

                                Compassion  123b

                                Concerned about your welfare  247e

                                Devoted to the ministry  100l

                                Give them what I supply to you  59b

                                Kindness is meeting the needs of the saints  127b

                                My abundance is their supply  57i

                                Tending to needs of the poor  23g

                                Worrying about your needs  24f,54d

                Content with your means  120j

                God knows your needs  29j,31f,70i

                Lacking in nothing  44g

                Law shows us our need for Jesus  90f

Negative Attitude  96j

Negligence, Sins of omission  206k

Neighbor -- See also: Promote

                Help your weaker brother/neighbor  235de

                World pressures you to forsake your neighbor  242j

Neutral is unfruitful  197f

New age, Destroy earth trying to preserve it  55h

New covenant -- See: Covenant

New creation  238d -- See also: Organism, Commentary

                Description of the new creation -- See: Description of heaven

                Garments of the new creation  113e

                God works in the new creation  228j

                New creation belongs to us  34d

                New creation is indestructible  243h

                New Jerusalem -- See: Heaven/New Jerusalem

New Testament bears witness of the old  151a

Night -- See: Darkness

Nominal Christian -- See:

Notice -- See: Glory of man

No-win situations  75l,200k

                See also: Position

Nullify -- See also: Abolish

                Faith does not nullify the law  90j

                God nullifies the will of man  216b

                God's mercy overrules Man's sin  31e

                Lawlessness does not nullify sin  181e

                Old covenant is obsolete  205h

                Spirit nullifies circumcision  190i

                Unfaithfulness nullifies your tithe  235c

Numb -- See also: Sanctify

                Heart can grow insensitive (hardened)  74k

                Indifference to the world  12h

                Unresponsive to the Holy Spirit  185k

Numerically growing  128ia

Nursery for sin 

Nurture -- See: Encouragement


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