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SOVEREIGNTY OF GOD                                                    

(Chapter Outline)                                                                

ROM 11,33-36                                                               

Page Key Verses
212           I) GOD IS INFINITE
                            A) He is the creator Col 1-16,17
                                        1) The Creation Glorifies God
                                        2) Evolution (Defaming God) 1Tim 6-20,21
                            B) God is all knowing Mat 10-29,30
                                        1) Nothing Hidden Mat 10-26,27
213                      C) God is all powerful Mat 19-26
                           D) Jesus owns you 1Cor 6-19,20
                                        1) We Are His Instruments Act 9-15
                                                    a) We are tools in the hand of God
                                        2) His Will Becomes Our Will
214          II) GOD CONTROLS TIME
                            A) Godís timing Jn 11-5,6
                                        1) Godís Timing Transcends Our Comprehension
                                        2) Dispensation Of Godís Revelations
                                        3) Godís Time Is Soon
                                        4) God Has Good Timing
215                                  5) Fulfillment Of Godís Time
                                        6) God Views Time In Eternity
                            B) Suddenly Act 2-1,2
                                        1) The Judgments Of God Come Suddenly
                                        2) The Kingdom Of Heaven Appears Suddenly
                            A) Godís will over man Rom 11,33-36
                                        1) Compelled By The Spirit 2Cor 5-14
                                                    a) God takes advantage of your love for Him
                                        2) God Is Independent Of His Creation
                                                    a) You cannot control Godís desire for you
217                                  3) God Gives Up On You Rom 1-24,28
                                        4) I Never Knew You Mat 7-22,23
                                        5) You Cannot Control The Judgment Of God
218                                  6) Reaping The Harvest Gal 6-7,8
                                                   a) We choose our actions, not their consequences
                                                   b) Reaping the harvest of obedience
                            B) The elect Eph 1-4,5
                                        1) Man Is A Spectator Of His Own Salvation
219                                  2) God Transforms The World Into The Church
                                        3) God Chooses Us As We Choose Ourselves
                             C) Predestination 1Pet 1-1,2