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A Topical Cross-Reference Study of the New Testament

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Concordance features:  


The main emphasis of Jean's Bible Study is on the cross of Jesus Christ being the basis of the Holy Spirit's ministry in us, being the basis of the new covenant.


The focal point of this website is Eph 2-10, "For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand so that we would walk in them."


Jean's Bible Software is ideal for pastors and lay people in preparing sermons and Bible studies. It contains no fancy college words but challenges the most perceptive Bible scholars.


There are no advertisements on this website, and you donít have to log-on and bear any personal information. I only want to reach out and help people who are also reaching out and helping people serve the Lord. My prayer is that you will make this website one of your favorite go-to study aids.


Scope of the project: Jeans Bible Study has 22,180 references to 6,395 topics, and provides commentary for all the books of the New Testament.  


Study the Bible with Jean's Bible Study and you will derive dozens of Scripture references in minutes that are in some way related to your target verse or topic.  This is an excellent way to support a doctrinal thesis or discover themes running throughout the New Testament.


All the topics of Jean's Software program are  embedded into 18 chapters in outline format, providing each topic with its own interpretive context, which carefully blends explicit information with thought-provoking implications, affording readers the opportunity to draw their own conclusions.



The big interest in the Scriptures nowadays is end-time studies. Jean's Bible Study is full of end-time relevant insights, Including an important section called Sequence of Endtime events. This highly informative study provides insight into the books of Daniel and Revelation and explains how they dovetail with each other and with the words of Jesus.


Nothing is copyrighted on this website, except the books


I have Pentecostal and Evangelical roots; one balances the other. I believe in The Apostles' Creed. 


Jeans Bible Study is an ongoing project; it will never be finished!




This is my story about a couple highly influential spiritual experiences I had at a very young age that indelibly changed my life. Later, I lost my kid sister to cancer, followed by a recurrent dream at the age of eleven about a stranger standing on a hill, silhouetted against the twilight sky, speaking to a great multitude of diverse nationalities...




 Temple of God made without Hands


Tour the old covenant temple as Christ leads us in prayer past the outer court of animal sacrifices that represents dying to our sinful passions and desires, and enter the holy place with its table of showbread and golden lampstand and into the holy of holies, the location of the golden altar of incense and the ark of the covenant. This book elucidates the rich symbolism of the high priest's dual ministry, who annually visited the most holy place with blood of a bull, indicative of Christ's ministry of the cross, and foretold the subsequent ministry of the Royal Priesthood (the church) by the daily dressing of the altar of perpetual incense. All this and more the temple structure reveals through God's intended imagery. Dig deeper into the awe-inspiring truths of the Bible as delineated by the ancient Jewish temple. This book teaches us that the Holy of Holies is our prayer closet. The Symbolism of the tabernacle also holds the design of God's plan for the church in the last days.