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Calling  90l -- See also: Destiny

                Disobedient to God's calling  21b

                Fulfill your calling -- See: Fulfill

                God forces you by your desire of His calling  216c

                God ordains our calling  106o

                                See also: Ordain

                                God sanctifies us through His calling  191h

                                God's calling is our destiny  219j

                                Man does not control God's calling  219b

                Know the word to fulfill your calling  80g

                Run to Jesus when He calls  194b

                Walk in the gifts of His calling  130m

                Working God's grace through His calling  115b

                Worthy of your calling  93d

Calvinism -- See: Predestination

                Anti-Calvinism -- See: Working the Grace of God

Cancel -- See: Nullify

Care -- See also: Content

                Carnal mind cares only for itself  167b

                Caring for people's needs

                                Brother depends on you  131c

                                Caring for the needs of the body  247d

                                Committed to caring  130d

                                Compassion  123b

                                Ministry of the saints  123h

                Walk carefully with wisdom  93e

                We need a Father to care for us 33gj

Carnality  166h  

                Being carnally minded  60a

                Obey God in spite of your carnal mind  87h

                Carnal perception of wealth  249b

Carried away  161g -- See also: Circumstances

                Carried away like lust does to show me what lust is  55j

Casting out demons  145e

Casualty -- See: Victim


                Opposites that are inverse of each other  55k

               Gain by losing  192a

Catholicism  172h -- See also: Religion, Counterfeit

Cause -- See also: Foundation

                Cause (s) of

                                Cause and effect  250h

                                Causes of Misinterpreting Scripture  182d

                                Causes of persecution/deception  65gh

                                Causes of poverty  23j

                                For the cause of righteousness  153l

                                Pursuing the glory of man turns us in the wrong direction  170a

                Circumstances caused by others  99h

                Circumstances caused by Satan  165i

                Commitment to the cause  152b

                Fear of God causes repentance  88j

                God causes all things to work together  228m

                God causes the growth  229c

                Hating Christ without a cause  185b

                Martyrs cause the judgment of God  189f

                Mocking God without a cause  19c

                Responsible to advocate God's cause  4a

                Responsible to defend God's cause  6j

                Seeking victory for a defeated cause  54l

Caution -- See: Fear

Ceremony  -- See: Tradition

Change -- See also: Evil/Turn from your evil ways

                Man changes His mind  222b

                God never changes  205a

Character -- See also: Integrity, Faith/Father will honor your faith

                Attacking a person's character  84h

                Character Of God  109g,121e,161b

                                Accountable to the character of God  4a,43a

                                Unbelief in the character of God  21a

                Hope based on character  121k

                Put gentleness in your character  128e

                Run from God through a lack of character  202d

Characteristics -- See: Traits

Charisma -- See: Popularity, Follow

Charges, undefined  18cd

Chasten -- See: Discipline

Cheat -- See: Deception

Cherubim  15ha

Childbirth, Parables about a woman giving birth to a child  225j

Children -- See also: Christian

                Aborting your own children  135i

                Authority to become the children of God  68g

                Believers are children  33a

                Children of God's kingdom  207f

                Do not harm God's children  2h

                God's children resemble their Father  224d

                Parables about a mother and her children   225j

                Parenting children  3l,72lm

                Respect your parents  73i

                Revelation of God's children  70j,109d

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Choices -- See: Will of man

Chosen -- See: Predestination

Christ -- See: Jesus Christ

Christian (s) -- See also: Church

                Believers are children  33a

                Believers are special to God  33i

                Believer's authority  70i -- See also: Inheritance

                                Believer owns everything  34a

                                Description of heaven  244a

                                Give to him who has  222i

                                No end to His increase  243k

                Believers' judgment  40ek,45a

                Christian's ascension in the Spirit  237i

                Counterfeit Christian  159d

                Devils among the saints  172a

                Especially of believers  210e

                Jews are believers  210i

                Led to the right people  105h

                Lukewarm Christianity  196i

                Ministry of the saints  123f

                                Called as saints  91l

                                Ministry of kindness  127b

                                Partaking of the ministry of the saints   230f

                                Respect the ministry of the saints   73c

                                Revelation of the true saints  110j

                Suffering as a Christian  229ia

                Validity (witness) of believer  154i

Church -- See also: Cross/Jesus died for the church, Commentary

                Body of Christ is the church  136i,231j

                Church assembled in people's houses (underground)  29bb

                Church Conveys authority -- See: Authority 

                Church gives birth to Christ  61f

                Church hidden from the world  222a

                Church is in heaven  237g

                Church is deceptive  63a

                Church is holy  133d

                Church is indestructible  243g

                Church is of the truth  107g

                Church is altar of Jesus' ministry  81d

                Church ministered publicly  143b

                Church offends the world  201g

                Church reigns with Christ  244a

                Church tests the disciples  5l

                Church's Deeds in the light  112f

                Counterfeit church  160c

                Demons are subject to the Church through Christ  45m

                Example of the church -- See: Example

                God favors the church to spite the world  31a

                God glorifies the church  50l

                God is interested in the church  247a

                God judges church -- See: Judgment

                God transforms world to the church  219c

                God's perspective on the church  94g

                Grateful to God for the church  81i

                Instruction to the church  193f

                Jesus is head of the church  137a,141b

                Jesus is Lord of the church  66c

                Jesus is the foundation of church  137a

                Jesus prophesies to the church  152f

                Miracles, that the church may believe  146j

                Natural advantage of the church  148g

                Paul's love for the church  11m

                Persecute the church -- See: Persecution

                Revelation of the true Church  110ja

                Rules of the church  10a

                Servant-hood solidifies the church  14c

                                See also: Instrument

                                Conform to Christ's ministry  43c,60d

                                Pray for the church  81j

                                Preach the word to the church  150j

                Communion between world and the church  172c

                                See also: Communion

                                Entertaining demons  163l

                                Expose Hypocrisy in the church  6l,69m

                                Extract the leaven in the church  191e

                                False Perspective in the church  94p

                                Goats are unsaved church  attendants  203a

                                Hindering unity in the church  241a

                                Hypocrisy of church is rebuked  178d,122l

                                Oppressing the poor in the church  61d

                                Seeking Prominence in church  158f

                                Seeking to control the Church  183ea

                Tearing down differences in the church  130k

                Transferring the kingdom  236k,238a

                Understand God's purpose/vision  117g

                Unity of the church -- See: Unity

                World uses the church   179c

                Wandering from the church  161g

                Wealth of the world/church  60e

                witnesses of Jesus  144a,147h

                                Church bears witness of believer  155i

                                Church witnesses of the Father  153a

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