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Sense -- See also: Perception

                God does not make sense  214b

                Obedience makes sense to your Spirit  87f

                Perverted sense of justice  186i

                Sensing Deception  68k

                Sensing wickedness  68i

                Spiritual sensitivity  70b

Sensible  89a -- See also: Discernment

                Do all thing in moderation  108g

Send -- See: Messengers, Delegate

Separate -- See also: Die to self

                Circumcision  190e

                Death is separation  26a

                Do not conform to the world  167i

                Separated from the grace/kingdom of God  60h,61d

                Separated from the old man  188k

                Separated from the Spirit realm  134e

                SET APART (SANCTIFICATION)  191f

                Man chooses to be Separate from God  199d

                Sorrow of being Separated from the flesh  187a

Sequence  250a -- See also: Treasure

                Die to self precedes resurrection  187g

                Faith --Suffering -- Glory  98e

                From fleshly bondage to spiritual freedom  60b

                Last is first and first is last  56i

                Now it is our turn  37k

                Prerequisite to going to heaven  127j

                Pride comes before a fall  22n

                 *Priorities  247a

                Run to Jesus prior to His visitation  194c

                Sequence Of revelations  50c

                Spirit follows truth/obedience  110lm

                We must first get His attention  30e

*Servant (s)  11a -- See also: Angels, Humility

                Attitude of a servant  95i

                Be a servant in all things  250d

                Bond-slaves  12e

                                As a master owns a servant  213j

                                God forces His bond-slaves to do His will  216f

                                Obligation to preach the gospel  148h

                                Prisoner of God's will  61a

                                Slave to obedience  87j

                                Slave of freedom  119f

                                Slave to a pure heart  105c

                                Teaching bond-servants  55a

                Disciples are servants  5d

                God serves those who serve Him  33i

                Humble servant  56d,77hi

                Invest in a life of service  125d

                Master becomes the servant  58a

                Slave of the devil  162c

                                See also: Sin

                                Being a slave to wealth  249i

                                False servant  174i

                                Lip service  174k

                                Serving God in ignorance  1g,25e

                                Serving self  22c

                                Serving two masters  195a

                                Unworthy servant  179h

                                Worshipping other gods as a servant  195h

                Serving God  238g

                                See also: Substance/Substance of God

                                Father honors you in His service  32f

                                God favors you as a servant  31b

                                God's servants are dependable  102c

                Serving one another  131g

                                See also: Unity

                                Diligent in your service  100d

                                Tending to the needs of the poor  23g

                Slave is free/free is slave  53f

                Who are you serving?  129a

Set apart -- See: Sanctification

Sexual lust  22j

Shaking -- See: Walking into the fire  103a

Shame  153c -- See also: Unbelief/Dishonor God by your unbelief

                Dishonor God  203b

                Doing good hides your shame  127k

                God comforts us in our shame  228f

                Shaming the poor  23h

                Shaming your own body  135f

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Share -- See: Give

Sheep -- See also: Lamb

                Not of His sheep  217j

                Parables about a shepherd and his sheep  225j

                Wandering from the fold of the sheep  161g

                Wolves in sheep's clothing  172c,180df

Shelter, Clothing acts as a protective shelter  113b

Shepherd  240a -- See also: Teach

                Jew and Gentile believers are one flock with one shepherd  210ia

                Jesus is the great shepherd  141a

                Our obligation to shepherd the flock  5l

                Parables about a shepherd and his sheep  225j

Short-cut -- See: Compromise

Shrewd -- See: Cleaver

Shun  162j

Sickening sweet love  158i

Sight -- See: Vision

Sign (s) -- See also: Miracles

                Signs and wonders  146h

                                Counterfeit signs and wonders  159l

                                Divine works of God  147e

                                Seeing signs and wonders  115g

                                Word plus signs and wonders  111h

                Circumcision is a sign of obedience  190g

                Seeking signs  20f

                Sign of death, burial and resurrection  191b

                Sign of the times -- See: Second Coming of Christ

                Tithing is a sign of faithfulness  235b

                Tongues are a sign of obedience  95d

Similarity in the body  135l

Simplicity of faith  78g

Simulate (s) -- See also: Pretending

                Decorate the outside to simulate the inside  171e

                Fasting simulates dying to self  189j

*Sin  16a -- See also: Stumble

                Consequences of sin  48a

                                See also: Stimulate

                                Perish in your sin  206k

                                Sin deteriorates our faith  57h

                Convicted of sin  89j

                Dead works -- See: Works of the flesh

                Do not conform to world of sin  167j

                Exposing sin  153j

                God's perspective on sin  94k

                                See also: Soul

                                Church rebuked for sin  178f

                                God cannot tolerate sin  64a

                                God/church is angry at sin  69de

                                God hides from sin  221i

                                God's response to sin  217l

                Heart is sinful  74h

                Jesus judges sin  40a,68d

                                See also:  Unbelief/Judgment against unbelief

                                Believers' sin is judged  45d

                                Condemning sin  194e

                                God judges sin of the world  37a

                                God passes over our sin  120f

                                God puts away sin  50l

                                God's mercy overrules man's sin  31e

                                Jesus becomes sin  58g

                                Jesus is without sin  41a

                                Satan destroyed in absence of sin  41a

                                Word judges sin  40f

                Law judges sin  52a

                Led into sin  160e

                                Carried away by sin  161l

                                Deceitfulness of sin  181j

                                Law entices us to sin  54k

                Manifestation of sin  245k

                Mystery of lawlessness  185e

                                See also: Mystery

                                Satan falls by his own wickedness  46i

                                Sin in the likeness of demons  55d

                                Sin is incubator of witchcraft  183a

                Negative attitude about sin  96j

                No excuse for sin  154c,181d

                Practicing sin  156k,203k

                                Addicted to sin  162f

                                Sin From a lack of prayer  81i

                                Given over to sin  217d

                                More you sin harder it is to repent  57k

                                Sinful lifestyle  201d

                                Walking in sin  153g

                                Yielding to sin  194k

                Reprove your brother for sinning  138c

                Sin begets unbelief 18h

                sin Of familiarity  70d

                Sin nature -- See: Flesh, Nature

                Sins committed in ignorance -- See: Knowledge of evil  155c

                Sins of the body -- See: Body

                Sinner -- See: Sinner

                Spirit delivers you from the desire to sin  103f,118l

                                Dying to self by the Spirit  116m

                                Prayer overcomes temptation  160i

                Testify against sin  153c,154g

                Turn From sin to God  192i

                                See also: Take

                                Anointing cleanses from sin  103fg

                                Abstain from sin  2o,96b

                                Curse of sin is broken  119h

                                Delivered from the desire to sin  118l

                                Free from sin  119c

                                Prevention against sin  8n

                                Rewarded for overcoming sin  227d

                                Set apart from sin  191i

                                Stop Sinning  192j

                                Victory over sin  194f,245i

Sincerity -- See: Genuine

Single -- See also: Independent

                Content with remaining single  120l

                Jesus is our only savior  210g

                Single minded  78chj,129j,231j

                One God  255hi

                Remaining single is better than divorce  3g

Sinners -- See also: Fool

                All men are sinners  52d

                Comparing yourself to sinners  174f

                Delivered from sinners  29e

                God is kind to sinners  207l

                God uses sinners  210c

                I thought sinners liked darkness  53k

                Law was made for sinners  53k

Sit -- See: Complete

Situations -- See: Position

Size -- See: Grow


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