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(Chapter Outline)                                                                     

JN 8-41                                                                       

Page Key Verses
16     I) THE SIN NATURE Rom 7-18
                A) Manís nature is instinctively evil
                             1) Manís Evil Nature
                             2) Manís Willingness To Be Evil
                                         a) Allowing sin to reign in your flesh
                             3) Continuing in sin to avoid the light Jn 3,18-20
                                        a) Pretending God is not here
17            B) Unrighteous judgment Rom 2,1-11
                           1) Judging In The Flesh
                                        a) Consequence of not renewing your mind
                             2) Ignorance
                             3) Discerning By The Flesh
18                      4) Condemning the innocent
                C) Unrighteous judgment lacks evidence Jn 18-29,30
                D) Twisted thinking Jn 3,18-20
                             1) Unable To Distinguish Between Good And Evil
                                        a) Good is evil
                                        b) Evil is good
19                        2) Being In A Poor Position To Mock God
                                        a) Without a cause
                            3) Having The Mental Disease Of The World
                A) Unbelief Jn 16-8,9
                            1) unwilling To Believe
20            B) Doubt Mat 14-31
                            1) Having Little Faith
                C) Disobedience (the result of unbelief) Heb 3-18,19
                             1) Disobedient To The Word
                             2) Demonstrating Unbelief Through Disobedience
21            D) Premeditated Sin Rom 13-14
        III) THE DEFINITION OF SIN (Unholy Trinity)
                A) Greed (Craving power) Lk 12,13-15
                             1) Greed Tries To Satisfy Manís Need For Security
22                         2) Greed Takes Without Consideration For Others
                *** (B & C) Forms Of Greed
                B) Lust (Craving pleasure) 1Jn 2,15-17
                C) Pride (Craving authority) Act 8,18-24
                             1) Pride Glorifies Self
23            D) Poverty (Oppression -- product of greed) Jm 1-10,11
                             1) Forms of Poverty
                             2) Fear (of poverty -- What sin really is) Lk 12-31,32
                                       a) Fear of the unknown
24                     *** (3 & 4) FORMS OF FEAR *** (Anxiety and Envy)
                             3) Anxiety (fear of losing what you have gained) Mat 6,25-34
                                       a) Fear of losing the harvest
                             4) Envy (fear of not obtaining) Mk 15-10
                             5) Anger (the frustration of poverty) Jm 1-19,20
25                         6) Hate (attacking poverty in the flesh) Jn 3-20
                             7) Murder (manifested hate) 1Jn 3,12-15
                                       a) Persecution to the death
                             8) Thief (carnal solution to poverty) Jn 10-10
                A) Death Jm 1,13-16
                             1) Dead In Sin Eph 2-1
26                        2) Death Is Separation
                B) Curse 2Pet 2-13,14
                             1) Deeds That Return To The Doer