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Ulterior -- See: Motives, Darkness

Unable to: -- See also: Defeat

                Acknowledge God's presence  246d

                Bear fruit  58i

                Believe  162d,186g

                Discern good and evil  18g

                Endure the word of God  57j,60d

                Enter because of unbelief  60c

                Know the mind of Christ  196f

                Know the truth  157j

                Make sound judgments  196g

                Mind unable to receive  20c

                Obey God  196e

                Put down your flesh  196d

                Repent  186h,217e

Unbelief  19l -- See also: Atheism

                Attitude of unbelief  96l

                Carnal mind does not believe  167h

                Connection between disobedience and unbelief 40ab

                Deceiving Unbelievers  62n

                Dishonor God by your unbelief  203c

                                See also: Accuse

                                Against Christ as unbelief materializes  201a

                                Faith offends unbelief  201h

                                Frustrating Jesus through unbelief  198j

                                Rejecting Christ through unbelief  200f

                                Running from God through unbelief   202k

                Do not conform to World's unbelief  167k

                Judgment against unbelief  47i

                                See also: Word/Word is the judge

                                God cannot tolerate unbelief  64a

                                Jesus judges world's unbelief  40ag

                Not knowing God  1i,154d

                Sin begets unbelief  18h

                Spirit of unbelief  183h

                Tempted to walk in unbelief  160i

                Unable to believe  162e

                                God hides unbelief in darkness  184d,221k

                                Slave to unbelief  162d

                                Unbelief cannot distinguish light from darkness  20ca

                Unbelief gets in the way of prayer  241e

                Unbelief in the presence of God  54a

                Walking in unbelief  157f

                Witness against unbelief  154h

                                See also: Witness

                                Rebuke unbelief  122k,138a

                                Testify against unbelief  148b

                Word balances faith and unbelief  108c

Undefined Charges  18cd

Underground, church assembles in people's houses  29bb

Understand -- See: Knowledge

Undeserved favor -- See: Grace, Mercy

Undressing -- See: Clothes

Unfaithful  21c,197h -- See also: Unholy

                God will not bother with you  222e

                Spiritual adultery  134i

                Unfaithfulness nullifies your tithe  235c

                Unworthy because of unfaithfulness  179i

Unforgiveness  24k -- See also: Heart/Do not let your heart be hardened

                Bitterness  61e,158e

                Donít forgive your brother and God wonít forgive you  120e

Unfruitful -- See: Fruit/Fruitless lifestyle

Ungrateful  198c

Unholy -- See also: Adultery

                Unholy Sacrifice  173e

                Unholy Trinity  21l

unique -- See also: Special

                Jesus is the only savior  210g

                Unique methods of healing  145b

Unity  129e -- See also: Build, Cooperate

                Attitude that fosters unity  95g

                Bricks of the temple  140g

                Disobedience opposes unity  21f

                God unites Satan's efforts  65c

                Hindering unity in the church  241a

                Joy is the result of unity  125g

                One in Christ  211a

                                Blending together  1g

                                Gathering together  76k

                Prayer unites the body  83c

                Prevent disunity in the church  8m

                Satan brings unity  65f

                Servanthood solidifies church  14c

                Temple of God  132a

                Unite with God  139k

                Walk in your calling to be united  91h

Unknown, Fear of the unknown  23j

Unlock -- See: Open

Unrighteous -- See also: Wicked

                Unrighteous anger  24l

                unrighteous judgment  17b,124k

Unteachable  198a

Unworthy Servant  179h

Urging -- See: Encouragement

Used by Satan  163e


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