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Disclaimer: this page features commentaries that digress from the subjects and verses they were intended to address. To compensate for their anecdotal quality, these picks are some of the better commentaries of this website. 


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Abortion; 1Tim 1,3-16; 70k



        Abraham formed his life around the heavenly words he heard

                2Pet 1,16-19; 107c

                1Jn 2-24; 106f

        Believing in Jesus is like the faith of Abraham

                Rom 10,2-4; 41h

                Col 2,9-15; 136g

                1The 1-3; 101h

                Heb 4-11; 6e

        He never received what was promised; Rev 2-25; 232g

        He sacrificed his son; Jn 17-10; 34g

        He trusted God; Heb 11,6-40; 5i

        Israel was born at Abraham's first step; Phi 3,3-11; 177i

        We have inherited God's promise to him; Rom 8-16,17; 36k


Adam and Eve

        See also: Freedom, Suffering and evil, Commentary on the OT

        Adam wanted to be like God

                Mat 10-28; 47d

                Rom 1,21-25; 195i

                1Cor 3,18-20; 166f

                Rev 11-18; 24g

        Adam chose Eve over God; Mat 24,37-39; 168d

        Adam was first and then Eve

                Eph 5-22,23; 73h

                1Tim 5-16; 44j

        Adam was only given the earth; 1Pet 2-9,10; 213k

        Adam will not be with us in heaven

                2Cor 11-3; 151g

                Rev 1-5; 37h

        Curse: death rushed in to fill the void of God's absence

                        2Cor 7,4-7; 98h

                        Jm 3,13-16; 167d

        Eve sinned before she conceived her first child; 2The 2,3-12; 185g

        God experienced Adam's sin; 1Cor 15,20-28; 119i

        God intended Adam to eat the forbidden fruit

                Jn 5-43,44; 57e

                Act 13,44-48; 200b

                Act 17,22-31; 94m

                Rom 5,6-10; 246k

                Rev 20,1-3; 185g

                God is still making man

                        Eph 2-6,7; 224l

                        Phi 2,5-11; 37d

                        1Tim 6-9,10; 161b

                        Heb 3,1-6; 231h

        God uses Adam's curse to test man's loyalty

                1Jn 4-21; 4l

                Rev 20,1-3; 15i

        God judged the devil through Adam and Eve

                1The 5-9; 31a

                Rev 17,1-18; 50g

        God kicked man from the garden

                Eph 2,1-3; 166j

                Rev 9,13-15; 220d

        God will create a new race of man -- See: New heavens and a new earth

        Jesus is the second Adam;  Lk 4,1-13; 183j

        Knowledge of evil -- See also: Reprobate

                Lk 23,18-25; 168c

                Act 3,17-19; 175j

                Heb 6,4-8; 185d

                Rev 16-15; 92d

                Adam knew what he was doing more than Eve; 1Tim 2,11-15; 181a

                Adam lived against his conscience

                        Mat 4,1-11; 108f

                        Act 23-5; 27d

                        Rom 7,7-13; 53c

                        Heb 3,7-19; 185l

                        Heb 10-15,16; 155g

        Man is free

                Mat 8,23-27; 147c

                Rom 6-15,16; 161l

                Heb 1-3,4; 41g

                1Jn 3,7-10; 161i

        Man is perfected through the curse; Rev 5-4,5; 41d

        Mystery of lawlessness -- See: Mystery

        Satan -- See also: Satan

                Adam assimilated into Satan's curse

                        2The 2-13; 191k

                        Rev 21-1; 26c

                Satan lied to Adam and Eve

                        Act 28,3-6; 157j

                        Rev 12,7-11; 46h

                Satan uses the law of sin and death against man; Jn 16-33; 41d


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Addiction -- See also: Sin

        Bondage to sin

                1Cor 11,27-30; 51c

                Heb 3,6-19; 87b

        Drug addiction

                Deceitfulness of sin; Rom 7-11; 181j

                Do not waste your resources on people's addictions; Act 20,33-35; 100d

                Hate the addiction before kicking the habit; Jn 12,23-26; 129e

                Overcoming drug addiction by a substitutionary process; Jn 4-13,14; 162h

        Freedom from addiction (bondage)

                Jn 8,31-36; 119c

                Heb 11-29; 246c

                Free and forgiven; Act 13-39; 118l

                Standard of addiction is freedom; 1Jn 3,5-7; 42c

        Resisting its temptation

                Mat 3,1-3; 8m

                Heb 2-18; 188e


Adopted; Eph 1,3-9; 33n


Age of Grace (Israel overlooked the 2000-year era documented in their Scriptures); Lk 1,67-75; 29e


Agnostic -- See: Atheism


Alcohol; 1Cor 11-21; 159i


Analogies -- See also: Atheism

        Beliefs versus faith; Gal 5-7,8; 91f

        Blind spot in our vision; 2Cor 4,3-6; 169a

        Christian walk; Heb 2,1-4; 106l

        Climbing Mount Everest; Jm 1-10,11; 166i

        Comparing computers to faith; Heb 6-1,2; 137k

                Heb 4-14; 150ca

                Atheism (Chess game, computer program is like creation); 1Tim 6-20,21; 212d

        Cowbirds; Mat 13,24-30; 159c

        Heart is like a sharpshooter; Rev 2-4; 161d

        Looking at our reflection in the mirror; Jm 1,22-25; 55b

        Sparrows are like people; Mat 10,29-31; 160l

        Surveyor; Rom 5,8-11; 72b

        Swimming upstream; Lk 6-26; 240d

        Train and railroad tracks

                Jn 5-24; 205aa

                Jn 10,27-30; 205aa

                Act 24,1-9; 202a

                Gal 3,21-26; 205k

        Using a map in the woods

                Jm 1,22-25; 94o

                1Jn 1-9; 194j

                        Lost in the woods; Jn 14,7-11; 117j


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        Anointing of temple worship; Rev 19-8; 113c

        Definition; 2Tim 2-1; 55a

        It will return in the last days; Rev 8,2-6; 61a

        Like a dove perched on our shoulder; Col 3-15; 136h

        Produces the fruits of the Spirit; Heb 1-9; 224g

        Pentecost; 1Pet 1-3,4; 13f




                Rom 4,11-17; 210ia

                Rom 11,17-32; 186f

                1Jn 2-22,23; 201a

        Deny that Jesus came in the flesh; 1Jn 4,1-6; 164h

        God will give the antichrist first-up at bat; 2Pet 1-16; 66l

        Pope; Mat 24-11; 161e

        Saul was an antichrist; Act 26,9-11; 243f


Anxiety (angst)

        Mat 22,11-14; 222h

        1Jn 4-18; 119d



        American Christianity; Gal 2-9; 131k

        Caring more about the world than the faith

                Rom 8,14-17; 35f

                Rom 14-7,8; 192b

                2Cor 3-13; 118h

                Heb 12-1,2; 30c

        Church does not fear God; Rev 14-7; 41a

        Church has become tasteless (salt)

                Rom 16-5; 150a

                Tit 2,1-15; 11o

        Close-mindedness; Act 21,27-32; 163f

        Miss the second coming of Christ

                Mat 22,3-6; 18i

                2Cor 3,14-16; 70h

                Eph 5-27; 105b

        Our light is extinguished; Act 9,32-35; 4f

        The Church is disobedient

                Act 17,16-32; 175m

                Col 4-16; 80j

                Rev 12-4; 204d

        Walk while you have the light; Jn 12-35,36; 33a


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Apostles' creed; 2Jn-7; 37c


Armageddon; 2The 1,5-10; 49k


Ascension of Christ; Heb 9,11-15; 29j



        Agnostic; 2Pet 3,3-9; 243c

        Alternate explanation for life and the universe; 2Pet 1-3; 91j

        Believing a lie to spite the truth; Act 19,23-36; 183h

        Chess game, computer program analogy of creation; 1Tim 6-20,21; 212d

        Religion of unbelief

                Lk 9,24-26; 167i

                2Tim 4,6-8; 46e

                Heb 11,24-29; 154g

                Secular humanism -- See also: Truth/Relativism

                        Mat 7-26,27; 186d

                        Mat 12-30; 200l

                        1Jn 3-8; 166j

                        1Jn 5-19; 164c

                        Jd-4; 172d



        Church has authority of Christ; Jn 5-19; 87c

        Delegating authority; Rev 4,8-11; 244b


Babylonian Empire -- See: Last days



        Tit 1-10,11; 75j

        Heb 10-21,22; 78f

        John the Baptist

                He doubted; 2Cor 11-28,29; 247d

                Prophet of transition; Heb 9-8; 118m


Beast -- See: Last days


Begotten -- See: God/Father sent the Son


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Belief -- See: faith


Bible -- See also: Knowledge

        Confidence in the Scriptures; 2Cor 1-13; 106j

        Inkblots on a page without the Holy Spirit

                Rom 4-17; 150h

                1Cor 13-12; 112j

                2Tim 3-7,8; 167g

        Interpreting the Bible

                Mat 16,6-12; 182f

                Act 18,14-16; 239k

        Misinterpreting the Bible

                Mat 26,57-63; 160da

                Lk 15-1,2; 223a

                Jn 16-2,3; 223f

        Source of our knowledge of God

                1Cor 15,1-4; 106d

                Heb 5,11-14; 4c

        Unwilling to endure the word of God; 2Tim 4-3,4; 57j


Bitterness -- See: Heart


Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit

        See also: Adam and Eve (Knowledge of evil); The reprobate mind; Pharisees

        Accusing God of evil; 1Jn 4-5,6; 219g

        Blasphemy leading to a reprobate mind

                2Cor 12-20,21; 203k

                Eph 5-5; 122d

                1Tim 1-18,19; 199e

                1Tim 4-1,2; 164a

                1Jn 1-10; 203d

                Rev 12-12; 157i

        Denying the truth they know is from God

                Mat 7,24-27; 114a

                Mat 26-31; 37b

                1Jn 5-16; 35k

        Less we listen, less we hear; Jm 4-17; 200c

        Pharisees denied that Jesus was the Christ

                Mat 12,9-14; 241k

                Mk 3,20-30; 195c

                Jn 9,26-34; 198b

                Act 26,4-11; 175m


Blindness, Satan blinds us to the truth that we don't want to believe; Mk 16-14; 74l


Blood of Jesus -- See: Judgment



        Body of Christ; Gal 1,13-24; 238e

        Body, soul and spirit; 2The 3-14,15; 20k

        Relationship between body and soul; 1Cor 10-8; 134k

        Sacrifice our flesh to abide in the will of God; 1Jn 4-15; 78l



        Act 13,42-48; 143d

        Act 26,26-28; 232e


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Bondage -- See: sin



        Critical period; 2Cor 11-32,33; 147i

        Our spiritual identity; 1Pet 2-24; 141d


Bride of Christ; Heb 1,1-3; 255c


Brother versus neighbor

        Mat 25-40; 29i

        Lk 10,30-37; 242j

        Act 3-22,23; 29i

        Phi 4-22; 131l

        1The 4,3-8; 203g

        1Jn 3,10-18; 129i


Building the temple

        1Cor 3,9-11; 225l

        Rev 3,15-18; 94n



        Christian burden; Act 27-21; 20m


Calling, knowing His will

        Mk 6-37; 4f

        Jn 10-17,18; 71i

        1Cor 15-58; 90l

        1The 2-4; 212g


Camp of the saints -- See: Last days


Canonized writings; 1Tim 4-1; 106d


Capitalism -- See Greatest is least


Carnal Christian; Heb 3,7-19; 168j


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Catholicism -- See also: History

        Building the Church on Peter instead of Christ

                Mat 16,13-18; 109h

                1Pet 2,6-8; 141b

                1Pet 5,1-3; 76a

        Catholic Church is not sanctified

                Act 22,24-30; 192f

                Gal 6-12,13; 200i

                Catholicism is the false Church; Mat 22,1-6; 201j

                Catholic Church will host the antichrist; Rev 18-20,21; 39ja

        Fusing Church and state

                Act 26-31,32; 152b

                1Jn 4-2,3; 64h


                Jn 16,1-3; 175m

                Act 20-30; 22l

                Rom 1-8; 172e

                1The 1,2-8; 149h

        Disobedience of the Church; 1Tim 2,1-3; 10e

        History of Catholicism

                Jn 7,19-27; 241j

                Jm 3,3-6; 173c

                Rev 17,1-5; 21m

                Martyring the saints

                        Rev 18,1-8; 172j

                        Rev 18-4; 191j

        Interacting with demons; 2Pet 2,1-22; 145i

        Paul going to Rome encouraged the formation of the Catholic Church; Act 27,20-25; 227g

                He never stood before Caesar; Act 28,17-21; 18c

        Protestant services model after the Catholic Church -- See also: Church

                Mat 23-11,12; 77i

                2Tim 2-15; 108c

                1Pet 4-10,11; 234d

        Silencing the word of God; Act 25-18,19; 163f

        Transubstantiation; 1Cor 11,23-34; 184k

        Works-based salvation; Jm 2,14-20; 5n


Character: Remedy for inconsistency and a lack of wisdom; Lk 20,21-26; 89d


Charities, giving to; 1Jn 3-17,18; 156d



        Cherubim protect the saints

                Rev 4,1-11; 28b

                Rev 6,1-8; 39j

        Living Creatures; 2Cor 5-3; 212h


Chess -- See: Atheism


Christ -- See: Jesus Christ


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Church -- See also: History, Catholicism

        Biblical format of church services; Jn 10-1,2; 229f

                See also: Catholicism/Protestant services model after the Catholic Church

        Building the Church

                1Cor 3-6,7; 140g

                1The 5-24; 91i

                Tit 1,5-9; 240b

        Change agent of the world; 1The 1-7,8; 44k

        Church is like governments; Eph 2,19-22; 137m

        Church is most responsible for Jesus' death; Jn 6,47-58; 254e

        Church lost the anointing after the first century; 2Tim 2-1; 72h

        Condition of the Church today

                Act 2,41-47; 147f

                Act 17,1-13; 143d

                Rom 15-1; 170a

        Church resembles Israel at the time of Christ

                Rom 10-21; 49a

                Rev 17,10-18; 3j

        Delegates authority; 1Jn 4,13-16; 70j

        Obstacles in the way church growth

                1The 5-24; 130m

                1Pet 5,1-3; 169j

        Sign of a healthy church; Rom 1,13-16; 123a

        Strife and division; 1Cor 10,5-11; 64d

        Synergy in the Church; 1Cor 11,16-22; 178h


Close minded

        Mat 13,53-58; 70g

        Act 17,10-13; 95f

        Gal 1,15-24; 210k


Cognitive dissonance -- See Close minded


Communion; Heb 10-3; 238i


Compassion; Fruit of Christianity; Mat 15,32-39; 147c


Complete; 1The 5-23; 231h


Conscience; Mat 26,48-50; 16j


Contentment; Mat 6,25-33; 29l


Conviction -- See: Guilt


Corrie ten Boom; Jm 3-13; 127i


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        Abraham/Moses versus Christ; Heb 8,7-13; 205ka

        New Covenant is better than the old; Heb 7,1-28; 80l

        Old Covenant priesthood

                Heb 10-22; 103g

                Rev 15,5-8; 40c



        Creation is at war with itself; Rom 8,19-23; 24e

        Creation is evidence of God

                2Cor 5,18-20; 5e

                Phi 3-20,21; 226d

                Col 2,1-4; 80e

                2Pet 3-9; 247a

        Physical and spiritual realms are opposites; Heb 4-14; 150ca


Cross -- See: Judgment



        All cults follow the same pattern; 3Jn-9,10; 6l

        Christianity is the one true cult; 2Tim 2-1; 36m

        Formation of a cult; 1Tim 5-21; 51i

        Jehovah Witnesses

                Col 1-15; 248f

                1Jn 2-13,14; 253b

                1Jn 5-20; 244d

                Rev 3-14; 248g


                Rom 1-2; 151e

                1Cor 3,8-17; 139g

                Gal 1-8,9; 106f

        New Age

                Having faith in your faith; Mk 11,20-24; 147h

                Believing God is energy; Heb 11,1-3; 212b

                They love the world and reject the Spirit of Christ; Rom 5-5; 35f


Curse -- See: Satan

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Darkness -- See: Satan


David, King

        Lk 20,41-44 253eb

        Jn 10,11-14; 180cb

        2Tim 1-6; 104d



        Death is separation; Rom 6,21-23; 218f

        Death nullifies this life without Christ; 1Cor 15,30-32; 75b

        What happens to people when they die

                Mat 13,40-42; 241f

                Mk 9-4; 151e

                Lk 23,40-43; 237l

                Jn 10-28; 57f

                Act 2,23-36; 149a

                Rom 14-9; 66a

                1Jn 4,1-6; 160b


Deception (Satanic delusion)

                1Cor 1-10; 158d

                2Jn-7,8; 183k


Defense mechanisms; 1Jn 1-1,2; 37d


Demon Possession

        Going from bad to worse; 2Pet 2,13-22; 163a

        Playing with a Ouija Board; Lk 8,26-28; 146d


Denominations -- See: Religion



        Mat 16,1-4; 70g

        Mat 27,3-10; 186h

        Col 2-5; 6i

        1The 5-14; 126l


Discipline (Heb 12,7-11);  Paul disciplined the Corinthians; 2Cor 13-2; 69i


Disobedient -- See: Apostasy


Division; Phi 2,1-4; 78h


Doctrine (Know what you believe); Act 17,10-13; 95f


Doomsday preppers -- See: Last Days


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Door of Christ

        Jn 10,9-11; 33j

        Rev 3,8-10; 50h

        Rev 8-5; 104d


Doubt; Mat 28-16,17; 237h


Drug addict -- See: Addiction


Dying to self; Jm 1-12; 226b


Early Christians -- See: History of the Church


Easy-believism -- See: Eternal security


Emulsifier between money and faith toward God; 1Tim 6-9,10; 19h


Endtime Prophecy -- See: Last days


Eternal security? -- See also: Blasphemy

        Doctrine of easy-believism

                1Cor 3-15; 153d

                Tit 2-11,12; 239k

                Heb 12-8; 157e

        God doesn't allow quitters in heaven; Heb 3-6; 121i

        Removing our lampstand; Rev 2-5; 105f

        We can break the seal; 2Cor 1-22; 71k


Eternity -- See: Time


Evangelicals and Baptists

        1The 5-20; 222l

        Heb 1-9; 224g

        Jd-3,4; 7a

        Rev 2-4,5; 193f



        Separating the counterfeit from the genuine; 1Jn 3-3; 191c

        Sowers and reapers; Jn 4,36-38; 131k

        Making disciples; 2Tim 2-4; 120l


Evolution -- See: Atheism


"Exorcist” (the movie); Mat 8,28-34; 146f


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Faith -- See also: God, Salvation

        Believe in God to be like Him; 2Cor 10-7; 97c

        Confidence in God; Mat 6-14; 156da

        Difference between faith and confidence; 2Tim 2-19; 97j

        Difference between "belief" and "faith"

                Believing in God by revelation of the Spirit

                        Mat 4-23,24; 145c

                        Jn 11-40; 5n

                        Act 2,37-40; 193d

                        Rom 14-22,23; 122g

                        2Cor 3-16; 156h

                        Gal 3,1-7; 201h

                        1Jn 4-18; 57c

                        Rev 3,15-17; 86f

                God replaces our belief with His faith

                        Mat 24-12,13; 98k

                        Mk 8,22-26; 226k

                        Lk 17,11-19; 145a

                        Act 24-24,25; 85m

                        1Cor 13-10; 43i

                        2Cor 12-8,9; 43k

                        Phi 3,9-11; 98g

                        Col 2,12-15; 205i

                        1Pet 4-12,13; 121c

                        2Pet 3-17; 181f

        Don't walk beyond your faith; Rom 12,1-3; 43l

        Faith and love -- See also: Spirit and the word

                Rom 11-32; 127a

                1Cor 8-1,2; 96g

                Eph 5-9,10; 43b

                Eph 6-23,24; 138h

                Faith and love of the truth; 1Cor 13-7; 99g

        Faith in the truth; 1Tim 2-7; 78b

        Faith versus works

                Jn 5-29; 127j

                Act 2-14; 198e

                Act 17-30; 177i

                Gal 1-6; 203i

                Gal 2,11-14; 190j

                Gal 3-3; 118m

                Gal 5-3,4; 182g

                Eph 2-8,9; 41f

                Eph 5,3-6; 86f

                Salvation is through grace, apart from the law; 2Cor 3-5,6; 116h

                We inadvertently fulfill the law through grace; Eph 5-6,7; 230g

        How faith works; Mat 14,34-36; 146k

        Proven faith; Rom 6-20,21; 153g


False Doctrine (Gospel has become a mishmash of teachings); Mk 6-7; 46k


Familiarity, sin of (Rejecting Christ); Lk 7-23; 2l



        Rom 12,1-3; 190a

        Col 3,5-8; 134h

        1Pet 4-6,7; 187e


Father -- See: God


Firemen of 911; Rom 5,6-21; 227f


Five-fold ministry; Eph 4,11-16; 137m


Flesh -- See: Body


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Freedom -- See also: Adam, Addiction

        Freedom defines us as made in the image of God

        See also: God is human (we are made in His image)

                Lk 15,11-32; 4i

                Heb 5,7-9; 189e

                Rev 14,9-11; 64f

        Freedom from bondage; Heb 10,1-7; 43g

        Freedom of Christ; Eph 5,3-7; 92l

        Slave to freedom; 1Cor 13,1-8; 230k

        Truth will set you free; Jn 8-32; 6f

        Value freedom or lose your soul; 2Cor 6,11-13; 196d


Fruits of the Spirit are not actions; Gal 5,16-18; 137e


Garden of Eden -- See: Adam


Genealogy -- See: Abraham


Gentiles included in salvation; Act 15,8-11; 35d


Global economic collapse -- See: Last Days



        1Tim 6-20,21; 161b

        Tit 1,10-16; 182e

        Denies that Jesus is God in human flesh

                1Jn 4-2,3; 150d

                2Jn 7-11; 198b

        Simon (Megus) the magician; Act 8,9-13; 159k

        Elymas; Act 13,6-12; 191d


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God (the Father) -- See also: Adam, Time, Faith

        Father sent the Son

                Mat 17-17; 69d

                1Cor 13-3; 252j

                Heb 5,1-10; 80l

                Heb 13-15; 252f

                Father honors the Son as the Son honors the Father; Mat 12,1-7; 141i

                Only begotten of the Father; Heb 5-5,6; 253f

        God is an artist; Phi 2-13; 229d

        God is eternal -- See: Time

        God is human

                Col 2-10; 44e

                Heb 2,11-14; 135n

                He made us in His image -- See also: Freedom

                        Jm 1-18; 248b

                        1Jn 2-13,14; 244b

                        Rev 1,10-20; 253cc

                        Rev 22-4; 104j

        God likes matter; Jn 14,1-3; 38g

        He is defined by His authority; 2Cor 12,7-10; 66h

        He is sovereign; Mat 24,37-39; 195g

                God's will over man; Rom 9,18-23; 202k

        His substance is faith

                Mat 9,27-30; 115g

                Lk 8,40-48; 72c

                Jn 3-16,17; 253ja

                Rom 3,24-28; 119l

                Rom 4,5-8; 231d

                1Cor 1,18-29; 16k

                1Tim 3-8,9; 230h

                Heb 1-3; 253d

                Heb 11,1-40; 99n

                Heb 13-15; 77b

                1Pet 1-6,7; 192e

                1Pet 1,3-7; 249ga

                1Jn 4-12; 55e

                Rev 3-21; 70ja

                Rev 4,8-11; 109a

                Rev 21-3; 104h

                Composition of the Father; Jn 14-23; 252a

        Father is an abrupt mystery

                Mat 11,20-24; 48i

                Rev 4-2; 215i

        His vision of the world; Jn 14-30,31; 87c

        His ultimate goal; Lk 24,27-29; 215j

        Same God in both the Old and New Testaments; Heb 12-21; 87m


Godliness; Tit 1-1; 41k


God working in you; Jd-1,2; 28h



        Offense of the gospel; 2Cor 11-32,33; 201g

        Salvation through the death of Christ; Act 28-22; 154e



        God saves us throughout our lives; Mat 12-20; 32e

        Grace versus mercy; Act 5-32; 35f

        Salvation is by grace through faith; Act 15,1-12; 172h

        God's grace works in us; 1Cor 1,4-8; 122d


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Great depression; Rev 6-3,4; 25f


Great Endtime Revival -- See also: last days

        Camp of the saints

                Mk 6,33-46 235g

                Lk 22-45,46; 103j

                Rev 8,3-5; 31i

                Mat 24-22; 219f

                Rev 12-6; 28k

        Catfight between the princess of the Lamb and Jezebel the adulteress

                Rev 2-20; 198h

                Rev 18,6-8; 49f

        Jew first; Mat 15,22-28; 210hb

        Jews expected to return to the faith

                Mat 9-16,17; 185a

                1Cor 10-6; 8p

        Jews will manage the gospel

                Mat 21-43,44; 21e

                Mat 28,18-20; 84cb

                Mk 12,9-11; 49d

                Lk 11,49-51; 194c

                Jn 12,20-22; 72h

                Act 20,17-35; 101f

                2Cor 11-22; 148d

                Eph 2,11-22; 211a

                Phi 2,1-4; 77n

                1Tim 1-3,4; 50a

                Heb 2-16; 58e

                1Jn 2-7,8; 250hh

                Two Witnesses;  Act 2-46,47; 129n

                        God's Adjudicators

                                Mat 24,9-13; 5f

                                Lk 1,67-79; 46e

                                Jm 5-17,18; 151e

        John the Baptist had the ministry of Elijah

                Mat 17,10-13; 193d

                Lk 7,24-28; 193d

        Harvest at the end of the age

                Mat 9,35-38; 129d

                Mat 13-30; 237c

                Jn 4,28-39; 148l

                Act 6,1-10; 130c

                Act 14,1-7; 149d

                Rom 10,16-21; 223j

                1Cor 16,1-12; 130f

                Eph 2,19-22; 229d

                Phi 1-19,20; 234c

                Phi 3-20,21; 61a

                1The 4,13-18; 84c

                2The 2,10-12; 21l

                1Pet 3-19,20; 151h

        Mark of God on their foreheads; 2Cor 3,2-11; 109d

        Miracles will accompany the endtime revival; Rev 11,1-6; 50h

        Spiritual ascension

                Eph 1,18-23; 237h

                Col 3,1-4; 109d

                Tit 2-13; 237a

                Jd-21; 126ka

        Two periods: first century and last century

                Mk 11-23; 215e

                Lk 12,42-44; 246e

                Lk 19,28-40; 194c

                Jn 9-4,5; 112g

                Jn 16,25-27; 140d

                Act 2,16-21; 50b

                Col 1-4; 129f


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Greatest is least and the least greatest

        Mat 20,24-28; 164d

        Mat 26-30; 254a

        Eph 5-23; 137a

        Rev 21-26,27; 72a

        Opposite of Capitalism; Rev 19,12-16; 40b


Guilt versus conviction; Act 26-18; 237k


Hearing ear

        Do what you know is the will of God; Jn 15-7; 150i

        Develop the hearing ear through the word of God and prayer; Phi 2-13; 117h

        God's plan of protection in the last days

                Jn 16-13; 111c

                Rev 3-10; 100a



        Bitterness; 1Cor 10,5-11; 154g

        Heart of man; Gal 5-5,6; 230i


Heaven -- See also: New heavens and a new earth

        Experience of heaven

                1Pet 5-1; 233k

                Rev 14-13; 137j

        Heaven is another dimension; Mat 18-10; 15c

        In heaven and on earth at the same time; Jn 5-19; 117ga

        We cannot enter Heaven without an offering; 2Cor 1-14; 235d

        We don't go to heaven to avoid hell; 1Tim 4-10; 31a


Hedonism; Jm 4-9; 77l



        Bible was written so we could avoid hell

                Rom 15-4,5; 141i

                Heb 2,1-4; 96c

        Endtime judgments simulate hell; Rev 8-10; 104c

        Eternal purifying process; Rev 16,1-21; 49h

        Hell in incomprehensible; Rom 11,33-36; 217b

        God experienced hell before He created anything; Heb 8,1-6; 246d

                Hell is God's environment of choice

                        2Cor 13-11; 126a

                        Heb 12,18-24; 221i

        Lake of fire; Mat 10-14,15; 47l

                Located at the center of the new earth

                        Act 2-34,35; 245j

                        1Pet 3,8-18; 124k

                        Under the earth; Mat 22,11-14; 48m

        Levels of judgment; Rev 20,10-15; 50m

                More sin, worse hell; 1Cor 15,50-58; 119i

        Made for the rich; Col 1-5; 226d

        Made for the rebellious; Col 1-19,20; 46j

        Man's sin is more evil than the devil's; Mat 18-34,35; 65i

        Presence of God is worse than hell to the wicked

              Heb 1-1,2; 50c

              1Pet 1-1,2; 220c

              2Jn-2; 238g

              Rev 4,2-11; 88i

              Rev 20,11-15; 48c

        Trust God's judgment regarding hell; Rev 19-3; 245g

        White Throne Judgment; 1Pet 3-9; 124i


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Heresy; 2Tim 2-7; 89h


Herod, king; Rev 12-4; 189h


Hinduism (Karma - God does not baby-sit mankind)

        Lk 13,1-5; 175k

        Jn 5-14; 26f

        Jn 9-34; 174g

        Act 17,22-31; 54ea

        Act 28,3-6; 18e
        Rom 2,9-11; 166g


Hippies de-emphasized money; Lk 12,24-34; 29l



        History of America in relation to faith

                Act 2-37,38; 88j

                Tit 2,1-10; 10b

        History of Israel -- See also: Patriarchs 

                Mat 9-16,17; 132k

                Lk 15,11-32; 50dd

                Jn 6,24-26; 19i

                Act 3,19-26; 210j

                Act 11,15-18; 77m

                Heb 3,15-19; 162d

                Heb 6,12-19; 151b

                Heb 11-11,12; 225j

                Heb 12,25-29; 141i

                Hardened their hearts after 400 years enslaved to Egypt; Rev 9-20,21; 134k

                History of Israel concerning Passover; Jn 18-28; 176d

                History of Israel concerning the land of Canaan; Heb 11,29-31; 217l

        History of mankind

                Phi 3-20,21; 229a

                Heb 11-5; 90j

        History of the Church

                See also: Catholicism/History of, Early Christians

                Act 2,1-13; 80a

                Act 23-11; 247h

                1Tim 2-6; 215c

                2Tim 3-8; 240j

                Heb 10-28,29; 173c

                Jm 4,1-4; 198h

                1Jn 2,15-17; 191j

                Rev 12,7-11; 42b

                First century Church

                        Act 4,13-16; 149j
                        Act 18,24-28; 80a
                        Rom 16,1-16; 88b
                        1Cor 10,18-21; 173g

                        1Pet 5,1-3; 138j

                Second century Church; Act 5,17-20; 152d
                Reformation did about as much harm as good

                        Mk 6-12; 193b

                        Jm 2,14-20; 55c

                Who were the disciples?  Act 12,1-4; 242b


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Hollywood; Be careful what you listen to; Mk 4-24; 79g


Holocaust -- See: Israel


Holy Spirit

        Authority; Mat 10-1; 71c

        We get to heaven by the indwelling Holy Spirit; Gal 3-3; 238aa

        Obeying the Holy Spirit

                Eph 1-19,20; 113k

                Phi 2-17; 189b

                Heb 3-5; 90l

                Heb 11-1; 110l

        Resisting the Holy Spirit; 1Jn 5-20; 112a


Home Bible studies; Act 20,18-21; 143d



        2Pet 2-6; 104c

        Jd-3,4; 183k


Hospitality; Jm 4,1-4; 165f


Human -- See: God (the Father)/God is human


Humanism -- See: Atheism


Humility (Jesus overcame evil with good); Jn 19-9,10; 175l


Idolatry -- See also: Satan... wanted to be God

        Mat 19,16-21; 205ka

        Rom 13,8-10; 90h

        Col 2-18; 5c

        Col 3,5-9; 90f

        1The 1-9,10; 193d


Image, Made in the image of God -- See: Freedom, God


Infinity; Jm 4,13-17; 214d


Inheritance -- See also: New heavens and new earth

        Believer owns everything

                 Eph 1,18-23; 39ib

                Rev 2,26-29; 36h

        He will give us a planet to govern; 2Jn-12; 104j

        We will reign with Christ; Heb 9,15-22; 26i


Intercourse, spiritual; 1Cor 12,22-24; 208ja


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Interpreting the Bible

        Mat 25,34-40; 130f

        Col 1-1; 248b


Invest in the kingdom of God; Jm 4,1-10; 187aa


Ironies -- See: Paradox


Isaac and Ishmael; Gal 4,21-31; 20g



        Ancient Jewish government; Lk 10,25-37; 23c

        Catholic Church despises the Jews; Col 4-11; 190h

        Exemplary of mankind

                Mk 8,1-9; 229k

                Rom 10-21; 202a

        Expected to return to their faith -- See: Great endtime revival

        God tricked the Jews to crucify His Son

                Act 28-28; 211b

                Rom 11,1-36; 50dc

        History of Israel -- See: History


                Mat 22-7; 69d

                Rom 15-26,27; 2g

                1Pet 2-7,8; 201h

                Rev 13-7; 189h

                Rev 16,1-7; 189f

                Rev 18,15-24; 21m

        Israel's big mistake; Heb 12,7-9; 106f

        Israel rejected the gospel

                Act 20,24-27; 117h

                1The 2,14-16; 24i

                Israel judged for rejecting the gospel, not for crucifying their Messiah; Act 13-46; 179j

        Israel wrestles with God

                Gal 1-15,16; 91k

                1Tim 4,1-3; 201j

        Jew first; Rom 10-19,20; 211b

        Question of faith was never raised in the Old Testament; Tit 1-10; 171d

        Gentiles are Spiritual Jews

                Mat 18,15-17; 172b

                1Cor 9,16-27; 6c

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Jacob and Esau -- See: Patriarchs


Jail Ministry; Heb 10-26; 201i


Jehovah Witnesses -- See: Cults


James -- See: Paul


Jerusalem (Those left behind who have not taken the mark will migrate to Jerusalem between the trumpets and the bowls)

        Rev 3-3; 49i

        Rev 11,1-6; 28c

        Rev 20-4; 144b


Jesus Christ

        God created all things through Him; Rev 19,11-13; 107e

        He became like us that we might become like Him

                Lk 2-16; 253cc

                1Cor 6-16,17; 61b

                2Cor 8-9; 12l

        He is infinite and eternal like the Father; Rev 22-13; 56i

                He never had a beginning; Jn 1-27; 253e

        He descended from the line of David; Heb 7-6; 151b

        He knows only those who belong to Him; Jn 10,27-30; 228d

        He is perfect; Lk 24-4,5; 113c

        He retains the sins of those who don't believe in Him; Rev 19-12; 253ec

        His humility; Jn 1,26-30; 71d

        His righteousness; Lk 19,5-10; 35j

        Jesus' innermost being 

                His soul is the Church

                        Jn 14-20; 224e

                        1Cor 12,12-27; 135n

                His spirit is the Spirit of God

                        Lk 1-35; 254f

                        Jn 14-10; 254i

                        Eph 1-10; 44e

                        Heb 1-5,6; 252a

        Jesus as a boy

                Mat 13,53-56; 89i

                Jn 19-28; 141f

                Jm 2,14-26; 99e

        Rejecting Christ; Jn 4-39; 150g

        We have the mind of Christ; Rom 8,26-34; 117e

        We reflect His deity; Col 2-9,10; 61b


Jews -- See: Great Endtime Revival, Israel


Jezebel -- See: Great Endtime Revival


Job -- See: Suffering and Evil


John the Baptist -- See: Baptism, Great Endtime Revival


Judas Iscariot (Comparing him to Peter)

        Lk 22-31,32; 193c

        Heb 3,12-14; 98e



        Believer's Judgment; 1Cor 2,10-13; 33l


                God Judges the wicked through the cross

                        Mat 12-41,42; 40a

                        Mat 13,37-42; 47b

                        Mat 20,25-28; 40d

                        Rev 5,1-14; 71i

                        Rev 16,1-21; 49h

                        Cross of Christ legitimizes hell; Lk 23,35-37; 19i

                Jesus was flayed with a cat-o-nine-tails

                        Mat 20-28; 209i

                        Mat 27-46; 37b

                Jesus was separated from the Father; Rom 3-24,25; 37g

                Represents the height of man's rebellion

                        Mat 27-24,25; 103e

                        Act 3,11-15; 149a

                Why Jesus had to die; Heb 9,15-22; 26c

        False judgment (it takes one to know one); Act 26-24; 202h

        God has sown judgment into the earth; Rom 2,9-11; 166g

        God's judgment is comparative

                Mat 12-41,42; 48i

                Heb 11-7; 49b

        God's judgment takes precedence over His love; Act 26,4-11; 185b

        Judgment has increased through the law/through Christ; Rom 7,7-11; 22a

        Judgment on the righteous and the wicked; Mat 12-36,37; 84k

        Judgment of fire; Act 4-1,2; 39c

        Righteous judgment; 1Cor 5-1,2; 104a


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Karma -- See: Hinduism


Kingdome of God -- See also: Millennium / New heavens and new earth

        His Kingdom is opposite the world

                Phi 1,27-30; 243f

                1Tim 2,1-3; 165g

                Tit 3-1; 238j

                Rev 11-17; 245g

        Holy Spirit (anointing) is the essence of His Kingdom

                Act 4,8-12; 110l

                1Cor 4-19,20; 85e

        Kingdom of God is written in the prophets; Eph 1-21; 142a

        Kingdom Principles: To him who has shall more be given; 2Tim 1-3; 82c

                Least greatest / greatest least;  Mk 9-31,32; 177h

        We will inherit a physical kingdom -- See: Suffering and evil



Knowledge -- See also: Bible

        Knowledge of evil -- See: Adam and Eve, Reprobate

        Know the word; Act 20-32; 115e

        Lost knowledge of the Scriptures; Rom 15-15,16; 191l

        Significance of knowledge; 1Cor 5,6-8; 230a


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Last days

        See Also: Great Endtime Revival, Millennium, Jerusalem

        Anointing of the Last days; 2Cor 6,16-18; 213g

        Armageddon; Rev 16,12-16; 50k

        Christ subdues His enemies through the Church; 1Cor 15-25; 48n

                Satan is extricated as prince of the power of the air

                        Lk 8-23; 245l

                       Jn 2,13-17; 175b

        Conditions of the Last days; Act 16,36-40; 148d

        Counterfeit Christians; Mat 13,24-30; 159c

        Doomsday preppers; 1The 3-12,13; 42a

        Global economic collapse

                Mat 24,37-39; 215g

                Jn 9-4,5; 184e

                Tit 2-15; 70k

        Interpreting endtime prophecy

                Jn 7,40-43; 83l

                1Cor 4-1; 108i

                2Tim 3,1-9; 3l

        Jewish temple -- See: Temple

        Love of money; Mat 6-24; 21m

        Mark of the beast associated with the blood of the saints

                Mk 13,9-13; 242k

                Jn 13,23-27; 163h

                Jm 5-5; 240d

                Rev 16,1-7; 189f

                Associated with Babylon; Rev 18-4; 105l

                Martyrdom of the Saints

                        Mat 8,23-27; 164f

                        Rev 18,1-8; 160a

        Meaning of the seven heads and ten horns of the dragon; Rev 17,3-5; 164c

        Miss the second coming of Christ; Act 9-22,23; 175f


                Rapture is delayed

                        Jn 11,3-6; 214b

                        Jn 12,12-16; 133a

                Last Trumpet

                        Mat 25-3,4; 82k

                        Rev 3-10; 49m

                        Rev 7,13-15; 4f

                        Rev 10,1-11; 50i

                Preparing for His return

                        Mat 25,1-13; 196j

                        Lk 12,35-46; 237d

        Seal and Trumpet judgments

                Mat 13,39-42; 15j

                Lk 17,31-37; 245e

        Sequence of endtime events

                Act 2,33-36; 67d

                1Cor 15-26; 34h

                1Pet 4,17-19 40l

                Rev 2-9,10; 50f

                Rev 8,7-13; 49c

                Rev 19,17-21; 163k

        Summary of the last days; Rev 6,9-11; 48b

        Ten Virgins

                Mat 26,36-46; 196j

                Lk 22-45,46; 196j

                1The 5,1-9; 8b

                Rev 3-2,3; 4j

                Rev 8-5; 104d

                Rev 14-12,13; 156e

        Two Witnesses; Rev 11,7-10; 199h


                Church wanders in the wilderness; Rom 8-15; 24a

                Church's last days' wilderness will mirror Jesus' wilderness

                        Mat 19-1,2; 143g

                        Rev 17-3; 162c

                Place of safety and protection

                        Mat 6,19-21; 7l

                        1Pet 4,17-19 103k

                        Rev 4,1-11; 224b

                        Rev 8-10; 60c

                Seek His calling; 1Pet 4,1-4; 8a


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Laughter doctrine of the 1990s

        1The 5-6,7; 84a

        1Tim 4,1-3; 160d



        Comparing the Law to the fruits of the Spirit

                Mat 5-19; 45h

                Rom 13,8-10; 74e

        Law is our tutor to lead us to Christ; Act 16-13; 150a

        Jesus broke the law of sin and death

                Lk 22,63-71; 241ib

                Act 2-24; 254g

                Heb 2,14-18; 39i

                1Pet 3-22; 39ia


Least is greatest -- See: Greatest is least


Legalism; Mat 5-19; 45h


Literal manifestations; Rom 12-21; 127o


Life after death; 2Cor 5,6-9; 224h


Living Creatures -- see: Cherubim


Logically deducing the truth; 1Jn 4-20; 84j


Lost knowledge of the Scriptures

        Through willful ignorance; Jn 20-9; 175f

        Through Calvinism and Armenianism; 2Tim 2,1-7; 115c



        1Pet 1-22; 87l

        1Pet 2-17; 88k


Lucifer -- See: Satan


Luther, Martin -- See: History/Church History


Mark of the Beast -- see: Last days


Mark's abandonment of Paul and Barnabas; 2Cor 12-17,18; 102c


Marriage Supper of the Lamb

        Mat 28,18-20; 191b

        2The 2-3; 207a

        Heb 10,19-26; 229j

        2Pet 3-8,9; 215e


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Martyrdom of the saints -- See: Last days


Melchizedek,  Jesus existed before the creation; Jn 1,1-3; 212b



        1Tim 1-12,13; 176a

         2Tim 4-3,4; 55n


Mentors; Heb 13-7; 12a


Millennium -- See also: Kingdom of God

        Expecting the Kingdom of God to appear immediately

                Mat 16-23; 94p

                Mat 17,15-18; 198j

                Lk 18,31-34; 177i

                Jn 2-22,23; 20h

                Jn 18-36; 46a

                Act 1-6,7; 215i

                Act 4,1-14; 183j

                Act 10-14; 182i

                1Pet 3-18; 207l

        Missed the first coming of Christ;  Jn 9,24-34; 53j

        Church gives birth to the Millennium; Jn 16,19-22; 125e

        Judgment during the Millennium; 1Pet 5-11; 213c

        Post-millennium theology, trying to force God's hand; 1The 5-15; 46aa

        Purpose: prove that sin is utterly sinful; 2The 3,1-3; 16a

        Remnant of the Bowls will repopulate the earth

                Mat 22,1-14; 224e
                Lk 22,14-18; 224e
                1Cor 15-26; 34h
                Rev 7-13,14; 218j

                Rev 16-15; 4j

        Spiritual then the natural; Jn 11,46-48; 39ja

        Those born in the Millennium will not have our authority

                Mat 26-29; 50j

                Mk 14-25; 224e

        Waiting for the Millennium

                Mat 4-22; 109g

                Mk 15-43; 84b

                Act 3,20-26; 245i

        We can bury a time Capsule and retrieve it in the Millennium; Rev 20,1-6; 245i


Ministry -- See: Five-fold ministry





        Instruction to missionaries; 2Cor 2-12,13; 105g

        Missionaries hold the position of a prophet; Jn 4-43,44; 152g

        Pray for the missionaries we send; Heb 13-18; 76j


Money -- See: Wealth


Mormons -- See: Cults


Moses -- See: Patriarchs


Mystery of godliness

        Rom 12-1,2; 42i

        Eph 3,7-9; 14a


Mystery of lawlessness

        Satan fulfills the principles of his own nature; Jn 13-18; 65i

        Man has entered Satan's mystery; Act 21,27-40; 162g


Name of Jesus; power of God is in the person of Christ, not in His name; Act 14,8-10; 145d


Narrow way -- See: trail of Good works


Nebuchadnezzar -- See: Babylonian empire


Neighbor -- See: Brother


New Age -- See: Cults, Spirit and the word


New covenant -- See: covenant


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New heavens and a new earth -- See also: Heaven, Inheritance

        Church is wife of the Lamb

                Mat 22-30; 3e

                Gal 4,21-31; 33c

                Eph 5,22-33; 224e

                Rev 22-2; 145c

         Construct of the new creation

                2Pet 3,10-13; 66b

                1Jn 2-12; 234b

                1Jn 4-16; 33m

        God does all things through His Son, who does all things through us

                Jn 1-10; 212b

                Jn 3-34; 35c

                Gal 6-15; 238e

                Eph 1,15-23; 80i

        God will create a new race of man and put us in charge of them

                 Mat 28-5; 23m

                Mk 10,28-31; 224c

                Gal 4,1-7; 117gb

                2Tim 2-10; 234f

                Jm 1-18; 212c

                Rev 21-25; 119l

        God's love is based on a vision; Mat 26,65-68; 184k

        New Jerusalem

                Citizens of heavenly Israel; Jn 8,33-40; 33c

                New Garden of Eden

                        Rev 3-12; 140g

                        Rev 21,22-27; 231i

                Prototype of what is to come; Heb 11,4-40; 85m

        Our inheritance is infinite and eternal

                Mk 12,18-27; 224g

                Lk 9-28,29; 244c

                Lk 12,42-44; 13m

                Lk 19,12-27; 192d

                Lk 20,27-36; 209a

                Rom 8-18; 226f

                Rom 11,33-36; 214a

                Heb 11-11,12; 128ia

                Rev 15-4; 140b

                Rev 20,4-6; 50l

        Pantheism is a reality of the new creation

                Mat 27-46; 26d

                Rom 6,4-10; 224a

                Rom 8,20-23; 162g

                Heb 12,27-29; 243g

        Spiritual giving way to the Physical

                Jn 14,1-3; 38g

                Rev 1-5; 245e

        We will be like gods to those we govern

                Eph 2-6,7; 67e

                Heb 1-14; 15b

        We will teach the new creation right from wrong

                Mat 25,14-23; 102c

                Jn 4,20-24; 252f

                Jn 14,16-24; 225a

                Rom 5-13,14; 52c

                1Cor 3,21-23; 238e


Nephilim; Jd,6-13; 181a


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Obedience; Spirit versus the law

        Mat 10-40; 153a

        Lk 6,1-11; 173i

        Heb 10-8,9; 139i


Obsessive/Compulsive Disorder, OCD patients serve their rituals; Rom 1-1; 12j


Old covenant -- See: covenant


Old Testament Prophets -- See: Patriarchs


Pantheism -- See: New heavens and new earth



        Give to him who has; 1Jn 2-21; 155j

        God is smaller than us; Lk 10-21; 23a

        More Bibles, less knowledge; 2Pet 1,2-11; 80b

        Mystery of lawlessness; Lk 13,31-33; 2c

        Persecution cannot harm us; 1Pet 3-14; 242d


Parallax; Jd-3,4; 182e


Passover -- See: History


Pastor's relationship with the congregation; 1The 2-7,8; 128f


Patience; 1Pet 2,21-25; 99b


Patriarchs -- See also: History, of Israel

        Able; Lk 11,47-51; 242a

        Jacob and Esau

                Mat 13-44; 63c

                Rom 9,1-3; 173h

                1Tim 4-1,2; 155e

                Heb 12,15-17; 161n


                Act 3,20-23; 67d

                Rom 12-16; 77n


Paul the apostle

        Paul and Barnabas separated because of Mark; Col 4-10; 130k

        Paul replaced Judas Iscariot; Gal 2-6; 95j

        Paul's suffering

                Gal 4-10,11; 24b

                1The 3,1-5; 209h

        Paul the zealot; 1Cor 15,5-8; 144b

                He may have had OCD; 2Cor 10-1,2; 11l

        Paul versus James -- See: Faith... versus works

        Paul's conversion; 1Tim 2-7; 43c


Pay it forward; Act 10,1-8; 32j


Penance; Heb 12-4; 242g



        Jesus was perfect; Heb 2,14-18; 227g

        Unable to sin; 1Pet 4,12-16; 102l



        It causes the Church to flourish

                Act 28-22; 242h

                Rom 8,35-39; 238g

        The world hates God by default

                Rom 8,4-8; 197a

                1The 2,14-16; 21k


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Personal relationship with Christ; Eph 1,8-11; 91b


Pilate; what is Truth? Act 23-1; 232l



        Lk 16-19; 170d

        Rev 12,1-10; 61f


Politics; Rom 14-5; 94n



        Definition; Mat 6,1-4; 124b

        Being poor doesn't automatically make you a Christian; Jm 2,5-7; 222d


Practical -- See: Kingdom of God



        God answers prayer based on obedience; Jn 11-32,33; 252d

        Praying in the Spirit; Eph 6-18,19; 81m

        Golden Altar of Incense represents prayer

                Mat 26,36-39; 140b

                Rev 8,2-6; 104f



        Called and chosen; Lk 5-27,28; 234ab

        Foreknowledge versus predestination

                Jn 7-30; 214d

                Jn 17-6; 220a

                Rom 11-25,26; 214g

        God chooses us as we choose ourselves; Jn 17-9; 219e

                Salvation is an amalgamation of God's will and man's will; Jn 7-17; 230b

        Predestination excludes the works of men

                Rom 11-6; 205i

                Rev 3,20-22; 106g

        Prophecy must be fulfilled; Mat 26-24; 141f


Priesthood; 2Cor 2,14-16; 66i


Priorities (Meeting the needs of family members, Church, world); Tit 3-12,13; 100d


Process (Degrading society); Rom 1,18-25; 16k


Projecting self on others; 2Cor 10-2; 17m


Prophecy -- See: Bible



        Eph 4,11-16; 110ja

        Heb 11-35; 233a

        Rev 18,17-24; 49f


Prosperity teachers

        Act 5,1-10; 25j

        Act 19,13-20; 187j

        1Cor 4,7-13; 23e

        2Cor 9,3-7; 4e


Psychology tries to explain spiritual things on a secular level; Lk 8,33-37; 167i


Psychopath -- See: Reprobate


Questioning God (Mary versus Zacharias); Rom 9,19-21; 75e


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Rapture -- See: Last days



        Disobeying Jesus' word; Mk 3,7-10; 143l

        Everyone speaking in tongues at once; 1Cor 14,1-40; 176i

        Running from God; Lk 9,24-26; 195c

        Teenage rebellion; 2Pet 2,10-18; 185e


Reformation -- See: History... of the Church


Relativism -- See: Truth


Religion -- See also: History

        Denominations: the evolution of religion; Act 23,6-10; 175g

        Religion is a contrivance of the world; Col 2,8-10; 249g

        Business of religion

                Act 27,14-25; 164f

                Tit 1,9-14; 180a


Repentance; 1Cor 5-8; 100l

        Process of repentance; 1Jn 3,19-21; 154j


Reprobate -- See also: Blasphemy; Eternal security?

        Defined as quitting on God; Rom 8-35; 26e

        Formation of the reprobate mind

                Rom 1,18-32; 166b

                Rom 3-19,20; 52d

                Rom 11,11-14; 20m

                Rom 11,19-21; 21a

                1Tim 5-14,15; 163l

                Tit 1-15,16; 155d

        God will prove the reprobate's theories correct (Psalm 18-25,26); 1Jn 4-8; 164h

        Incapable of repentance; Rev 20,1-3; 163b

        Man and demons think alike

                Mk 12-12,13; 180e

                1Tim 1-13; 186c

                Jd,4-13; 186j


                Devoid of conscience

                        Mat 6-22,23; 186i

                        Lk 9,23-27; 197j

                        Phi 3-18,19; 186g

                Devoid of compassion; 2Pet 2-12; 186f

                Reprobate versus the psychopath; Jn 12,4-8; 195e

        Surrendering to sin; Eph 5,5-8; 167j


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        A new body using existing parts

                Mk 16,5-8; 248f

                Gal 6-18; 132a

        First fruits of the resurrection

                Rev 3-14; 238d

                Rev 14,1-5; 210h

        His eternal kingdom will begin at the First Resurrection; Rev 2,26-29; 34d

        Judgment appended to the resurrected body

                Act 17-30,31; 48b

                1Jn 2-17; 87e

        No more injury, pain or death; 1Pet 3-13,14; 243h

        Rewards appended to the resurrected body

                Lk 6-35; 127a

                Eph 6-7,8; 218d

                1Pet 5-1; 144b

        Resurrected body will reflect our view of Jesus; 1Jn 3-2; 224d

        Resurrection is the result of God's forgiveness; 1Cor 15,12-19; 171c

        Resurrection glorifies God; Mat 26,38-42; 209g

        Spiritual body

                Jn 10,27-30; 244d

                1The 5-10,11; 117g

                Ability to interface with both realms; 2Cor 12,2-4; 224a

                Body will take on the image of the underlying soul; 1Pet 1,21-25; 238c


Revelation of God's word -- See: Spirit and the word


Revival -- See: Great Endtime Revival



        Mat 12-37; 45j

        Lk 15,11-32; 225f

        Col 3-25; 218e

        Heb 10-34; 25i

        2Jn-8; 79g



        Gal 3-21; 108d

        Righteous deception; Heb 12,15-17; 161n

        Omitting righteousness; Tit 1-12,13; 81i


Rome; The reason God sent Paul to Rome; Rom 1-8,9; 149f


Rule -- See: New heavens and new earth


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Salt -- See: Apostasy


Salvation -- See also: Faith

        Born in sin, needing salvation; Tit 3-3; 145f

        Choose this day whom you will serve; 1Cor 15,30-34; 193l

        Saved by the blood of Christ; Heb 8-1; 67c


Sanctification; Gal 6-12,13; 201f

        Church is no longer set apart from the world-- See also: Catholicism

                2Cor 4,15-18; 229a


Satan -- See also: Adam, Spiritual warfare

        Defined as the absence of God; Jn 3,19-21; 112i

        Devil steals the word from our hearts; Lk 24,4-7; 15f

        God cursed the creation through Satan

                Jn 1,10-13; 119k

                Rom 2,1-11; 26j

                Eph 4-6; 54ea

                1Tim 5-21; 15g

                Heb 1,4-7; 15k

                Rev 12-4; 26g

        God is committed to proving the devil wrong

                Act 15-20; 196b

                Heb 1,3-6; 30h

                1Pet 4-15,16; 194e

                2Pet 2-4; 46h

                Rev 8-1; 250g

        Prince of the power of the air;  Lk 8-12; 164f

                Prince of darkness; Lk 22,1-6; 19c

        Satan is in bondage to sin; Jn 13,23-27; 65i

        Satan is jealous of man

                Heb 2,5-9; 15k

                Rev 17-8; 60f

        Satan is self-destructive; Rev 17-14; 112b

        Satan is the absence of light; Mat 17-2; 245c

        Satan is the accuser of the brethren

                Col 2-14,15; 9a

                Rev 12,12-14; 62o

        Satan is released at the end of the Millennium; Rev 18-20,21; 29h

        Satan is the tempter; Heb 5-7,8; 46g

        Satan tried to hold man hostage; Rev 18-20,21; 28i

        Satan tried to kill Jesus; Lk 23,33-38; 244j

        Satan wanted to be God; he wanted His throne

                See also: Idolatry, Spiritual warfare

                Mk 16-19,20; 67d

                Lk 10-21,22; 66g

                1Cor 3,21-23; 33l

                Eph 1,3-11; 212a

                Col 3,1-4; 67e

                2Tim 4,16-18; 227g

                Rev 1-17,18; 39i

                Rev 2,26-29; 70ja

                Rev 3-21; 67e

                God made man in His image to make Satan jealous; Heb 2,9-18; 208g

        World speaks his language; Jn 3-31; 156l


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Scripture -- See: Bible


Second coming of Christ -- See: Last days


Secular humanism -- See: Atheism


Seek God; Jn 17-9; 219e


Self-righteousness, same as a sinner; Lk 11-34,35; 20ca


Sequence of endtime events -- See: Last days


Set apart -- See: Sanctified


Sin -- See also: Addiction, Law of sin and death

        Man is utterly sinful; Rom 10-1; 247h

        Omission of righteousness

                Mat 24,45-51; 206k

                Rom 6-16; 25l

                Heb 9-27; 38d

        Sin has accumulated since the resurrection of Christ

                Mat 23,29-36; 40m

                Rev 18-24; 242a

        Sin is increased by the law/by Christ

                Mat 27,22-35; 210c

                Rom 7-2,3; 134i

        Sin is insidious; Act 18-9,10; 77c

        Sin is like a bubble in a rug; Act 22,24-30; 97h

        Stress releasers; 1Cor 10-12; 77j


Single, remain; 1Tim 3-12; 3c


Slaves of righteousness; Phi 4-9; 93i


Snowball effect

        Rom 6-9,10; 38e

        1The 4-1; 222k


Social/Society -- See: World



        1Cor 3-18; 57i

        Jm 3-17; 89b


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Son of man (humility and power go together)

        Mat 20,25-28; 12n

        Rev 14,14-20; 55i


Sovereignty -- See: God


Spirit and the Word -- See also: Faith & love

        Both must be present

                Jn 7-45,46; 30f

                Jn 17,11-19; 191f

        God reveals Himself to the degree that we obey Him; Jn 7,47-49; 176f

        Jesus is the embodiment of God's word

                Jn 3,18-21; 107m

                Jn 12-46; 112g

        Jesus is the embodiment of God's Spirit; Jn 5-39; 255c

        Spirit gives boldness to speak the word of God; 2Cor 3-12; 85f

        Spirit reveals God's word

                Mat 13-23; 194b

                Jn 20-29; 104i

                2Cor 12-7; 109a

                Eph 4,1-3; 105k

                1Tim 4,7-11; 116a

                1Pet 5,1-3; 76a

                1Jn 1-1,2; 112j

                Rev 4-1,2; 237i

                Spirit reveals His word to protect us from New-Age teachings; 2Pet 1,2-11; 109f

        Word of God and miracles; Mat 17-18; 216a


Spiritual ascension -- See: Great Endtime Revival


Spiritual abuse

        2Cor 11-4; 177e

        2Cor 13-10; 4e

        Wolves; Jm 3,13-18; 158f


Spiritual body -- See: Resurrection


Spiritual fellowship

        Eph 6-21; 102c

        1The 5-10,11; 76k

        Ph-20,21; 139a


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Spiritual realm, mysteries of; Lk 7,12-17; 108i


Spiritual Jews -- See: Israel


Spiritual warfare -- See also: Satan

        Contrast of two natures

                Rom 7,14-25; 227g

                Rom 8,3-10; 16c

                1Cor 6-9,10; 16e

                1Cor 16-14; 75b

                Eph 4,22-24; 86h

                Col 3-9,10; 228i

                Heb 12-1,2; 30c

        Legal protection

                Lk 18,1-8; 46k

                Jn 16-11; 119j

        God is at war with the devil and man is in the middle

                Act 2-23,24; 220c

                Act 14-5,6; 89f

                Rom 8,1-3; 39k

                Col 1-16,17; 212b

                Jm 3,6-12; 164c

                2Jn-7; 136e

                Rev 12,7-17; 50ha

        Pseudo-spiritual warfare; 1Tim 2-8; 134f

        Warring against deception

                Mat 24-4,5; 161e

                2Pet 2-18; 209d


Story of the faithful; 1Pet 5,5-7; 99b


Substitutionary process; Eph 4-26,27; 215b


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Suffering and Evil (Trust God)

        See also: Adam and Eve, Satan, Spiritual warfare

        God allows suffering and evil to test us

                Mat 18,6-10; 5f

                Jn 6,16-21; 212a

                Jn 16-33; 39j

                Act 12,5-12; 88d

                Act 28-26,27; 168j

                Phi 3,7-11; 103m

                2The 1,5-10; 29a

                Heb 3,15-19; 203b

                Jm 1-12; 91e

                1Pet 2,18-25; 5j

                1Pet 4,12-16; 103l

                God tests us like He tested Job

                        Mat 6-13; 227g 

                        Mk 15,10-32; 25g

                        Lk 22-31,32; 65i

                        Gal 3,10-14; 41b

                        2The 1,3-7; 71d

                        2Tim 4-20; 145ea

                        Heb 5,7-9; 95l

                        Jm 5-10,11; 12a

                        Rev 9-11; 26g

                        Rev 12,9-11; 9a

                God tests us in this life because the next life will be just as real

                        Rom 4,18-22; 102m

                        Phi 2-13; 91a

                        Heb 2-9,10; 103i

                        1Pet 1-6,7; 43a

                        1Jn 4-21; 140e

                        Rev 2-13; 67h

                Maturity is tested in relation to others; Mat 5-23,24; 137l

        God's perspective on suffering and evil is in light of eternity

                1Cor 12-26,27; 136b

                2Cor 4-17,18; 226f

                Ph-18,19; 4f

        God put us in this situation; Rom 3-21,22; 51j

        Predestination and suffering; 1Pet 1-1,2; 220c

        Suffering evil fuels the anointing

                Gal 2-20; 210b

                Phi 3,7-14; 187f

                Paul's Thorn in the flesh; Act 14-3; 144h

        Suffering and evil does not originate from God; 1Jn 1-5; 17d

        Suffering and evil is the result of man's disobedience; Col 2,8-10; 66f

        Suffering is not evil; Rev 10,8-11; 40g

        Temptation of Christ; 1Cor 10,1-6; 105la

        Unbeliever's view of suffering and evil; 2Cor 4-3,4; 166j


Suicide; Mat 5-13; 190da


Summarizing the Law; Jm 4-11,12; 53l


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Telemarketers; 1Pet 5-9; 100f


Temple in Jerusalem

        Temple will be rebuilt in the last days

                Mat 24,15-24; 50a

                Mk 13,14-23; 50a

                Act 15,8-11; 35d

        Temple will not be rebuilt in the last days

                Lk 21-5,6; 190f

                2The 2-3,4; 190f

                Heb 8,7-13; 205h

        Temple of judgment; Rev 16,1-12; 245g

        Temple of worship

                Golden Altar of Incense represented prayer

                        Phi 4-18,19; 190a

                        Rev 5-8; 82k

                Placement of the furniture

                        Jn 10-9; 119e

                        Jn 15,1-11; 139k

                Required meticulous obedience; Jn 9-11; 113i


Temptation (sexual temptation); Eph 6-13,14; 86g

See also: Addiction, Suffering


Test -- See: Adam and Eve, Suffering and evil



        God is eternal

                2Cor 12-9,10; 9f

                Heb 3-3; 212a

        Eternity past

                Jn 5,24-29; 254f

                Heb 10,5-9; 136e

        2000-year periods

                Mat 25-5; 237c

                Jn 17-24; 219e

                Rev 1,1-3; 214h


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Trail of good works

        Believer's Judgment is based on this trail; 1The 4,3-8; 48j

        Life is lived along this trail; Act 20,3-16; 251a

        Omitting righteousness is the cause of sin; Col 3-13; 124e

        Related to our salvation

                Mk 7,6-13; 79l

                Lk 5-15,16; 80l

                Act 15-1,2; 7a

        Walking by the Spirit

                Resurrection anointing; 1Cor 15,12-58; 245h

                Galatians chapter three

                Walking with God; Lk 22,47-53; 126d

        Works that God has prepared for us (the narrow way)

                2The 1-11,12; 91g

                1Tim 4-6; 110j

                Our wedding clothes; Mat 22,11-14; 113c

                Walk on this trail or perish

                        Lk 8-13; 207a

                        Jn 12-24,25; 55k

        We must choose to walk on this road; Act 26-31,32; 216j


Transformation; Mat 6,5-15; 82d


Transubstantiation -- See: Catholicism


Trinity; Mat 17-5; 79j

See also: God


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Truman Show, the; 1Cor 10-13; 140a


Trust -- See also: Suffering and evil

        Trust the brethren; 2Tim 4-16; 130m

        Trust in God

                Mat 10-9,10; 249e

                2Jn-4; 33g

                Rev 19,1-6; 40l



        Believing the truth is not easy; Act 11,1-23; 210k

        Closer we get to the truth the truer it becomes; Lk 7,40-43; 69f

        Nature of Truth; Jn 18-38; 17h

        Relativism -- See also: Atheism/Secular Humanism

                Mat 10-39; 95a

                Act 23-1; 232l

        True knowledge; Col 3-9,10; 109d

        Truth versus reality; Eph 6,10-12; 184b


Two Witnesses -- See: Great Endtime Revival



        Mat 12-30; 50db

        Mat 14,28-31; 68g

        Mat 17-20; 213b

        Act 4,29-31; 122b

        Heb 11-29; 93l

        1Pet 4,17-19 11c

        False unity; Rev 17,15-18; 160c


Universe -- See: Creation


Value system; Act 4,33-35; 23g


Vexation of spirit; 2Cor 1,4-10; 165l


Virgin birth (God imposed His will on the natural realm); Jn 1-14; 245n


Walk by the Spirit -- See: Trail of Good works


Weaknesses strengthened; Rev 21-7; 206a



        Being ultra-rich is inherently evil; Lk 16-19; 170d

        Love of money; Lk 16-10; 222k


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Wilderness -- See: Last days


Will of God

        Do His general will to discover His specific will; Jn 6-40; 85m

        The good, acceptable and perfect; 1Cor 16-12; 76i


Wisdom -- See: Solomon


Witchcraft; Gal 5,1-13; 176d


Wolves -- See: Spiritual abuse


Women; 1Pet 3-5,6; 151ba


Word of God -- See: Bible


Working the grace of God -- See also: Trail of good works

        Blameless; Jd-24,25; 137k

        God clothes us with good works; Rev 7,13-15; 113c

        God has called us to work with him

                Mat 24-24; 219h

                Col 4-13; 155i

                1Pet 2-24; 136e

        God works through our mortal flesh; Act 1-8; 149h

        God works with us through the Holy Spirit; Jm 4-4; 208jb

        Grace that saved us we use to do His will

                Rom 3-27; 77k

                Eph 4-32; 128f

        Synergy; Rev 5-11,12; 130b

        We must walk in His grace; Act 24,24-27; 55m

        Works that complete our faith; 1Cor 3-8; 226i



        Contrast between the world and the Church; Gal 6-14; 64i

        Earth versus the world

                2Cor 4-3,4; 79b

                1Jn 4-4,5; 199i

        How the world is like the Kingdom of God; Lk 8-18; 222j

        Social/Political issues; Act 21,30-36; 158i

        World hates Christians; 1Jn 3,10-15; 167j



        1Cor 4,9-16; 11n

        2Tim 4-10; 165f


Zion; Heb 12,18-24; 224c


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