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(Chapter Outline)                                                                        

LK 10-42                                                                        

Page Key Verses
247           I) GODíS PRIORITIES
                            A) Godís interests Mat 16-23
                                        1) God Is Interested In His People
                                        2) Concern 2Cor 11-28,29
                            B) The will of God Eph 5-17
                                        1) We Play Our Part In The Will Of God
248           II) GODíS PREEMINENCE
                            A) Jesus is first Col 1-18
                            B) Values Lk 10-42
                                        1) Valuing God
                                        2) The Highest Values
249                     C) Wealth Heb 10-34
                                        1) True Perception Of Wealth
                                                    a) Do not trust the carnal perception of wealth
                                                    b) The infinite and eternal wealth of God
                                        2) Worldís Perception Of Wealth (Materialism)
                                                    a) The worlds wealth erodes good values
                                                    b) The worldís wealth has no value
                            A) Sequence of priorities 1Cor 15-46
                                        1) In All Things ... 1The 5-18
                             B) Lists Gal 5,19-21
                                        1) List Of Traits That Can Be Found In Man
                                        2) Terms Of Graduating To The Next Level
251                      C) Making plans Jm 4,13-15
                                        1) Making Plans According To The Will Of God