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Antichrist's rise to power  

Crowns -- heads of the dragon

Dollar signs -- horns of the dragon 


In this chart the crowns (heads) represent governments, while the dollar signs (horns) represent economic powers; they are leaders of a plutonomy. The implication of Revelation is that each head has a horn, but there are three horns (represented by dollar signs) that are not tied to any government.


The dragon shifts from economic leader to religious leader (the Pope), indicating that the balance of power shifts from horns to heads of the dragon, from an economically controlled government (plutonomy) to a religiously/politically controlled economy (fascism). 


The ten toes of Nebuchadnezzar's statue count as a single horn as seen at the bottom of this chart as dollar signs. Count the crowns and dollar signs in the chart. There are 11 heads and horns. The 11th horn (top dollar sign) is the false prophet, who sponsors the governmental reign of the antichrist (top crown).