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THY KINGDOM COME                                          

(SPIRITUAL MATURITY)                                               

(Chapter Outline)                                               

MAT 6-10                                               

Page Key verses

                I) LEARNING HOW TO WALK BY THE WORD (Renewing Your Mind)

                         A) The heart (Meaning of your thoughts) Mk 7,21-23

                                        1) God Wants Your Heart

                                        2) The Heart Is Manís Central Value System
                                        3) The Heart Of Man Is Sinful
                                        4) Do Not Let Your Heart Be Hardened
75                    *** (B and C) Two Components Of The Heart (Motives and Desires) ***
                         B) Motives (Of the heart) Jm 3-14
                                        1) Good Motives
                                        2) Being Manipulative
                                                a) Questioning God
                                                b) Controlling people in the dark
                                        3) Hidden Motives
76                                    4) Seeking Authority For Security
                                        5) Wicked Motives
                         C) Desires (Hunger for God) Mat 5-6
                                        1) The Desires Of Your Heart
                                        2) Word Is Food Jn 4,31-34
77                                    3) Hunger For The Essence Of God
                         D) Humility (of heart) Jm 1-9,10
                                        1) Refusing The Glory of Man
                                        2) Tapping Into The Power Of God Through Humility
                                        3) Being Humble before God
                                        4) God Ministers To People Through The Humble
78                     E) Sincerity of Heart 1Cor 5-8
                                        1) Being Honest
                                        2) Taking God to heart
                         F) Renewing your mind Rom 12-2
                                        1) Renewing your mind by the word of God
                                        2) Putting your heart on display
79                            *** (G and H) Wielding the sword of the Spirit in the natural realm ***
                         G) Know the word Mk 12-24
                                        1) Listening To The Word Mat 17-5
                                                a) Practice listening to Godís word
                                        2) Know The Word As a Sword In Spiritual Warfare
80                                    3) Know The Word To Learn The Ways Of God
                                        4) Know The Word To Minister To God
                                        5) Know The Word To Minister To People
                         H) Prayer Lk 18-1
                                        1) The Priesthood Heb 10,10-14
81                                    2) Pray Without Ceasing 1The 5-17
                                                a) Things to do through continuous prayer
                                                b) Grateful to God for the body of Christ
                                        3) The Three elements of Prayer
                                                a) Direction (Attitude) of our prayers
82                                            b) Our approach to prayer
                                        4) Thankfulness
                                        5) Power Of Prayer
83                                    6) Receiving From God Through Prayer
                                        7) Results of Prayer
                         I) Intercession Heb 7-25
                                        1) Jesus Intercedes For Us
                         J) Be on the alert Mat 24-42
                                        1) Remain On Duty
84                     K) Words of your mouth (Product of the heart) Lk 6-45
                                        1) Boasting 2Cor 12-1
                                                a) It needs to be said and no one else is saying it
                                        2) Gossip (Attacking a personís reputation) 1Tim 5-13
                                        3) Your Words Can Lead You To Your Own Demise
85                                    4) Words That Are Spoken In Faith
                                                a) Words are powerful when spoken by the Spirit
                                        5) Better Not To Say Anything
                         A) Belief (Those who believe obey) Jn 3-36
                                        1) Treating The Knowledge Of God As Fact
                                                a) Believing the Son by obeying the Father
86                     B) Obedience (Those who obey believe) Rom 6,17-22
                                        1) Be Doers Of The Word Jm 1-22
                                                a) Clothe yourself with the word of God
                                                b) Be a doer of the word from the heart
87                                    2) Obeying All The Will Of God
                                        3) Ministry To God Through Obedience
88                     C) Faith produces works Jm 2,14-26
                                        1) Relationship Between Faith And Works
                                        2) The Function Of Works In Faith
                          D) Fear of God is the beginning of wisdom
                                        1) Fear Of God Mk 4-41
                                                a) Fear God's judgment
89                                    2) Wisdom Col 2-2,3
                                                a) Being sensible Tit 1-8
                                                b) Words of wisdom
                          E) Conviction (Leads us to the law) Jn 16,8-11
                                        1) God Convicts Us Of Sin
90                                    2) God Convicts Us To Do Righteousness
                          F) Keeping the law Rom 3-31
                                        1) Law Is Our Tutor (To lead us to Christ) Gal 3-24
                                        2) The Righteousness Of The Law
                          A) Called Heb 11-8
                                        1) Purpose (Of Godís calling) Eph 1-11
                                                 a) Godís purpose for us is to fulfill His calling
91                                             b) Godís purpose is an inherent component of His calling
                                        2) Walking Along The Narrow Way
                                        3) Godís Calling Transcends The Will Of Man
                                        4) Titles Of His Calling
                          B) The narrow way Mat 7-13,14
                                        1) Trail Of Good Works
92                                    2) What Kind Of Trail Is This?
                                        3) The Narrow Way Connects You To God
93                     C) Following Jesus Lk 5-27,28
                                        1) The Standard Of Following Jesus
                                        2) Following Christ Through Men
                          D) Perspective (Point of view; your location) Rom 14-14
                                        1) perspective On This Life
94                                    2) Godís Perspective
                                        3) Perspective Is Your Personal Reality
                                        4) False Perspective
95                      E) Attitude (Direction leading to perception) Phi 3-15
                          *** Having A Positive Attitude ***
                                        1) Speaking in tongues (Seeking direction) Rom 8-26,27
                                                Note- Each utterance represents a step along the narrow way
                                        2) Having A Cooperative Attitude
                                        3) Having An Obedient Attitude
                                        4) Positive Attitude About Suffering
96                                    5) Positive Attitude Toward God
                         *** Having A Negative Attitude ***
                                        1) Having A Negative Attitude About Sin
97                                    2) Having A Negative Attitude About Yourself
                         F) Attention (Focus your direction on His perspective) Heb 12-2
                                        1) Facing The Direction Of The lord
                                        2) Facing The Direction Of Godís Will
                         A) Endurance (Working to remain motionless/repentant) Jm 1-3,4
                                        1) Rooted Deeply Col 2,5-7
                                                a) Standing firm in the faith
98                                    2) Faith >> Suffering >> Glory Jn 17-4,5
                                       a) Faith >> Suffering >> Glory of Christ
                                        3) Endurance Invites The Holy Spirit Into Your Life
99                                    4) Enduring The Will Of God
                                        5) Endure The Circumstances
                         B) Perseverance (Working to keep in motion) Lk 11,5-13
100                  C) Diligence (Striving to endure and persevere) Rom 12-11
                         D) Devotion (fulfilling your commitment to intensity) Mk 1,32-38
                                        1) Devotion In Your Ministry To God
                                        2) Devotion In Your Ministry To People
101                   E) Zeal Tit 2-14
                                        1) Zealous For The Manifestation Of Godís Kingdom
                                        2) Zeal Does Not Count The Cost
                          F) Ambition (Love that will not betray) Mat 25-16,17
                                        1) Be An Ambitious Businessman For God
                                        2) Ambitious To Promote The Kingdom Of God
102                                  3) Ambitious To Fulfill Godís Calling
                          G) Faithfulness (Love that will not betray) 1Cor 1-9
                           *** LOYALTY (Faithful to the end) *** Jn  13-1
                                        1) Faithfulness Is Dependable
                                        2) Trustworthy
                                        3) Consistency
                                        4) Tried And True
                        *** Transition Between The Natural And The Spiritual Realms ***
                        A) Purifying process 1Pet 1-6,7
                                        1) Cleansing Power Act 10-15
                                                a) Godís cleansing power
                                                b) Spirit like water Rev 22-1
                                        2) God Purifies His Church
                                        3) Purified By Circumstances
104                                  4) Purified By Fire
                        B) Pure in heart Mat 5-8
                                        1) Pure In Heart Shall See God
                                         a) Pure in heart shall see the Father
                                                 b) Pure In Heart Shall See Jesus
            I) FAITH (Entering the spirit realm)
                        A) Led by the spirit Mat 4-1
                                        1) Led By The Spirit Into The Will Of God
                                        2) Led By The Spirit To The Truth
                                        3) Led By The Spirit Into The Fire
106                  B) Hearing from God Jn 10,3-5
                                        1) Attaining the Hearing Ear
                                               a) Knowing the sound of His voice
                                 2) Means of Hearing From God
                                        3) Purpose of Hearing From God
107                   C) Truth Jn 14-6
                                        1) Word Creates Faith Lk 17-5,6
                                        2) Truth Of The Trinity
                                        3) The Church Is Of The Truth
                                        4) The Bible Will Lead You To Truth
108                  D) Balance Jn 13,8-10
                                        1) Balance Between Truth And Error
                                        2) Faith Is The Balance
                          E) Revelations of God Gal 1-12
                                        1) Revelation Of Jesus Christ
109                                  2) Revelations Of The Holy Spirit
                                        3) Revelation Of The Word Of God
                          F) Spirit and the word (Two edged sword) Eph 6-17
                                PERTAINING TO THE CHARACTER OF GOD
                                        1) Spirit The Teacher Jn 14-26
110                                  2) Spirit Speaks Through You
                                       a) Word of knowledge
                                        3) Born Of The Spirit By The Truth
                                        4) Spirit of Revelation
                                        5) Spiritual Substance and Truth
111                           PERTAINING TO THE POWER OF GOD
                                        11) Word And The Power (meaning) Of God
                                        12) Kingdom Of God Revealed
112                   G) Light (Truth in the presence of God) Jn 8-12
                                        1) Jesusí Light Overcomes Darkness
                                        2) Jesus' Light In Us Overcomes Darkness
                                        3) Obeying The truth In Broad Daylight
                                        4) Light Exposes Sin
113                   H) Anointing (The word is inferred) 1Jn 2-20
                                        1) Heavenís clothes Rev 19-8
                                                 a) Worn for protection
114                    I) Working the grace of God 1Cor 15-10
                                        1) Obeying The Holy Spirit
                                                 a) Believing the Father by obeying the Son
                                                 b) Obeying the revelation from heaven
                                        2) Jesus Does Godís Work Jn 5-19,20
                                        3) Working Godís Grace Through Christ Col 1-19,20
115                                  4) Working The Grace Of God Through Your Ministry
                                                 a) Through your calling
                                        5) Laying On Of Hands
                                        6) Working Godís Grace Through Obedience Of Faith
                                        7) Working Godís Grace Through Good Works
116                                  8) Working Godís Grace Through Worship
                          J) Rest in Jesus Heb 4-11
                                        1) Rest In His Yoke
                                                 a) Rest in His yoke by dying to self
117                                  2) Let Jesus Do The Work
                          K) Eyes of your spirit (What faith really is) Eph 1,18-23
                          NOTE- Everything you can see you can have
                                        1) Vision Rev 1,12-19
                                               a) Real-eyes Godís purpose
                                        2) Seeing Through The Eyes Of Your Spirit
118                                  3) Giving God Your Attention
                                      a) Resolutely focus on the glory of God
                          A) Freedom Jn 8-32
                                        1) Law Of The Spirit Rom 8-2
119                                  2) Freedom From Satanic Influence
                                        3) Fences Of Freedom
                          B) Curse is broken Heb 2-14
                                        1) Curse Of Sin Is Broken
                                        2) Curse Of God Is Broken
120                    C) Forgiveness (Free from guilt) Mat 6-14,15
                                        1) God Forgives Us When We Become Accountable To Him
                                        2) Forgiving Your Brother
                                        3) Forgiveness Is An Act Of Mercy
                          D) Contentment (Free from fear of poverty) Phi 4-11
                                        1) Content With Your Standard Of Living
                                        2) Content with your style of living
121                    E) Hope (Bridge between faith and love) Heb 10-36
                                        1) Expectation (motive to obey God) Act 3,4-8
                                        a) Hope is the expectation to receive
                                                b) Expecting good things based on Godís character
                                        2) Hope Based On Faithfulness
                          F) Confidence 1Jn 3-21
                                        1) Confidence In God
122                                  2) Confidence In Yourself As You Die To Sin
                          G) Boldness 2Cor 3-12
                                        1) Boldness In Adverse Circumstances
                                        2) Boldness To Rebuke Unbelief
123                   *** Fruit Of The Spirit ***
                          H) Love (Perfect faithósolution to poverty) 1Cor 13,4-7
                                        1) Spiritual Affection Phi 1,7-9
                                        a) Compassion (Caring for peoplesí needs) Mk 8-2,3
                                        b) Ministry of the saints
                                                c) Being in love with the body of Christ
124                                 2) Acts Of Love
                                               a) Love takes from the rich and gives to the poor
                                  3) Love Your Enemies Mat 5-44,45
                                       a) Loving your enemies leaves room for God to Work
                                        4) Love Is The Action Of Faith
125                   I) Joy (Being happy in the Holy Spirit) Jn 15-11
                                        1) Joy Is The Result Of Investing In The Kingdom
                                        2) Joy Is The Result Of Partaking Of The Holy Spirit
                          J) Peace Jn 14-27
                                        1) God Is At Peace
126                                  2) Peacemakers Mat 5-9
                          K) Patience Col 3-12,13
                                        1) The Patience Of God
127                   L) Kindness Eph 4-32
                                        1) Be Kind Like God
                          M) Goodness Act 10-38
                                        1) Rewards For Doing Good
                                       a) Sow the seeds of goodness
128                   N) Gentleness Mat 5-5
                                        1) Be Gentle In All Your Ways
                          O) Bearing fruit Jn 15-16
                                        1) Living A Fruitful Life
                                        2) Evidence Of Your Fruit
129                                  3) Bearing The Fruit Of Evangelism
                          P) Unity (Product of the fruits of the Spirit) Eph 4,11-16
                                        1) Love Perfects Unity
                                        2) Being In One Accord
                                                a) Single minded Lk 9-51
130                                  3) Committed To Caring For The Needs Of The Body
                                        4) Accept One Another Rom 14-1
                                       a) Accepting the great and the small
                                        5) Interdependent On Each Other
                                            a) Depend on your brother Act 18-5
131                                          b) Brother depends on you