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Chapter 6

Mark of the Beast


"I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies...."    --Thomas Jefferson

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A day is coming when all the kingdoms of the world will fall, and there will be people behind the scenes pulling the strings so when they make the changes to fix the problems they caused, they will be in absolute control of governments and economies. The Federal Reserve is the institution that is responsible for making money extremely available, which in 2008 caused a housing bubble that burst, plunging us into the so-called "great recession". Banks gave loans away to anyone who came asking for money without inquiring whether the borrower even had a job. Bigger banks encouraged smaller banks to lend as much money as possible, knowing that it was backed by the FDIC, and that the federal government would be obligated to pick up the tab when the bubble breaks.


They are working under a master plan to destroy the world economy, making it impossible for life as we know it to continue, until they fix it. The federal government gave their authority to the central banks when they borrowed trillions of dollars and then handed it to the very people who caused these economic problems in the first place. Now they have authority that the federal government gave them, and money is power. They are so arrogant to publish their ultimate goal on the back of every one-dollar bill with the insignia of an all-seeing eye poised on top of a pyramid of gold bars, standing for the people’s inability to stop them (Dan 7-8).


The United States is on the verge of economic collapse far worse than the great depression of 1929. It is safe to call the 1980’s a decade of recession, so when the 90s came and brought economic recovery and materialism, America embraced it with both hands, but all those years really brought were deception and economic manipulation. The 90s was the decade that exploited the short term benefits of opening up trade to China through the Nixon administration and lifted regulations from the financial sector through the Clinton administration, so banks could do business and expand the economy without restraint. The very next decade realized just how long those short-term benefits would last.


Economic restraints and regulations are necessary as we now know, and if our economy ever recovers, it will stabilize around the same level of the 80s before we lost touch with reality. However, we have spent thirty years of wealth in fifteen, so a dreaded financial adjustment period looms over the global economy, promising harsh conditions to make up for the years of fiscal irresponsibility. When our economy finally stabilizes, we will be approaching a level of economic lowliness well below the status of the 1980s. If the 80s were considered a recession, what will they call this inevitable adjustment period, which could realistically last fifteen years? Perhaps the better question is, will America stand for it, or will we accept yet another economic deception greater than the first to avoid the simple reality that we are slipping from our world status as a superpower? Perhaps the ultimate question is, could our economy withstand another assault against the cold facts, or is it dead already and we just haven’t felt the clammy hands of poverty wrapping around our necks to keep the last morsel of false sustenance from slipping down our throats.

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The world economy is based on the American economy and the American economy is based on nothing, and the American economy is the foundation of Satan’s empire. The fact that this country is not generating as much wealth as we are spending has devalued the dollar to the point of threatening hyperinflation. In 2008 the banks didn’t fail because they had no money, but because the money is worthless, and the money is worthless because it wasn’t generated through the production of goods and services but was simply fabricated by the Federal Reserve and then manipulated by Wall Street. The money we borrow from the Federal Reserve has no value, because it simply generates it from thin air, but it expect us to pay back our loans with money that was made real by the production of goods and services. So it lends fake money and is paid back with real money. What proves the Federal Reserve a racket is that in bailouts they use debt money to pay off debts.


The Federal Reserve for the last twenty years has been merely lending numbers through the data wires to subsidiary banks. These numbers have no value, but were simply invented by the vivid imaginations of the moneylenders, but the banks that loan these numbers must treat them as real dollars and are obligated to return the money with interest. The Federal Reserve claims they limited the money supply by buying and selling U.S. treasury bonds in order to establish a system of checks and balances, but have recently purchased so many bonds with fake money that they've devalued the bond market and created the greatest bubble of all time.


The Federal Reserve claims to be the watchdog of our monetary system; there are bank examiners positioned over the Federal Reserve but they are more like foxes guarding the henhouse. Now that the housing bubble has burst, and a handful of mega banks have been demonized in the public eye and forced into economic reparations, the Federal Reserve has been all but excused from responsibility as though they had nothing to do with the fiscal irresponsibility. If the Federal Reserve were as innocent as they claim, they would have never flooded the market with money, and instead blown the whistle on the culprits who were responsible for these insane lending practices, but they didn’t, because they have no allegiance to America or fear of its government. Rather, their heart belongs to the almighty dollar. The federal government could legitimately fire the Federal Reserve and take over managing the nation’s money supply, but not even our own government has an allegiance to America. the American people are stranded in an ocean of sharks with no one advocating for them.


There is nothing federal about the Federal Reserve and they have no reserves; rather, it is a private bank owned by private investors with a real incentive for turning a profit at the nation’s expense. Consider the Federal Reserve the middleman we have hired to regulate and manage our money supply, yet the money supply has been totally mismanaged for the last twenty years, and the Federal Reserve accepts zero responsibility, and the government refuses to implicate them. These economic powers have already grown far greater than all of us combined. Most people think the Federal Reserve prints money and distributes it to other banks, but that is only a fraction of what they do. The fact that paper money represents only about five percent of our overall economy means that ninety-five percent of the Federal Reserve’s role in managing our money supply is grossly misunderstood.

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What did the Federal Reserve stand to gain by destroying our economy by introducing a flood of money into the market, knowing it would cause a bubble that would eventually burst? The better question is what they stood to lose? Bailing out the moneylenders demonstrated the level of control they have over the federal government, while at the same time shifted the balance of power in their favor by trillions of dollars. Are the moneylenders in absolute control? The proof is in the use of our bailout money, giving themselves huge bonuses without even trying to hide the fact, and the government could only whine about it, being powerless to stop them. What is most perplexing, everyone is sitting on their hands and letting this charade continue. People are becoming desperate looking for answers to real problems. The Federal Reserve has loaned trillions of dollars and hardly got a nickel of it back. Now the moneylenders are in a position to wield more than financial power; they are prepared to start pushing their weight around and making rules for everyone to follow. They intend to reestablish the economy according to their own specifications, so when it comes back online, they will have marbled their influence into the fabric of government and society, so they can call the shots.


Fascism is considered a government-controlled economy, such as Hitler’s reign of terror who lorded over everything in his domain, but what do you call an economically-controlled government? Two words come close to defining it: Oligarchy (Government by a few) or plutocracy (Government by the wealthy – American Heritage Dictionary), making it sound like our economic problems have happened in the past, but what we are experiencing is new. Controlling governments for the sake of wielding political power, is not what these monsters of today want to do, so they made up a new word to describe themselves: plutonomy (taken from Michael Moore’s documentary, “Capitalism: A Love Story”). It is defined as, “An economy that is driven by or that disproportionately benefits wealthy people, or one where the creation of wealth is the principal goal” (Word Spy online dictionary). This word is not found in popular dictionaries, such as the Merriam Webster’s and American Heritage dictionaries. The fact that they had to invent their own word means that there are no other examples of them in history. Apparently the objective of controlling governments is not the aim of these people, rather they are about buying governments in order to turn the whole world into a giant sweatshop working for them, and for pay the people receive only what is necessary to live and continue working for the system. They will stop at nothing until they have everything. The Old Testament book, Daniel, devoted to endtime prophecy, gave all the nations it referenced an animal name. There was a lion, a leopard and a bear, but there was one he simply called the “beast!”


The Beast from the books of Daniel and Revelation refers to capitalism out of control. We could almost say it is the very opposite of fascism. These moneylenders who have hijacked the economy have long since hijacked our government. They are called the "Deep State". They are the foundation of Satan’s emerging empire represented by the feet and toes of Nebuchadnezzar’s statue representing the ten horns of the beast, according to Revelation 13 made partly of iron and partly of ceramic clay, clay representing the “seed of men,” illustrating the weakening of the global economy along with the human gene pool, linking them together such that when the economy falls, racial unrest, chaos and mayhem in the streets will inexorably follow. The antichrist’s last day’s empire is based squarely on money, implying that his kingdom will not be designed to govern the wilderness, which will become a haven for those who refuse to worship the Beast. They will ultimately be driven from civilization to live in the wilderness. Rev 17:3 says, “He carried me away in the spirit into the wilderness: and I saw a woman sit upon a scarlet coloured beast, full of names of blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns” KJV. The wilderness is place distant enough from the Beast to get an accurate perspective of him. The angel in Revelation carried John away to the wilderness, because it was a place where they could go to safely observe the beast, for the wilderness is outside the antichrist’s domain, thus it is where God intends to hide His people during the great tribulation.

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The antichrist as the Pope will establish himself in Rome as the religious leader of the world, and together with the False Prophet this beastly economic, military and religious administration will establish a system of rounding up Christians and unceremoniously eliminating them from the earth, resulting from a worldwide outbreak of Christianity, originating from Jerusalem. However, he will not get much participation in herding God’s people into his death camps, so the False Prophet will lend his uncountable trillions to get the nations back on their feet, under the condition that they restructure the global economy to make it impossible to buy or sell without receiving a mark on the hand or the forehead, knowing that Christians will not take the mark. This will expose Christians, and in combination of making it socially and financially profitable to turn in Christians to the proper authorities, people will gladly help him.


The mark won’t have the affect of a status symbol so much as a scar they won’t be able to erase. If they were so tempted to take the mark, they could theoretically cut off their hand, where they intend to place the chip. In fact, that was Jesus’ advise in Matt 5-30, “And if your right hand causes you to sin, cut it off and throw it away. It is better for you to lose one part of your body than for your whole body to go into hell” NIV. Those who refuse the mark will testify against those who have it, which will incite them to help the devil rid the world of Christianity. The antichrist will indoctrinate the world to believe that Christians have always been responsible for the ills of society and for the religious wars that were fought, though it was really Satan behind them all and not the true saints. He will indoctrinate the world to believe that Christians are responsible for the world's present condition, though there will be no evidence to support his claims, yet people will believe him without compunction.


According to the numerology of the Bible, the number seven (7) stands for God. It is the number of perfection. Six (6), being one number shy of seven, stands for Satan, whom God weighed on the scales and found deficient (Dan 5-7). The number three (3) stands for man, who consists of three parts: body, soul and the Spirit (for those who are complete in Christ). Therefore, the number 666 is the union of the numbers three and six, representing the union between man and Satan.


Followers of Satan will receive an implanted chip reflecting this number that represents his name. According to Revelation chapter thirteen they will place his mark on their hand or on their forehead (if they don't have a hand). They will receive a number that will act as a credit card that gives them access to Satan’s one-world monetary system. The mark of the beast, in Rev 13-18 states, “Here is wisdom. Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast…” Why do we need to calculate the number if he tells us plainly that it is 666? People have wondered about this number for centuries, even after social security numbers have been distributed to every man, woman and child. What does 666 mean? Our present social security number that we received when we were born is composed of three digits, hyphen, two digits, hyphen, four digits, making it a nine digit number in all like this: 000-00-0000. The beast will give everyone a new social security number and append it to our current one, making it an eighteen digit number that will be arranged as three sets of six digits: 000000-000000-000000, thus the number 666.


They will continue using their current social security number to access their personal information, while they will use the new number to interface with the world monetary system. They cannot terminate the old social security number, since the current information on them would be lost; nor can they use their old number in the new computer system, since it would only work for one billion people, whereas the Mark of the Beast will need to work for billions of people, making both the old and new numbers indispensable.

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The mark itself reveals a logical procession of events that must take place within a specific sequence. The fact that the mark represents the root of all evil (I don’t think any logical person would argue with that) highly suggests that it involves money (1Tim 6-10). It will require people to make a conscious decision to participate in the antichrist’s economy (which doubles as a vote to martyr the saints). If they rejected Christianity during good times, how will they resist the global empire of Satan when it materializes? There will is a great endtime revival coming that will involve many millions of people being saved from the devil’s evil system, who would rather die than worship him. It is questionable who will find the mark more useful, God or Satan, since it will have a positive side effect of cleansing God’s Church of unbelievers, and it will inadvertently instill a level of love and devotion to Christ in the saints that has been missing for centuries.


James R. Wuthrich

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