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1Tim 2,1-4

(248d) Priorities >> God’s priorities >> The will of God >> The will of God is acceptable to Him

1Tim 2,1-3

(10e) Responsibility >> Keeping order in the Church >> Decrees of the Church – Paul said, “I do not allow a woman to teach or exercise authority over a man, but to remain quiet” (v 12). We Christians are not to exercise our rights as American citizens or get involved in government affairs, but to remain quiet. The True Church understands that we are sinners, but the world doesn’t; the True Church has received forgiveness of sins, but the world hasn’t; the True Church is going to heaven, but the world isn’t. Therefore, since we know we are sinners, just like Eve sinned, we should remain quiet and submissive to the authority of our government, so that we do not become accountable for the things they do. When other nations observe all the evil that America has done, they also notice that the Church stayed with the teachings of Christ and respect us for it, but American Christianity is backing politics and the military and thus endorsing everything it does. We are not listening to the gospel that Jesus and Paul taught; instead, we are listening to the gospel that we have taught ourselves, and it is the same gospel that the Catholics taught in the dark ages. They would send their missionaries to proselytize villages, and if they rejected their message, they would send in their military and slaughter them and take over their land and resources. That is what America is doing today; we are imperialistic, and the Church stands behind it all. If we lived a godly life, we would have influenced the world so the evil they did would have pricked their conscience. It is quite possible the world would not have the insurmountable problems it has if the Church had lived according to the precepts of Christ and not gotten involved in worldly affairs. See also: Kingdom of God; 29e / History of Catholicism; Jn 7,19-27; 241j

(29e) Gift of God >> God is our advocate >> Delivered from wicked rulers – It appears there is an ulterior motive in praying for our leaders, not for their sakes but for our own sake, “in order that we may lead a tranquil and quiet life.” God wants all men to be saved, so we're not just praying for our leaders to leave us alone; we’re also praying for them that they may be saved, and for that reason leave us alone. Should we pray that our leaders protect us from foreign armies, or should we pray for protection from our government? Most likely it is the latter. Paul is saying, ‘pray for them that we do not fall prey to their tyranny.’ The ideal manner in which this prayer should be answered is that our leaders be saved and serve the Lord themselves so they understand the truth and the concept of righteous judgment. See also: Kingdom of God; 41i

(41i) Judgment >> Satan destroyed >> Be like Jesus >> Be godly in all your behavior -- These verses go with verses 9&10. Paul wants women to make a claim to godliness (Vs 9,10); that is how we should relate to our government and to the world. Instead, the Church appeals to the world with political issues. This has nothing to do with godliness. How far from Christianity have we strayed? When it says, “A woman must quietly receive instruction with entire submissiveness;” that is how the Church should behave toward the government. 1Pet 2,13-15 says, “Submit yourselves for the Lord's sake to every human institution, whether to a king as the one in authority, or to governors as sent by him for the punishment of evildoers and the praise of those who do right. For such is the will of God that by doing right you may silence the ignorance of foolish men.” See also: Kingdom of God; 70k

(70k) Authority >> Believer’s authority >> We are the salt of the earth (Preservative) -- These verses go with verses 9-15. If we politically get involved, we will become responsible for everything the government does, including the military. Therefore, we should leave the world alone and let them do what they will. We should instead influence them in conjunction with prayer and godliness as the salt of the earth and light of the world, and not as political activists. We need to approach the world as Paul taught about women, that we should receive instruction with entire submissiveness. That does not mean we should submit to the world’s ideologies and beliefs; rather, we should cling to the teachings of the gospel of Christ, which will lead us to understand that we are not of the world even as He was not of the world (Jn 15-19). See also: Kingdom of God; 89a

(73d) Authority >> Respect Positions Of Authority >> In the Church

(78g) Thy kingdom come >> Sincerity >> Embracing your first love >> Simplicity of faith

(82c) Thy kingdom come >> Three elements of prayer >> Direction (Attitude) >> Who to pray for

(82i) Thy kingdom come >> Prayer >> Thankfulness >> Giving thanks for His blessings

(89a) Thy kingdom come >> Fear of God is the beginning of wisdom >> Being sensible is always wise -- These verses go with verses 9-15. Paul is commanding us to pray for our leaders, to avoid making trouble for ourselves by not getting politically involved, so we can worship God in peace. It is sensible to lead a simple life and keep to ourselves. If we succeeded in influencing people with our politics, the gospel would still be unheard. How can we preach the gospel after we have spent their patience venting our political venues on them? Paul wants us to pray for our leaders, not to advance our political agendas, so the Church can “lead a tranquil and quiet life in all godliness and dignity.” We are to pray for our leaders because we hold the position of a priest. We don't want the government mad at us, because they have authority to invoke persecution on us. They control mindsets and can disseminate attitudes and values that people readily accept. If we upset the government, the people might upset us, and in Paul’s day that usually meant death and imprisonment, and in other countries it still means that. See also: Kingdom of God; 165g

(165g) Works of the devil >> Manifestations of the devil >> Do not partake of the world >> Be in the world but not of the world – The Church today has the attitude that we should be politically active, that we should have a say-so in what happens in the world, but this exposes something that the Church seems to have forgotten: we are not of this world. Jn 17-16 says, “They are not of the world, even as I am not of the world.” We belong to the Kingdom of God, which stands opposed to the kingdoms of this world. God commanded us to be separate from the world (2Cor 6-17). However, Christians today want to get involved in government affairs and influence legislatures and promote passing laws to protect the Church. That sounds good at a glance, but when we look further into the ramifications of getting involved in politics, we see that the Church is trying to influence a kingdom to which it does not belong. There is nothing wrong with voting, but we should use our energy and resources to influence the Kingdom of God and do what we can to enhance the Church in ways that make for peace (Rom 14-19). The world’s favor on the Church is lacking, because we have been seeking ascendancy. How then are we supposed to preach the gospel to them? When we tell them they need to get saved, they have no idea what that means, because we have not educated the world in our beliefs in the the gospel of Christ through our good behavior, though they know our stance on political issues. See also: Kingdom of God; 1Tim 2,1-3; 10e / Kingdom is opposite the world; Tit 3-1; 238j

(239d) Kingdom of God >> Pursuing the knowledge of the kingdom >> Teachers >> Teachable students >> The teachable submit to the word  -- These verses go with verses 11-15

1Tim 2-1,2

(11c) Servant >> Standard for a servant >> Freedom

(32j) Gift of God >> Father will honor your devotion to Him >> Honor your prayers

1Tim 2-1

(248j) Priorities >> God’ s preeminence >> Values >> The Highest Values >> Top Priority

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1Tim 2-2

(75b) Thy kingdom come >> Motives of the heart >> Motives for doing the will of God

1Tim 2-3,4

(210d) Salvation >> The salvation of God >> Jesus is our savior >> Jesus is the savior of the world – God is not interested in sending anyone to hell, but desires that the world be preserved through the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, proving once for all that God is not some kind of ogre. Those who believe and know the truth will always be the minority in this world, but their numbers must remain relatively high for this world to be saved from tyranny and the perversity of wickedness, which always seeks to replace the truth.

1Tim 2-3

(104g) Thy kingdom come >> Pure in heart shall see God >> Shall see the Father >> God can see uswe are in His sight

(253h) Trinity >> Relationship between Father and Son >> Father and Son glorify each other >> Father and Son represent each other – Although we know Jesus is our savior, Paul says that God is our savior, equating Jesus with God. It’s a small case for the trinity, but it’s relevant.

1Tim 2-4,5

(83h) Thy kingdom come >> Jesus intercedes for us >> He represents us before the Father

1Tim 2-4

(109f) Thy kingdom come >> Faith >> Revelation of God >> Revelation of God's word is true knowledge

(219g) Sovereignty >> God overrides the will of man >> The elect >> God chooses us as we choose ourselves >> God chooses us as we fulfill His calling – This statement seems diametrically opposed to the doctrine of predestination that says God knows everyone who will get saved. He knows the end from the beginning; He knows the future like He knows the present and the past. So what is this statement, speaking in passive voice? Is this an exception to the rule? It suggests that God is not controlling who gets saved; people are controlling their own destiny. None of this contradicts the true understanding of predestination, though it makes God sound as though He doesn’t know the future, as though He only hopes everybody will get saved. That is not at all the popular understanding of predestination. It sounds like God chooses to deal with us on our level, not taking His foreknowledge into account, but approaches us in the same way that we approach our own circumstances with very little understanding of the future. It also indicates that God is not actually choosing them, but they come to Christ on their own volition, which again contradicts the popular understanding of predestination. It opens up the idea that God chooses us as we choose ourselves! God’s choice is not the only one that is involved in salvation; we have a choice too, and this is the thing that staunch Calvinists completely dismiss. They don’t understand the power of man’s choice; they dismiss their own will. Calvinists are right in that God knows the future as well as the present and the past, but they are wrong in thinking He works with us in that regard. It would be useless for God to deal with us in the mode of infinite knowledge, since He would know beforehand that we will obey or disobey Him, so what would be the use in working with us? He only has to look into the future and see that all His labor is in vain of those who will ultimately reject Him, yet He works with us just the same, striving to lead us to salvation.

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1Tim 2-5,6

(37d) Judgment >> Judgment of God on His Son >> Jesus’ humanity >> He was a man

1Tim 2-5

(125b) Thy kingdom come >> Manifestations of faith >> Faith and love

(173b) Works of the devil >> The religion of witchcraft >> Catholicism >> Scripture that contradicts the Catholic faith >> Relationship between Jesus and His mother >> Jesus is our mediator, not Mary (or the apostles)

(255h) Trinity >> Father, Son and Holy Spirit >> Three in one >> There is only one God – The Bible claims there is only one God; monotheism is unique to Christianity. Historically, the things people didn’t understand about their world (which was most everything) their religions attributed to a god, the sun god, the moon god, the harvest god, etc. They used their beliefs as an explanation to fill the gaps in their lack of knowledge. The fascinating part is why anyone took them seriously. Christianity came along and proclaimed that there was only one God, who is responsible for all things, who exists in three persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Jesus is our mediator, who sent the Holy Spirit in His place when He ascended to the Father, who is the final authority of all things. The cross is the mediator between God and man’s sin, while the Holy Spirit is the mediator between God and man’s redemption. Man would not have invented a religion that stated we were sinful, so that God had to come and save us through His own blood. Tribal leaders in ancient times sacrificed their loyal subjects (of course the leaders would never offer themselves) to redeem the people from specific sins they committed, but God even forgives sins of which we have no awareness. The rule of sinful man inventing a religion is that he should not make one that incriminates him, but that is exactly what Christianity does; it implicates mankind as having the terminal disease of sin. Man would never invent a religion like this.

1Tim 2-6

(35a) Gift of God >> God is willing to Give >> He is generous with the flesh of His Son

(37b) Judgment >> The cross >> Father slays His son

(209i) Salvation >> The salvation of God >> Jesus is our sacrifice >> Jesus paid the price for us >> Jesus paid our ransom with His own blood

(215c) Sovereignty >> God controls time >> God’s timing >> Fulfillment of God’s time >> The moment we have all been waiting for – When Jesus gave Himself a ransom for all, God's timing was intricately involved. He didn’t come when He could, as though busy doing something else. Rather, His timing was perfect. A book could be written about the implications of this; for instance, there could have been a better time for the Jews, such as during the days of King David, who would have surely led Israel to receive their messiah, instead Jesus came to His people at a time when they would not receive Him. To God that was the proper time. This may seem confusing to the natural mind, but God had a plan that the Jews should reject their own Messiah and nail Him to a cross until dead, and that the gentiles should have their moment under the Son, and fail as miserably as the Jews at performing God’s will. For example, the two biggest wars in recorded history (World Wars I&II) were fought during the age of grace on the gentile’s watch, not too graceful, as a result of the gospel falling under the tyrannical reign of the Catholic Church in the third century that injected their malignant doctrines into Christianity, thereby touching off the apostasy under which we still suffer to this day. So, the gentiles were no better than the Jews in obeying the Lord. What God obviously wants to communicate is that no one has it in his heart to serve the Lord, for man generally obeys his flesh instead of God almighty, regardless of race, color or creed. God has another reason for His perfect timing. Instead of setting up His kingdom and reigning among His people, He should allow mankind to exercise their faith. This way God can test our faith, so we can prove to be the children God. There is no other way to establish the connection and relate to God except through faith; God designed it this way because He is composed of the very substance of faith! While Jesus physically reigns among His people during the millennium, there will be no faith needed to believe in Him, but in our case, where Jesus has gone back to heaven and sent His Holy Spirit, we must obey Him through faith. This pleases God like nothing else. See also: History of the Church; 2Tim 3-8; 240j

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1Tim 2-7

(43c) Judgment >> Satan destroyed >> Transformation process >> Conform to the character of Christ >> Conform to His image – Paul spoke as though it were hard to believe that he was a teacher of the gentiles, compared to his former manner of life as a Pharisee and a religious zealot. His whole way of thinking was now contra wise. The Jews had no dealings with gentiles, considering them dogs, and so did Paul, until he met Jesus on the road to Damascus and his life changed on the spot. The very people he once tried to kill he was now trying to save, after experiencing a 180 degree conversion. There was hardly a thing about him that remained the same after meeting Christ; this should be the case with all of us who are born of God. Paul met the Lord as a murderer and a violent aggressor of the Church with an opposing knowledge in Judaism. For some of us there are things we believe that we can keep, but there are other things, if we are going to believe in Jesus, we must dispose, that place us in bondage to various sins and hinder our faith in Christ. If we didn’t have a sinful nature, we would completely understand God, and we would not have been deceived, but it is the sinful nature that has led us astray; and when we get saved, we realize how far we have wandered from him. Therefore, a person who supposedly gets saved but never changes, we should questions his salvation. See also: Paul and Barnabas separated because of Mark; Col 4-10; 130k

(71g) Authority >> Ordained by God >> Ordained by His sovereign will >> God chooses you

(78b) Thy kingdom come >> Sincerity of heart >> Being honest >> Telling the truth – Paul's favorite subject was faith in the truth, and with faith comes love. Everything about love can be seen with the naked eye, but before love manifested it was faith. Love is dependent on faith, and faith is based on truth. Everyone believes something, but the one who has faith believes the truth. Faith and truth are like lock & key; there is one lock but many keys; no key fits the lock but one, and that key is the truth. All other keys are belief systems that do not embrace the truth, and so they do not produce faith. There are two aspects of truth: the truth that we read in the Bible, and the Spirit of Truth. Put these together through prayer and God will enable us to love by faith in the truth. See also: Faith versus works; Jn 5-29; 127j

(210k) Salvation >> Jews and gentiles are being saved >> Gentiles included >> Fellow heirs with Israel (Spiritual Jew) >> Ministry to the Gentiles

(239i) Kingdom of God >> Pursuing the kingdom >> Pursuing the knowledge of the kingdom >> Teachers >> The gift of teaching >> Teachers are a gift to the body

1Tim 2-8

(3k) Responsibility >> To the Family >> God addresses both genders >> Good men

(24l) Sin >> Poverty (Forms of fear) >> Unrighteous anger

(82g) Thy kingdom come >> Three elements of prayer >> Where to pray

(130b) Thy kingdom come >> Manifestations of faith >> Unity >> Being in one accord >> Having one voice

(133e) Temple >> Your body is the temple of God >> Holiness >> The body of Christ is holy >> The temple of God is holy

(134f) Temple >> Your body is the temple of God >> Composition of our bodies is from the earth >> Worship unlocks the spirit realm – There are some Christian denominations that do not allow the raising of hands in church, because it denotes emotion, and they shouldn’t allow their emotions to get involved in their faith for fear of steering them into false doctrine. I’ve got bad news for them; they went astray when they decided that emotions were a threat. The reason for their fear of emotion stems from their lack of knowledge. Then, there are other churches that not only allow the raising of hands, but also allow running through the isles, jumping and twirling like tribal barbarians, attributing their behavior to the Holy Spirit, suggesting the more they dance and spin the more spiritual, and it has turned off whole other denominations who also are brethren. A lot of false doctrine has emerged from this form of frenzied worship, some believing they are exercising demons or performing spiritual warfare by their many gyrations, pulling a handful of Bible verses out of context, when in fact it may be the demons that are exercising them. They get their ideas to act like maniacs from the Old Testament; when Israel returned the Ark of the Covenant to the temple, King David danced with Joy (2Sam 6,16-23). They take from the story that the more they humiliate themselves the more God will honor them, but this is the rationale of lunatics. Satan wants to make a mockery of worshipping God because it is a good thing, and so is raising holy hands. If our emotions are real, there is nothing wrong with dancing, but conjuring the feeling through dance, thinking our gyrations will topple satanic forces in spiritual warfare seems to parallel witchcraft more than divine worship. Isn’t there balance somewhere? Raising hands in church is a good thing, but raising holy hands is better. Paul discusses the need for order within our assemblies (1 Corinthians chapters 11,12,14). See also: Spiritual warfare (warring against deception); Mat 24-4,5; 161e

(158c) Works of the devil >> Essential characteristics >> Divide and conquer >> Strife >> Contentions

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1Tim 2,9-15

(3h) Responsibility >> To the Family >> God addresses both genders >> Instruction about women – According to the Bible, women are more willing to believe a lie than men. Therefore, God requires men to be ultimately responsible for what happens in the family and in the world. See also: Women; 10b

(10b) Responsibility >> Bringing order to the Church >> Issues between men and women – Instead of putting on fancy clothes and jewelry and demanding expensive valuables that put a strain on the marriage, she should put on good works. A woman’s good works make her far more desirable than costly garments and pearls and diamonds, especially in God’s eyes. If she were to busy herself with these things, and let the man manage the Church and home, things would run more smoothly. She would be much further ahead this way than becoming defiant and striving for things she shouldn't have, like she did in the Garden of Eden. If she busies herself with the ministry, called as a servant in all places and circumstances, conforming to the ministry of angels, she will discover the true meaning of Christianity, and at the same time demonstrate faith and love to all who know her. She would become a leader by example, which is actually better and more noble than seeking the man's position. May every person find his and her place in the Church according to the will of God. This will shut the enemy’s mouth and keep darkness and jealousy and petty rivalry at bay. See also: Women; 70k

(32h) Gift of God >> Father will honor you if you die to self >> Your obedience

(70k) Authority >> Believer’s authority >> We are the salt of the earth (Preservative) -- These verses go with verses 1-3. A woman is to clothe herself with good works instead of costly garments, making a claim to godliness. Men could use a bit of this too, so why is Paul only addressing women here? Is it really more important for women to make a claim to godliness than for men? In some ways it is! Throughout the ages the role of women have been the salt of the earth. They have preserved mankind throughout the millennia and buffered the human race from destroying itself long ago. Paul knew men needed to see godliness in their women, putting them to shame and leading them to repentance. Meanwhile, she is raising her children in a godly manner for the next generation, so her children have a head start in the appreciation of godliness. Women are the preservatives of this world, so when they abandon their place, the world implodes, as it is prophesied for the last days, being one reason antichrist is depicted in Revelation as a harlot. See also: Women; 87k

(87k) Thy kingdom come >> Obedience >> Obey authorities – Women are to be an example of godliness in quiet fashion, submitted to authority, but these words are like sand in her eyes. Men are to be the authority figure in church and within the home; that’s the order of things. Someone must be in charge, and for women to take authority from men exposes her ulterior motive. See also: Women; 1Tim 2-9,10; 2g

(89a) Thy kingdom come >> Fear of God is the beginning of wisdom >> Being sensible is always appropriate -- These verses go with verses 1-3

(95h) Thy kingdom come >> Attitude >> Having an obedient attitude >> Ready to do God’s will


1Tim 2-9,10

(2g) Responsibility >> Avoid offending God >> Keep your commitments with those who are committed to you – In the real world there is very little concern about dress code and behavior that curbs lust for the opposite sex. If we ask the Bible what we should wear, God would tell us to put on good works, which are the primary combatants against lust. The prettiest girl or the burliest guy can turn off the most lustful of souls by conducting themselves in a godly manner, because godliness is like smoke in the eyes of sexual lust. When a man and woman who love God are courting, and he wants to treat her with dignity and respect, the best thing she can do for him is to be considerate of his weakness toward sex and dress modestly. See also: Women; 171f

(11a) Servant >> Standard for a servant >> A changed lifestyle

(41i) Judgment >> Satan destroyed >> Be like Jesus >> Be godly in all your behavior -- These verses go with verses 1-3

(113c) Thy kingdom come >> Faith >> The anointing >> Heaven’s clothes >> Clothe yourself with good works

(127k) Thy kingdom come >> Manifestations of faith >> Goodness >> Rewards for doing good >> Doing good hides your shame

(150d) Witness >> Validity of Jesus Christ >> Works of the Church bear witness to Jesus >> Confessing the salvation of Christ >> Confessing Jesus because you are saved

(168a) Works of the devil >> Manifestations of the devil >> Do not conform to the world >> Do not let the world’s approval shape you to itself

(171f) Works of the devil >> Manifestations of the devil >> Outward appearance >> Decorating the outside to simulate the inside >> Playing the part to be accepted by men – People in the feminist movement are most likely appalled by these verses. Many of them don’t want anything to do with the Bible because of verses like this, using them as an excuse to reject God. As some suspect, it is possible that Paul was bias toward women, but it is not possible that the Bible is bias, because it is the word of God, and so is First Timothy. Paul advised women to dress modestly and discretely, yet some say they get gussied up in respect for God, but they dress like they're in a fashion show. Paul didn’t ask men to dress modestly, because they don't have a problem with that, but women enjoy looking pretty, and men like them to look pretty too, but in church Paul says to keep it modest. See also: Women; 1Tim 2,11-15; 76b

1Tim 2-9

(108g) Thy kingdom come >> Faith >> Balance >> Do all things in moderation – To adorn ourselves with costly apparel is making a claim to worldliness when the goal is godliness (v10). Paul often used the word “godliness” in his letters to Timothy and Titus. We do all things in moderation even if we have the money to live better; still we live modestly so as not to shame the poor. John said that this world is dying, and also its lusts, but the word of God abides forever (1Jn 2-17); similarly Paul said in 1Cor 7-31 not to make full use of the world, because it is passing away. If we appear worldly but claim to be Christian, our appearance broadcasts our vanity more effectively than our speech communicates our faith. When we make a claim to godliness, if someone isn’t there to hear it, they won't know, but they do know how we look. We want our appearance to broadcast our faith, and moderation says it better than anything. Those who are poor don’t appear that God takes care of them, and those who are rich don’t appear to know God; for this reason balance is necessary. We are to care for the poor, so people know that God cares for His own, and sometimes He uses us to do it.

(170e) Works of the devil >> Manifestations of the devil >> Seeking the glory of man >> Greed and lust are the glory of man >> Woman is the glory of man

(197k) Denying Christ >> Man exercises his will against God >> Man withers when he is in control >> Unfaithfulness >> Unfaithful to the brethren

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1Tim 2-10

(85h) Thy kingdom come >> Words that are spoken in faith >> Verbalize your faith

(233i) Kingdom of God >> Pursuing the kingdom >> Seeking the glory of God >> Seek His glory without wavering >> Seek His glory through obedience

1Tim 2,11-15

(72k) Authority >> Hierarchy of authority >> Authority makes you accountable >> You are accountable to the one who gave it to you

(73h) Authority >> Respect authority in the family >> Respect the institution of marriage

(76b) Thy kingdom come >> Motives >> Seeking authority for security >> Motives based on desire for power – Women are rebellious in these last days, and look at the state of our country and the world; it is falling apart! Women are unwilling to take their place in the home, because they have lost their faith in God, thinking that being a servant is subservient as though placed on a lower rung. Part of the reason women have abandoned their place in the family is the result of how men have treated them, and they have grown sick of it, and who can blame them? History is filled with mistreatment of women. Had the man respected the woman’s role as a servant and honored her, she would have been far more willing to remain there and continued serving the family, making the world a better place; instead, the man lost sight of his own role as head of the house. Jesus taught that His authority came from being a servant. Therefore, the man has more authority than the woman only because he is a greater servant. This is what the Bible teaches is the orientation of God’s heavenly kingdom and describes the relationship that Christ has with the Church. Since man has abandoned his role as a benevolent authority figure, women have abandoned their role as servants, so nobody is training the children. Hence, the world is producing a generation of narcissistic reprobates, who quickly turn into sociopathic monsters. Once we go down this road, there is no turning back. We cannot fix these people; instead, they mass-produce and the problem gets worse, and it is all because no one is minding the children. This is evidenced by the many beginnings that God has initiated, such as Noah’s flood. Jesus came to give us a new beginning, and we have reached the end of it, because man is no longer able to govern himself. See also: Women; 181a

(151g) Witness >> Validity of the Father >> New Testament bears witness of the Old >> Adam

(181a) Works of the devil >> Practicing witchcraft >> Rebellion >> Rebelling against God >> Rebelling against the authority of God – Women are more susceptible to deception, more easily beguiled, more willing to trust the wrong person than men. God told Adam not to eat from the one tree, so when he did, he wasn’t deceived but did it in absolute rebellion against God, whereas the woman was deceived into eating the forbidden fruit. Women have been deceived into abandoning their position as servant in the home, whereas the man simply rebelled against God by refusing to be a good husband and a gentle father. Paul is saying, ‘Get back to your posts and bear the next generation and train the children as you should, so the whole world will be preserved.’ He was saying that women will be preserved (along with the rest of mankind) because of her role as a servant. See also: Women, Adam; 203e / Adam lived against his conscience; Mat 4,1-11; 108f

(203e) Denying Christ >> Dishonor God >> Stepping out of position – The women partook of the fruit first and then offered it to Adam, which forever defined their relationship. We live in a world where there is much consternation between the genders. Men in the past have not used their authority to be a blessing but held it over women, and through the years it put a bad taste in their mouths, and nowadays women refuse to accept the slightest hint of masculine authority over them and have become rebellious. Paul is speaking very plainly here; he didn’t mince words; he defined the woman’s place. She was to submit to a man, not to all men but to her husband, who is head of the family. He said that the reason for this goes all the way back to Adam and Eve. Roles in relationships between men and women were defined after the fall in the Garden of Eden, delving out blame and accountability to each. Although God charged the man for the sin, yet in review the woman first partook, who turned and offered to her husband, tempting him as the serpent tempted Eve. Paul is saying, since the woman did this, she should learn her place and submit to her husband as Eve should have submitted to Adam. See also: Women / Adam; 1Tim 2-13,14; 182a

(239d) Kingdom of God >> Pursuing the kingdom >> Pursuing the knowledge of the kingdom >> Teachers >> Teachable students >> The teachable submit to the word -- These verses go with verses 1-3 

1Tim 2-13,14

(16f) Sin >> Man’s willingness to be evil >> Using sin to achieve your goals

(182a) Works of the devil >> The origin of lawlessness >> Deception >> Self deception >> Believing the darkness within you is light – Paul reminds women that it was not Adam who was deceived, “but the woman being quite deceived, fell into transgression.” This suggests that women have a greater affinity to believe a lie than men. However, they have intuition as a defense. Therefore, if they don’t listen to their intuition, they are highly susceptible to deception. Ladies, listen to your inner voice; God gave it to you for a reason. See also: Women / Adam; 250hh

(183e) Works of the devil >> The origin of lawlessness >> Spirit of Error (Anti-Christ / Anti-Semitism) >> Nursery for the spirit of error >> Selfish ambition >> Seeking to control the truth

(250hh) Priorities >> God’s prerequisites >> Sequence of priorities >> Believe the first message; all subsequent messages are meant to dissuade you – There is the order, Adam and then Eve. Adam is called man, and women perpetuates the order of man. See also: Women; 1Tim 2-15; 93a / Adam; 1Tim 2,11-15; 181a

1Tim 2-14

(23b) Sin >> Pride can blind your eyes

(160j) Works of the devil >> Essential characteristics >> Satan’s attitude determines our direction >> Temptation to walk in unbelief >> Tempted to abandon your convictions

(161l) Works of the devil >> Carried away by sin

(171d) Works of the devil >> Manifestations of the devil >> Outward appearance >> Vanity >> Vain experience >> Emptiness is where God isn’t

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1Tim 2-15

(93a) Thy kingdom come >> The narrow way >> Keep yourself on the narrow way – What does the word “if” mean? If women don’t “continue in faith and love and sanctity with self-restraint,” then the entire human race will plummet into the abyss. This is what is prophesied at the end of the age. There is no shortage on sex, yet no one is raising the children, leaving the succeeding generation devoid of Faith, love, sanctity and self-restraint. All these things are producing the conditions for the antichrist to rise to power. Good and righteous people would not allow endtime prophecy to be fulfilled. When man becomes corrupt, there is no one to stop sin, so it exponentially increases. Once we let go of the reigns and allow sin to flourish like weeds in a garden, it takes over very quickly. So yes, women are extremely important to the perpetuation and preservation of humanity, not just as bearers of the next generation, also as parents that raise their children in the admonition of the Lord. Paul said they have the role of angels (1Cor 11,7-10). That sounds like a high calling; what more matters of this life? See also: Women; 1Tim 2,9-15; 3h

(125ba) Thy kingdom come >> Manifestations of faith >> Faith and love in equal measure

(135f) Temple >> Your body is the temple of God >> Sins of the body >> Abortion >> Consequences of abortion >> Abortion is the result of a selfish life-style

(191i) Die to self (Process of substitution) >> Result of putting off the old man >> Set apart >> Set apart from sin

(206d) Salvation >> God makes promises on His terms >> Conditions to promises >> Conditions to receiving in the natural >> Conditions to participating in the natural realm

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