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Abandon -- See also: Deny 

                God gives up on you  217c

                Jesus will never abandon us  238g

                World pressures you to abandon God  242g

                Abandon your convictions  160j

Abide in Jesus -- See also: Body/Jesus' body

                Endure/persevere as you abide in Jesus  99d,100c

                Hiding place  139k

                Renew your mind to abide in Jesus  78l

Ability -- See also: Adopted

                Able to respond to the word  31i

                Ability to teach  239j

                Having the ability to hear  106e

                Jesus is subject to God's ability  253k

                unwilling to walk in God's ability  185l

Abolish -- See also: Nullify

                Boasting in men is not needed  84g

                God puts away sin  50l

Abortion  135c -- See Also: Fetus

                Killing your offspring  60f

                Violent pro-life rallies  25b

Abraham -- See also: Covenant/Old covenant

                Example of faith  12c,

                The patriarch  151b

Absent -- See also: Empty

                Absence of God  171c

                Absent from the body is to be present with the Lord  57f

                Satan is Destroyed in the Absence of Sin  41a

                Being without law  181g

                Darkness is the absence of light  184e

Absorb -- See: Consume

Abstain -- See: Die to self

Abuse -- See also: Advantage

                Abuse the anointing  60h

                Abuse your authority  75j

                Abuse Grace of God  2n,21i,184e

                                Licentiousness  162kb

                Having an abusive attitude  96o

                Spiritual abuse -- See: Spiritual/Spiritual Abuse

                Use irresponsibility as an excuse  200i

                Using religion for evil  175be

Accept -- See also: Attain

                Accept one another  130h

                Accept the weak to judge their opinions  58f

                Acceptable sacrifice  189c

                Carnal mind agrees with devil  166j

                Cliques make people seek them  223c

                Condoning evil brings a curse  27c

                Conform through approval  168a

                God does not accept sinners  203b

                God receives us  33n

                Love the approval of men  169g

                Playing a part to be accepted  171fg

                Refuse to accept responsibility  197b

                Wanting to be accepted by man  182g

                Will of God is Acceptable to Him  248d

Access -- See also: Power of God/Accessing the power of God

                Access to the Father through Christ  132c

                Access the power of God through humility  77g

Acclamation/Exhortation  138f

accountable  4a -- See also: God/Accountable to God

                Authority makes you accountable  72j

                Trying to get out of trouble  175i,200i

                Accountable to God  120a,165b

Accuse -- See also: Blame

                Accusing God  17d, 18f, 200k

                Accusing Paul without formal charges  18c

                Accusing people you believe in  53ij

                Accusing Jesus of sin  178k

                Prevent false accusations (accuser of the brethren)  9a

                                See also: Perfect  43f

Achieve -- See: Fulfill, Victory

Actions -- See: Works of God/ Works of man

Adam  151g -- See also: Animal

Addiction (s) -- See also: Bondage, Commentary

                Addicted to the Holy Spirit  216de

                Drunk  159i

                Good habits  174b

                Moderation -- See: Moderation

                Tempted to pursue your Addictions  160k

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Adequacy -- See: Ability, Grace, Sufficient

Admiration -- See: Glory, Worship

Admonishment -- See: Encouragement

Adopted  36k -- See also: All things/God has given us all things

Adultery  134h -- See also: Defile

Advance -- See: Progress

Advantage -- See also: Control, Grace/Abusing the grace of God

                God takes advantage of your love for Him  216b

                Natural Advantage  148c

                Natural Disadvantage  240c

                Personal advantage -- See: Selfish

                Take advantage of God's kindness  184f

                Take advantage of no one  2j

                Take advantage of the circumstances  62i

Adversary -- See: Enemy

Adversity -- See also: Carried away

                Afflicting yourself  190d

                Boldness in Adverse circumstances  122h

                Encouraged in our adversity  139ab

                God gets involved in our struggles  29f

                                Delivered from adversity  29d

                                God comforts us in times of adversity  228a

                                God gives grace to the afflicted  32e

                                God tests your faith through adversity  5f

                Invest in a life of adversity/service  125cd

                saved with difficulty  209d

                Seek the glory of God through adversity  233k

                Storms of adversity

                                Carried away by adversity  162a

                                Embrace Jesus during the storm  232f

                                Peace in the midst of the storm  126g

                Tried and true  102j

                Trying to get out of trouble  175i

                Working God's grace through adversity  116f

Advocate -- See also: Mediator

                God is our advocate  28a,29j

                Advocate Marriage  3d

                Responsible to Advocate God's cause  4a

Affection -- See: Emotions

Affliction -- See: Adversity, Oppression

Afraid, do not be 23k

Age -- See: Dispensation 

Agree -- Being in One Accord  129j

Alcoholic -- See: Addictions

Alert -- See also: Aware

                Be on the alert  83k

                Monitor your thoughts  79dg

Alive -- See: Life

Alien -- See: Sanctification

Allegories -- See: Parables 

All things, in  250a

                All things belong to God

                                Christ glorifies the Father in all things  253i

                                God created all things through Christ  212bc

                                God exercises authority over all things  147d

                                God is all knowing  212f

                                God owns everything  214a

                                Jesus has authority over all things  66fg

                All things are for your sake  235j

                All things are possible with God  213b

                all things TO ALL MEN  1e

                By all means seek God  233l

                Do all things in moderation  108g

                Gentle in all your ways  128d

                God causes all things to work together  228m

                God has given us all things

                                All things are gifts from God  36d

                                 Believers are special to God  33i

                                Believers own everything  34e         

                                We have authority over all things  70j

                Love is the proper motive for all things  124c

                Obey the will of God in all things  87b

Allow -- See also: Destroy/God uses His power to be destructive

                Allow sin to reign in your flesh  16d

                Demanding permission  54e

                God permits man his own way  201j

Alms -- See: Offering

Altar -- See also: Authority/Church conveys Jesus' authority

                Church is the altar of Jesus' ministry  81d

                Laying your body on the altar  190a

Always -- See also: Delay

                Being sensible is always right  89ab

                God is always on time/now  214j,215a

                We shall always be with the Lord  224g



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