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Race -- See also: Avoid

                Finish the course  44d

                Parables about running a race  225o

Ransom -- See also: Cost

                Jesus is Our Sacrifice  209h

Rapture  50j,236l

                See also: First Resurrection, Second coming

                Escape through rapture/endurance  59d

Rationalize -- See: Excuse

Reach -- See: Seek

Reaction -- See: Response

Ready -- See: Prepared

Real -- See: Genuine

Reality, Perspective is your own reality  94m

Realize the source of your power  77j

Realm -- See also: Heaven

                Kingdom of God is of another realm  221i

                Realm of the Spirit  244h

Reaping -- See: Consequences

Reason -- See: Purpose, Cause

Rebellion 180g -- See also: Religion

                Cannot control God's response to rebellion  218b

                Church rebuked for rebellion  178e

                God denies His kingdom to the rebellious  221g

                Having a rebellious attitude  96n, 97b

                Rebelling against the will of God  197a

                Rebellion is the incubator of witchcraft  183a

                Refusing to comply  217f

                Walk in your own authority  173e

                Walking in rebellion  153h

                World is rebellious toward God  154f

Rebuke -- See also: Students

                Boldness to rebuke unbelief  122k

                Criticize in the flesh  1e

                Hypocrisy of the church is rebuked  178d

                Reproof  138a

Receive -- See also:  Word/God favors you by His word

                Blind receive their sight  118g

                Depending on Jesus to receive us  227f

                Hope is the expectation to receive  121b

                God Receives us  33n

                Mind that is unable to receive  20c

                                See also: Remember

                                Against Christ if don't receive Him  200k

                                Carnal mind cannot receive from God  167f

                                Dishonor God by not receiving Him  203d

                                Don't give to him who won't receive you  222d

                                Receiving nothing  217k

                                Unwilling to receive Christ  199i

                                World receives itself  168f

                More blessed to give than to receive  58b

                Patient to receive something better  192g

                Receive Christ  90c

                Receive delegated authority  72e

                Receive from God

                                See also: Reject/God

                                Ask but don't receive   241a

                                Ask to receive  34f

                                Blessing through endurance  34j

                                Die to receive the glory of God  187c

                                Freely give what you received  234l

                                Holy Spirit as a form of baptism  35i

                                Love/joy is response/result of receiving from God  125af

                                Preparing to receive  8g

                                Receive a prophetic word  152j

                                Receive authority  149i

                                Receive by substitution  192c

                                Receive God's righteousness  58g

                                Receive the kingdom in God's time  237d

                                Receive the anointing  115b

                                Receive through prayer  83a

                                Receiving my needs  57i

                                Revelation through obedience  114f

Recognize -- See: Seeking the glory of man, Identify

Reconciliation -- See also: Relationship

                Groping for our creator/redeemer  59h

                Ministry of reconciliation  31h

                Ordained reconciliation  72b

                Redemption of man  37f

Reflect -- See also: Represent

                Reflection of an inner substance  171h

                God reflects on His plan/creation  94lm

                Law reflects man's nature  141j

                Life reflects the nature of God  151j

                We are reflectors of His glory  213g

Refuse -- See: Reject, Rebellion

Regard -- See: Respect

Regulations -- See: Law/Keeping the law

Reign -- See also: Seal 

                Allowing sin to reign in your flesh  16d

                He shall reign forever  243l,244a

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Reject (Rejection) -- See also: Resist

                Excuses for rejection  200f

                Rejecting Christ as the Messiah  199j

                Rejecting God  157a

                                See also: Servant/Slave of the devil

                                Carnal mind rejects God  167i

                                Do not conform to the world's rejection  168c

                                Man's wisdom rejects God  166b

                                Rejecting Christ  154ab,157b,199d

                                Rejecting God's purpose  200c

                                World rejects God  165a

                Cannot control God's response to your rejection  218a

                Rejecting God's faith  186g

                Rejecting God's word  20k,164a

                                See also: Revelation

                                Forsaking the law  181f

                                Resist the knowledge of God  198a

                                Spirit of error rejects the truth  183k

                Reject opportunity to be holy  145i

                Rejected by God  186k

                Refuse the glory of man  77c,222f

Rejoice -- See: Joy

Relationship -- See also: Communicate

                Jesus' relationship with His Father -- See: Submit

                Love/hate relationships  55f

                Man's flesh is related to the devil  16a

                Narrow way connects you to God  92i

                Personal relationship  208e

                Prevent obstacles in the way of your relationship God  8m

                Relationship between faith and works  88a

                Relationship between Father & Son  253a,254a

                Relationship between Jesus and His mother  173a

                Relationship determines authority/power  72hi

                Relationship of a bond-servant with God  12g

                Relationship with God  143i

                Relationship with others  137l

                Relationship with your heart  74b

                Resolution without relationship   176h

                Working God's grace in your relationship with Him  116c

Relativity -- See: Compare

Relax as God kills you  116l -- See also: Die to self

Relent -- See: Change, Repent

Religion  173j

                See also: Righteousness (self)

                Bondage to religion  162k

                Carried away by religion  161k

                Catholicism  172h

                Counterfeit relationship through religion  209a

                Defend yourself from religion  79l,80a

                False light is deception/religion  59a

                False Religions of the World

                Fear their religion  169j

                Gospel offends religious institutions of men  201e

                Have a religion to avoid hell  166d

                Losing the truth by gaining religion  55n

                Religion of witchcraft  172h

                Religion doesn't know what to believe about God  20cb

                Religious Theory of Evolution  212c

                Operating His grace through religion  185a

                Using religion as a front  175b

                Vain religion  171a

Relinquish -- See: Submit

Remedy -- See: Solution


                Conviction reminds us to repent  89l

                Remember Miracles  147a

                repeating instruction  239c

                Teachers remind their students  238g

Remove -- See: Spiritual warfare

Renounce -- See: Blasphemy

repeat -- See: Remember

Repentance  192i -- See also: Sanctification, Sin/Turn From sin to God

                Gift of repentance  36b

                                Fear of God causes repentance  88j

                                God forgives us when we repent  120b

                                Repentance is a blessing  54g

                                Set apart through repentance  111a

                                Spirit delivers you from the desire to sin  118l

                God expects us to repent  208c

                                God calls sinners to repentance  207la

                God repents of His generosity  222b

                Man is unwilling to repent  201i

                                Counterfeit repentance  159f

                                More you sin harder to repent  57k

                                Unable to repent  186h,217e

                Message of evangelism is repentance  149a

                Prayer overcomes temptation  160i

                Working to remain Repentant  97i

                                Correct false reasoning  69a

                                Purge sin from our lives  60b

                You will know them by their repentance  156f

Replace -- See: Substitution

Represent -- See also: Reflect

                Ambassador in chains  148i

                Father and Son represent each other  253h

                Jesus is exact representation of Father  253d

                Jesus represents us before the father  83h

Reprobate  186c -- See also: Work of God/Viewing God's work as sin

                God gives people over to Satan  65b

                God gives up on you  217c

                Reprobate mind  157i

Reproof -- See: Rebuke

Reputation  142c -- See also: Character

                Attack your reputation  84g

                Blameless reputation  58c

                Maintain a good reputation  1d

                Reputation of being persecuted  242kb

Require (s) -- See also: Commandment

                From him who has shall much be required  4f

                Fulfill the requirements  44c

                Partaking that requires/doesn't require our participation  230bc


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