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THE TEMPLE OF GOD                                                     

(Chapter Outline)                                                                 

1COR 3-16                                                                 

Page Key Verses
132         I) YOUR BODY IS THE TEMPLE OF GOD 2Cor 6-16

                        A) Holy Spirit in Godís people 

Jn 14,16-24
                                       1) Spirit Of God In The Spirit Of Man
                                       2) God Gives His Spirit As A Pledge Eph 1-13,14
                                       3) Filled With The Spirit
133                   B) Holiness 1Pet 1-14,15
                                       1) God Is Holy
                                       2) The Body Of Christ Is Holy
                                       3) Having An Awareness Of Godís Holiness
134                   C) Your body 1The 5-23
                                        1) Mediator Between The Natural And The Spiritual Realms
                                        2) Composition Of Our Bodies Is From The Earth
                                        3) Body Of Sin
                        D) Sins of the body
                                        1) Immorality 1Cor 6-18
                                                   a) Adultery
                                                   b) Sexual perversion
135                                  2) Abortion (the fruit of immorality) 1Cor 2,6-8
                                                   a) Consequences of abortion
                                                   b) Godís judgment against abortion
                                                   c) God loves the fetus
                                                   d) Godís opinion of abortion
                       A) The body of Christ 1Cor 12,12-27
                                        1) Similarity In The Body 1Cor 10-16,17
                                          a) Things we have in common
136                                  3) Jesusí Fleshly Body
137                   B) Building the temple (Unity) Eph 2,18-23

                              *** Temple Made With Hands 

                        (The inner sanctuary, the soul)

                                        1) Jesus Is The Foundation

Lk 6-48
                                                    a) Jesus is the foundation of the church
                                        2) Maturity Heb 6-1
                                                    a) Maturing in Jesus is hard work
                                                    b) Stages of maturity are levels of accountability
                                                    c) Maturing with our brothers
138                                  3) Reproof (Tear down the old to rebuild the new) Rev 3-19
                                        4) Exhortation (A word of encouragement) Rom 11,33-36
139                                  5) Encouragement (Imparting our faith) Act 14-21,22

                             *** Temple Made Without Hands *** 

                       (The essence of unityóthe Holy of holies)

                                        10) Hiding Place (Unity with God in His House)

Rev 3,7-10